Top 60 ADHD Influencers in 2023

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Looking for ADHD influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our ADHD Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these ADHD influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the ADHD space.

ADHD Influencers

Here are Top 60 ADHD Influencers

1. Brittany S Hochstetler

Bio 🧠Certified Brain Health Professional🦋 M.A. Positive Psychology 💜ADHD Focus⭐️ Signup for Free Webinar on Home Management for Moms With ADHD ⬇️⬇️⬇️Instagram Handle @adhdbrainhealthInstagram Followers 173.5K Get Email Contact

2. Ryan Wexelblatt

Bio Real help. Right now.Click link for YouTube, Membership Site, etc.Instagram Handle @theadhddudeInstagram Followers 20.4K Get Email Contact

3. J. René Brooks

Bio Educating and motivating black women with ADHDInstagram Handle @blackgirllostkeysInstagram Followers 13.5K Get Email Contact

4. Nik Hobrecker

Bio 👨‍💼| ADHD Mentor & Thought Leader with ADHD 🇩🇪📈| 1.4M+ TikTok, 200M+ Views👇13 Quick Solutions👇Instagram Handle @adhdvisionInstagram Followers 518.3K Get Email Contact

5. Pina Varnel

Bio Heyo! I’m Pina Varnel, I make comics about my experiences with ADHD 👽 I’m writing a Graphic Novel 📚 if you’d like to support me ⬇️Instagram Handle @adhd_alienInstagram Followers 134.4K Get Email Contact

6. Connor DeWolfe

Bio Remind me to drink water.🌊Instagram Handle @connor.dewolfeInstagram Followers 753.5K Get Email Contact

7. Alice Gendron

Bio 💕 | #ADHD explained with cute doodles 🧠 | Diagnosed at 29 !✨ | All my posts 👉📓 BOOKS & WORKBOOKS 👇Instagram Handle @the_mini_adhd_coachInstagram Followers 574.5K Get Email Contact

8. Rich & Rox

Bio 👫🏻 Rich and Rox❤️ Managing ADHD with love & compassion 📚 Our book / audiobook 𝗗𝗜𝗥𝗧𝗬 𝗟𝗔𝗨𝗡𝗗𝗥𝗬 is out now! 🏆 𝑺𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒚 𝑻𝒊𝒎𝒆𝒔 𝑩𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒔𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆𝒓 👇Instagram Handle @adhd_love_Instagram Followers 452.6K Get Email Contact

9. Coby Watts

Bio . TikTok 1.3 million . Own your weirdness it will set you free 👽. More ADHD Support👇Instagram Handle @cobywattsmusicInstagram Followers 337.6K Get Email Contact

10. Kojo Sarfo

Bio Hollywood Mental Health ExpertActor, Comedian, & Writer📍Los Angeles, CANo Medical Advice via DMs.Instagram Handle @drkojosarfoInstagram Followers 292K Get Email Contact

11. Kyrus Keenan A. Westcott

Bio ADHD-focused introvert. Creating content that normalizes mental health. Let's connect! 🧠💫Instagram Handle @thevibewithkyInstagram Followers 220.1K Get Email Contact

12. Rebecca King

Bio 🧠 ADHDer helping adult ADHDers 🍪 Stop binge eating💃Find food freedom 👇Apply for group coachingInstagram Handle @adhd.nutritionistInstagram Followers 183.3K Get Email Contact

13. Donna Giachino

Bio Donna Giachino M.Sc (Faculty of Medicine)✨Strength-Based ADHD & Neuro-Educational Consultant✨SLP for 27+ years✨ (and an ADHD’er!)✨Instagram Handle @adhd_understoodInstagram Followers 151.6K Get Email Contact

14. Dr Brian

Bio 👨‍⚕️ Clinical Psychologist specializing in ADHD✉️ DMs are closed 🏘 Where did I go Check link in bio for updatesInstagram Handle @drbrianftwInstagram Followers 134.8K Get Email Contact

15. Meredith Carder

Bio Mom of 3 in AZ | my 🧠 loves ☀️🏃‍♀️| typo 👸B.S. Psychology, M.B.A.ADHD CoachMembership for adults with ADHD ⬇️Instagram Handle @hummingbird_adhdInstagram Followers 136.7K Get Email Contact

16. Brooke Schnittman

Bio 🧠 Certified ADHD Coaching, All Ages👇(FREE REPORT)5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An ADHD Coach🎙SuccessFULL With ADHD✨Silence The Chaos 👇Instagram Handle @coachingwithbrookeInstagram Followers 134.1K Get Email Contact

17. Jesse J. Anderson

Bio Not reaching my potential since 1980.📮 Sign up for Extra Focus for weekly ADHD tips and download your free ADHD strategy guide. ⤵️Instagram Handle @adhdjesseInstagram Followers 129.4K Get Email Contact

