Top 30 Animal Rights Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Animal Rights influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Animal Rights Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Animal Rights influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Animal Rights space.

Animal Rights Influencers

Here are Top 30 Animal Rights Influencers

1. Dr. Jane Goodall

Bio Dr. #JaneGoodall & Jane Goodall Institute. Twitter:@janegoodallinst Facebook: & @janegoodallinstSupport ➡️ Handle @janegoodallinstInstagram Followers 1.2M Get Email Contact

2. Taylor Wolfram

Bio ✨Weight-inclusive registered dietitian💗 Certified Befriending Your Body Teacher🌏 Human & animal liberation 👇🏼 Vegan nutrition freebiesInstagram Handle @taylorwolframrdInstagram Followers 18.1K Get Email Contact

3. Colin Kaepernick

Instagram Handle @kaepernick7Instagram Followers 3.7M Get Email Contact

4. Alec Baldwin

Bio Forward my calls…Instagram Handle @alecbaldwininstaInstagram Followers 2.5M Get Email Contact

5. Ed Winters

Bio Best-Selling Author | Harvard Fellow | Vegan Educator | Public Speaker♻️ @i.d.e.a.studios Get a copy of my book + how to support my workInstagram Handle @earthlingedInstagram Followers 597.8K Get Email Contact

6. Meg Mathews

Bio Please contact @verdunpr for anything about Me / Menopause.. The New Hot is available on Amazon the Menopause Bible 🫶🏼Instagram Handle @megmathewsofficial_Instagram Followers 242.5K Get Email Contact

7. James Aspey

Bio See the world through the of a veGanI live withs, 3 s & my twin@nickyaspeyInstagram Handle @jamesaspeyInstagram Followers 201.3K Get Email Contact

8. Joey Carbstrong

Bio • • • ⇩ CLICK THIS LINK ⇩Instagram Handle @joey_carbstrongInstagram Followers 170.3K Get Email Contact

9. Emma Graf

Bio For the animals 🐮🐷🐈🦋🐠💚| Every animal deserves respect and compassion ❤️| Spreading kindness for all animals 🦋💚| Videos are not mine 🇦🇺 Australia 🦘Instagram Handle @emmaveganforanimalsInstagram Followers 166.9K Get Email Contact

10. Seb Alex

Bio The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all injustice.More on what I do, lectures, YouTube, free ebook, podcast or to support my work👇🏽Instagram Handle @seb.alexInstagram Followers 99K Get Email Contact

11. Genesis Butler

Bio 16 yr old Afro Indigenous Mexican teen fighting for animals, humans & the planet ✨‍♂️@youthclimatesave founder⬇️Cesar Chavez documentary ⬇️Instagram Handle @genesisbutler_Instagram Followers 68.3K Get Email Contact

12. Liz Jones

Bio Director @Operation__Liberation 501(c)(3)🐾Spay, neuter, TNR advocate ✂️ #AdoptDontShop 🐈Consistently compassionate ⓋDonate & learn more ⤵️Instagram Handle @liiz.jonesInstagram Followers 42.7K Get Email Contact

13. Amy Soranno

Bio Challenging the systems that exploit animals, humans, and the planet. One of #TheExcelsior4 sentenced to prison for exposing criminal animal cruelty.Instagram Handle @amysorannoInstagram Followers 32.8K Get Email Contact

14. Leah Doellinger

Bio *•.♡Activist♡.•*🕊rip my beautiful Donna☮️ Begins on your 🍽 Charged 27 times for exposing animal ags legal abuse. Founder of @meat_the_victimsInstagram Handle @leahdoellingerInstagram Followers 32.2K Get Email Contact

15. Joshua

Instagram Handle @joshua.entisInstagram Followers 24K Get Email Contact

16. John Oberg

Bio 🐷 | Social Media Pro #ForTheAnimals🌱 | Vegan Advocate⬇️ | Enroll in Mastering Social Media to Change the WorldInstagram Handle @johnobergInstagram Followers 17.9K Get Email Contact

17. Tayla

Bio Motherhood ♡ | Animal Rights Activist | Veganism 🌱 | Widowed at 26 | 👇🏻 YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO👇🏻WATCHDOMINION.COMInstagram Handle @veganmamaoftwoInstagram Followers 14.6K Get Email Contact

18. Melanie Joy

Bio Psychologist | Author | EducatorPresident of @beyondcarnismMy new book #GettingRelationshipsRight is out now!Click here for more info ↙️Instagram Handle @drmelaniejoyInstagram Followers 12.9K Get Email Contact

19. Valentina Medini

Bio Cats Mom, AnimalAdvocate (check out @valentina_unlimited), Vegan, Life Coach, Freddie Mercury and LOTR fan. 👑💎Instagram Handle @_valentina_mediniInstagram Followers 12K Get Email Contact

20. Jo-Anne McArthur

Bio Animal Photojournalist / Photo EditorFounder @weanimals WPY/NPOTY/PoYI/BigPicture. World Press jury 2020.Book: HIDDEN Animals in the AnthropoceneInstagram Handle @joannemcarthurphotographyInstagram Followers 9.4K Get Email Contact

21. Prophecy

Bio Muslim Vegan. 🙏Aspiring Filmmaker ❤️One Dream : Animal Liberation. 🐮Every Sunday #FastAgainstAnimalAbusePlease support my work on Patreon. ❤️Instagram Handle @veganprophecy2030Instagram Followers 6.7K Get Email Contact

22. Nikita Singh

Bio Ahimsa Paramo Dharma💚#ethicsoverhabitsVegan Animal Liberation Activist ✊🏻Backup a/c-@vegannikita🌱food-@cometryvegan#feedanimals🐕🐈🐖🐄🐦Best 🎤 👇🏻Instagram Handle @scorpblueInstagram Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

23. Stace Lee

Bio Melbourne Animal Save Organiser@thesavemovementWatch Dominion (2018) & Seaspiracy (2021) Handle @veganstaceInstagram Followers 3.1K Get Email Contact

24. Rushi

Bio अहिंसा परमो धर्मः🚩A bengali woman who comes from the land of Ahom Dynasty and lives in Bangaluru. Animal Rights defender since 2014🌱@sharan_k_n 💍Instagram Handle @altruisticnaariInstagram Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

25. Elizabeth

Bio Loving animals = no dairy, eggs or flesh products. Sterilisation and vaccination to avoid mass cullsInstagram Handle @desivegandogInstagram Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

26. Elisha Atchison

Bio Vegan for the animals 🌱 A Kynd Life Podcast 🔗 ⬇️Instagram Handle @akyndlifeInstagram Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

27. Sean Barrs

Bio Vegan academic, activist & ultrarunner 🌱 📗 PhD Student & Journalist📣 @vegan.actions.cambridgeInstagram Handle @sean.ultra_veganInstagram Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

28. Der Veganist

Bio 🌱 Vegan Gains🏋🏼‍♂️🩸If you skip the truth, you support animal abuse!✊🏼Animal Rights Activist & Organizer @av_dusseldorf @anonymousforthevoicelessInstagram Handle @derveganistInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

29. Mikee Yago

Bio Animal Defender | Anti-Oppression"There is no freedom without action"✈️: 🇵🇭🇯🇵🇩🇯🇩🇪🇪🇸🇹🇭🇨🇳🇶🇦🇹🇼🇮🇪🇬🇺🇲🇽🚙: 40/50 🇺🇸📍: Georgia, USA💖: @leahskye77Instagram Handle @meatfreemikeeInstagram Followers 1K Get Email Contact

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