Top 100 AI Influencers in 2024 (Artificial Intelligence)

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Looking for AI influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our AI Influencers list is what you need.more When ranking these AI influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the AI space.

AI Influencers

Here are Top 100 AI Influencers

1. Elon Musk

Twitter Handle @elonmuskTwitter Followers 165.6M + Follow Get Email Contact

2. Lex Fridman

Bio Host of Lex Fridman Podcast.Interested in robots and humans.Twitter Handle @lexfridmanTwitter Followers 3.5M + Follow Get Email Contact

3. Sam Altman

BioTwitter Handle @samaTwitter Followers 2M + Follow Get Email Contact

4. Kai-Fu Lee

Bio #AI Expert, CEO of 创新工场 @sinovationvc, former President of Google China, Author of AI 2041 and NYT Bestseller AI SuperpowersTwitter Handle @kaifuleeTwitter Followers 1.5M Get Email Contact

5. John Carmack

Bio AGI at Keen Technologies, former CTO Oculus VR, Founder Id Software and Armadillo AerospaceTwitter Handle @id_aa_carmackTwitter Followers 1.1M Get Email Contact

6. Andrew Ng

Bio Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain. #ai #machinelearning, #deeplearning #MOOCsTwitter Handle @andrewyngTwitter Followers 960.2K Get Email Contact

7. Andrej Karpathy

Bio Building a kind of JARVIS @ OреոΑӏ. Previously Director of AI @ Tesla, CS231n, PhD @ Stanford. I like to train large deep neural nets 🧠🤖💥Twitter Handle @karpathyTwitter Followers 807.4K Get Email Contact

8. Sean Gardner

Bio Traveler 🛩️ (30 countries) • Board @FreeNPTech • Alum: Apple Inc., Microsoft • producing 🎥 with @RashaGoel • 🤓#AI #ML #AIEthics #AILaw #GenAI #IoT #travelTwitter Handle @2morrowknightTwitter Followers 740.7K Get Email Contact

9. Yann LeCun

Bio Professor at NYU. Chief AI Scientist at Meta.Researcher in AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, etc.ACM Turing Award Laureate.Twitter Handle @ylecunTwitter Followers 591.3K Get Email Contact

10. Robert Scoble

Bio Follow me on my new AI podcast, Unaligned. Tech industry color commentator since 1993. Author/Blogger. Former strategist @Microsoft.Twitter Handle @scobleizerTwitter Followers 483.2K Get Email Contact

11. Fei-Fei Li

Bio Prof (CS @Stanford), Co-Director @StanfordHAI, CoFounder/Chair @ai4allorg, Researcher #AI #computervision #ML AI+healthcareTwitter Handle @drfeifeiTwitter Followers 438.2K Get Email Contact

12. Kirk Borne

Bio Advisor to startups. Freelancer. Global Speaker. Founder @LeadershipData. Top influencer in #BigData #DataScience #AI #IoT #ML #B2B. PhD Astrophysics @CaltechTwitter Handle @kirkdborneTwitter Followers 434.4K Get Email Contact

13. François Chollet

Bio Deep learning @google. Creator of Keras. Author of 'Deep Learning with Python'. Opinions are my own.Twitter Handle @fcholletTwitter Followers 428.8K Get Email Contact

14. Rowan Cheung

Bio Founder @therundownai. Sharing the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence.Twitter Handle @rowancheungTwitter Followers 343.6K Get Email Contact

15. Antonio Grasso

Bio Entrepreneur, technologist, sustainability advocate | FRSA | B2B digital creator & influencer | Author, researcher, speaker | Member @spj_tweets | @antgrasso_ITTwitter Handle @antgrassoTwitter Followers 340.2K Get Email Contact

16. Demis Hassabis

Bio Co-founder & CEO @GoogleDeepMind - working on AGI. Trying to understand the fundamental nature of reality. Also revolutionising drug discovery @IsomorphicLabsTwitter Handle @demishassabisTwitter Followers 323K Get Email Contact

17. Ronald van Loon

Bio Helping AI driven companies generate value•Top10Influencer #AI #BigData #DataScience #IoT #MachineLearning #Analytics #CloudTwitter Handle @ronald_vanloonTwitter Followers 319.5K Get Email Contact

18. Tamara McCleary

Bio #CEO @ThuliumCo | Top 25 #CIO #CMO #AI #IoT Thought Leader | @Harvard grad student | #Science #Technology #FutureofWork #Ethics #Leadership | No DMsTwitter Handle @tamaramcclearyTwitter Followers 297.1K Get Email Contact

19. Geoffrey Hinton

Bio deep learningTwitter Handle @geoffreyhintonTwitter Followers 287.4K Get Email Contact

20. Ian Goodfellow

Bio Research Scientist at DeepMind. Opinions my own. Inventor of GANs. Lead author of Handle @goodfellow_ianTwitter Followers 280.2K Get Email Contact

21. Jeff Dean

Bio Chief Scientist, Google DeepMind and Google Research. Co-designer/implementor of software systems like @TensorFlow, MapReduce, Bigtable, Spanner, .. (he/him)Twitter Handle @jeffdeanTwitter Followers 256.2K Get Email Contact

22. Erik Brynjolfsson

Bio Director @DigEconLabProfessor @StanfordHAI @SIEPR @Stanford @NBERPubs Handle @erikbrynTwitter Followers 206.5K Get Email Contact

23. Timnit Gebru

Bio she/herI am at @**** via the #TwitterMigration. DAIR's Mastodon account is at ****@dair-community.socialTwitter Handle @timnitgebruTwitter Followers 163.9K Get Email Contact

24. Oriol Vinyals

Bio VP of Research & Deep Learning Lead, Google DeepMind. AlphaStar, AlphaFold, AlphaCode, WaveNet, seq2seq, distillation, TF. Previous: Google Brain.Twitter Handle @oriolvinyalsmlTwitter Followers 156.5K Get Email Contact

25. Vincent Boucher

Bio Vincent Boucher, President of @Montreal_AI #MontrealAI | B. Sc. Physics, M. A. Govt. Policy Analysis and M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering | $AGI by AGI.Eth #AGITwitter Handle @ceobillionaireTwitter Followers 155.9K Get Email Contact

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