18. Molly Brooks-Dridge

Bio I'm a Neurodivergent • Creator • Youtuber • Author • Email for Collabs/Business⬇️ 🧠⚡️🧡🇬🇧Instagram Handle @mollys_adhd_mayhemInstagram Followers 119.5K Get Email Contact

19. Gloria Joy Sherrod

Bio Therapist, ADHD-CCSP, Author, Educator, ADHDer. Disclaimer: Memes can’t diagnose you Check out my website and the services I offer:Instagram Handle @xadultingwithadhdxInstagram Followers 116.4K Get Email Contact

20. Jami Fregeau

Bio 🎧The Neurodivergent Nurse Podcast🧠Mental Health Advocate 📸 Influencer🩺Nurse✏Contact🚫Not Medical AdviceInstagram Handle @theneurodivergentnurseInstagram Followers 112.4K Get Email Contact

21. Nicole Bulsara

Bio Therapist, Educator, & Consultant Helping mental health professionals serve their neurodivergent clients with competency and compassion.Instagram Handle @mindfully_adhdInstagram Followers 110.9K Get Email Contact

22. Deniz Perry

Bio ADHD science 𖡩 life tips from an Engineer ◦ Scientist ◦ ADHDer♡ All ADHD family 👩🏻🧔🏻‍♂️👦🏼 👧🏻👇 ADHD school ♡ 260+ students ⤹ CodesInstagram Handle @dt.perryInstagram Followers 110.7K Get Email Contact

23. Dani Donovan

Bio 🎨 #ADHD creator📰 Featured in NYT, WaPo, The Guardian, BBC💖💌 anti-planner@adhddd.comInstagram Handle @danidonovanInstagram Followers 107K Get Email Contact

24. Katie Sue

Bio •ADHD Creator •Podcaster •AdvocateCofounder of 🛸 & @getlost.retreats 🌴 Join me in Jamaica for an ADHD Women’s Retreat 🐚Instagram Handle @katie.adhdInstagram Followers 93K Get Email Contact

25. Jak Levine-Pritzker

Bio 📍 Santa Cruz, CA 🪐ADHD hope, realness, empowerment, lifestyle💫Design a life that works for your brain👇🏼adhd coaching, community, YouTubeInstagram Handle @authenticallyadhdInstagram Followers 91.8K Get Email Contact

26. Janina E. Maschke

Bio 🎯 Helping Students & Adults with ADHD🧠 ADHD Education & Help👩🏼‍🎓 Doctor in PsychologyWork with me⤵️FREE ADHD Resource Guide ⤵️Instagram Handle @adhd_empowerment_coachingInstagram Followers 84.7K Get Email Contact

27. Telicia Gentile

Bio 🧠ADHD education + support 🧡Creating a safe place for all things ADHD✨Doctor of Health Science | MPH🎙️Co-host: Brain Health Journey PodcastInstagram Handle @truly_tish_adhdInstagram Followers 77.1K Get Email Contact

28. Ana Urban

Bio ◌ I empower ADHDers to achieve their impossible goals without overwhelm and burnout ⊾ Wailist & freebies ↴Instagram Handle @coachanaurbanInstagram Followers 65.2K Get Email Contact

29. Katie Williams

Bio after hours ☻✉ hello@katiewilliamsblog.comInstagram Handle @katiewilliamsblogInstagram Followers 62.8K Get Email Contact

30. Courtney Carini

Bio Certified ADHD Coach, Psych Student, Fidget Queen, Dog/Parrot Mom - Tiktok is my main platform w/the same username.Instagram Handle @courtneyadhdInstagram Followers 57.1K Get Email Contact

31. Cate Osborn

Bio ⬇️ Bellessa Vibe Giveaway ⬇️Instagram Handle @catieosaurusInstagram Followers 54K Get Email Contact

32. Kate Kamoshita

Bio ♾️ADHD courses and learning tools ♾️🇺🇸in🇯🇵 Tokyo based 🎓MA Edu♾️ NeuroQuest - new ways to learn!♾️ “Talks in class” type ♾️ Forever StudentInstagram Handle @learning.compassInstagram Followers 46.5K Get Email Contact

33. Saša Harper

Bio Supporting entrepreneurial & professional ADHDers to overcome stress & burnout to thrive in life & biz🧠💰📈1:1 enrolment closed-waitlist HERE⬇️Instagram Handle @sasaharperInstagram Followers 29.9K Get Email Contact

34. Kristen Bandy

Bio 🎤Accidental ADHD advocate. ✨Diagnosed at 37.💕Sharing my personal experience as I navigate late diagnosis.Personal IG, All views are my own. ✌️Instagram Handle @youradhdmomInstagram Followers 28.4K Get Email Contact

35. Catri Barrett

Bio 🧠 #adhdcoach educator & #neurodiversity advocate 🌱I help #adhd adults feel good about themselves & reach their potentialApply for coaching👇Instagram Handle @catribarrettInstagram Followers 10.2K Get Email Contact

36. Sonia Gray

Instagram Handle @soniagray11Instagram Followers 9.4K Get Email Contact

37. Jessica Heimsoth

Bio Life Coach for ADHD Christians. Get more done with less stress! Organization, goal-achievement, and emotional-control. Click here! ⤵️Instagram Handle @everythoughtcaptivecoachingInstagram Followers 6.2K Get Email Contact

38. James Brown

Bio Co-founder and Co-host of @theadhdadults, journalist and public speaker, podcast producer (not good ones though).Instagram Handle @adhdadult_jamesInstagram Followers 5.3K Get Email Contact

39. Lori Flynn

Bio Realistic sustainable executive function resources for students with ADHD and their teachers!Actionable EB classroom tools & info 👇Instagram Handle @ot4adhd_Instagram Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

40. Dr Lola Day

Bio Help #women create easy personal systems that maximize their Time⏳ & Focus 🧠 to thrive! #wealthylife ❤️ & #reachyourgoals #nooverwhelmInstagram Handle @lollietaskerInstagram Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

41. Laken Litton

Bio I help tech-savvy ADHD millennial women learn to harness their ADHD as a strength to time-manage, be productive, and knock out projects on time!Instagram Handle @laken_litton_adhd_coachInstagram Followers 3.3K Get Email Contact

42. Mary-Elizabeth Wratten

Bio •Inspiring ADHDers to Lead A Life of Confidence & Self Care☀️•Empowering Personal Growth with an Online Biz🚀•Boards App Expert📱•7 Stories A Day ☝🏼Instagram Handle @theonlymaryelizabethInstagram Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

43. Laura Mears-Reynolds

Bio ADHD Activist🎗1/2 of @adhdasfemales Podcast🎙️700K+ Downloads in 189 COUNTRIES🌏 @hathor.hedonism🕶 1/4 of @theemporiumof ❤️‍🔥Listen to ADHDAF👇Instagram Handle @lauraisadhdafInstagram Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

44. Abi Lemon

Bio Helping ADHDers define + focus on what matters, in their business, life and beyond 🤘🏼COACH ☀️ TRAINER ☀️ SPEAKER[Creator of The Brilliance Effect®️]Instagram Handle @abilemon.coInstagram Followers 2.3K Get Email Contact

45. Arturo

Bio Arturo 🙂Just another entrepreneur with ADHDFollow for ADHD relateable-ness 🙃ADHD-themed, easy-to-play card game here 👇Instagram Handle @hacking.adhdInstagram Followers 2K Get Email Contact

46. Nicole Nadler

Bio Tix for my @edfringe show, Why Am I Like This now on sale! ⬇️• ADHD’er • Intersectional Feminist • Extroverted Introvert • Big Mouthed Small Person •Instagram Handle @highheelsandheavysuitcasesInstagram Followers 2K Get Email Contact

47. Dawn-Marie Farmer

Bio ADHD activist 🎗️ 1/2 of @adhdasfemales 🎙️ 3D design student @graysschoolofartaberdeen 🎨350k+ PODCAST DOWNLOADS IN 172+ COUNTRIES 🌍👇Instagram Handle @dawnisadhdafInstagram Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

48. Anne-Marte

Bio 💬 Hjelper deg til å forstå barn og ungdom med ADHD, med fokus på mindre frustrasjon og mer positiv selvforståelse. Følg med 👇Instagram Handle @din_pedagogInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

49. Joanna

Bio Accredited coach - IAPC&M @thecoachingmastersSupporting women (inclusive) with ADHDGain clarity & empowermentUtilise strengthsLive authentically 💚Instagram Handle @adhdcreativelifecoachingInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

50. Tyler Dorsey

Bio 🧠I help people with ADHD THRIVELet’s chat👇🏼Instagram Handle @tyler.elizabeth.dorseyInstagram Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

51. Star Matriarch

Bio AuDHD rock songwriter w/a ragey mom-punk flavor. Prolly f*ckd yr dad for lots of 💲Instagram Handle @starmatriarchInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

52. Nicola Fluckiger

Bio 🚀ADHDer helping professionals & entrepreneurs w/ ADHD overcome procrastination ⭐️& Make 30+ hrs of progress on avoided tasks in 30 days or less⬇️Instagram Handle @adhdcoachnicolaInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

53. Stephanie Berman

Bio I use my #autism hyper-focus super power to help #medicallycomplex people understand their #money so they can live their financial dreams.Instagram Handle @yourneurodivergentmoneycoachInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

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