Top 60 Autistic Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Autistic influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Autistic Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Autistic influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Autistic space.

Autistic Influencers

Here are Top 60 Autistic Influencers

1. Morgan Harper Nichols

Bio Autistic/ADHD artist, making art online for 20 years as a way to try finding room to breathe ♥️ MFA candidate. My app: @thestorytellercoInstagram Handle @morganharpernicholsInstagram Followers 1.9M Get Email Contact

2. Eileen Lamb

Bio published author | podcast host | mom x 3french in austin, texas | fluent in sarcasmprofound #autism awareness views are my own ↓Instagram Handle @theautismcafeInstagram Followers 181.3K Get Email Contact

3. Daniel Jones

Bio 😵‍💫 | Help Navigate LIFE With AUTISM In Adults🤯 | Daily Autism Life Tips That WORK🧑‍💻 |👇 | Get My FREE Autism Book NOW!Instagram Handle @theaspieworldInstagram Followers 43K Get Email Contact

4. Alicia Trautwein

Bio Autism Advocate | Autistic Life Coach | Motivational SpeakerInstagram Handle @themomkindInstagram Followers 124.3K Get Email Contact

5. Emily

Bio 👋🏻 Hi, I'm Emily. Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Podcaster💡 I have Sensory Processing Disorder and I’m Autistic✏️ Discussing life as a sensory beingInstagram Handle @21andsensoryInstagram Followers 23.5K Get Email Contact

6. Dr. Hannah Gadsby

Bio TiredInstagram Handle @hannah_gadsbyInstagram Followers 456.4K Get Email Contact

7. Kodi Lee

Bio AGT Season 14 WINNER.⭐️ Come see me perform LIVE in Vegas at @agtvegaslive. 🔥NEW SINGLE “HELLO WORLD OUT NOW!🔥👇🏼#Heck Yeah!Instagram Handle @kodileerocksInstagram Followers 405.3K Get Email Contact

8. Chloé Hayden

Bio Crocodile Dundee but autistic+ADHD+chronically illQuinni in Heartbreak High @netflixanz🌻BUY MY BOOK BELOW: Business:Hellochloehayden@gmail.comInstagram Handle @chloeshaydenInstagram Followers 233.6K Get Email Contact

9. Paige Layle

Bio suspected human person ❀📜🖌️…🤭🤫💕Instagram Handle @paigelayleInstagram Followers 129K Get Email Contact

10. Lou

Bio 21 year old autistic ♾Documenting the journey to finding my place in a neurotypical world🌎 Mental health🧠All views are my ownInstagram Handle @neurodivergent_louInstagram Followers 186.8K Get Email Contact

11. Asa Maass

Bio YouTube creator, family vlogger, and autism dad...not in that order. #fatheringautism #autism #youtuber #autismfamilyInstagram Handle @fatheringautism1Instagram Followers 169.7K Get Email Contact

12. Stories About Autism

Bio Helping families feel less alone👨‍👦‍👦 Dad to 2 amazing autistic boys📖 Writing a book🎙 Podcast host 🏆 Blogger📧 james@storiesaboutautism.comInstagram Handle @storiesaboutautismInstagram Followers 153.7K Get Email Contact

13. Autism Sketches

Bio Anouk 23yo 🇫🇷🇩🇪🌱Commissions are open 📩 Handle @autism_sketchesInstagram Followers 117.6K Get Email Contact

14. Anne G.

Bio • #autism #adhd #anxiety• #youarenevertrulyalone • #autismeducation • #autismparenting • #autismparentingsupport • #morepositiveoutcomesInstagram Handle @autismsupermomsInstagram Followers 117.9K Get Email Contact

15. Charlotte Bergslien

Bio 🤸🏼‍♀️Stereotype Breaker💥🔨🍭Autistic Activist🍭NeuroWeirdo🍭🩷Healing by Helping Each Other🩷👉Contact: charlotte@thespectrumgirl.comInstagram Handle @thespectrumgirlInstagram Followers 107.2K Get Email Contact

16. Brielle Lawrence

Bio 👑 Miss NJ 2010 👑 Miss East Coast 2014 💖Model & Motivational Speaker 🎗#SpecialNeeds Advocate ✝️ #Christian ✨ #Disney Fan 🛍 @amazon InfluencerInstagram Handle @briellemissnjInstagram Followers 106.3K Get Email Contact

17. Oliver Quincy

Bio Hi! I'm Ollie!🎧 Autistic🏳️‍⚧️ Queer🖤🩶🤍💜 Ace🧠 Depression, OCD🦍 Lydia, lab mix🦕 Albus, Great DaneInstagram Handle @myautisticsoulInstagram Followers 60.9K Get Email Contact

18. Lyric Rivera

Bio Lyric Rivera: #Queer #Trans #ActuallyAutistic #Hyperlexic #ADHD, educator, artist, & best selling author of Workplace NeuroDiversity RisingInstagram Handle @neurodivergentrebelInstagram Followers 53.4K Get Email Contact

19. Matthew Rushin

Bio Fighting for Matthew’s FULL exoneration. Being Black&Autistic is NOT a crime!Washington Post Articles & Legal funds donation link Click LINKTREE 👇👇👇Instagram Handle @justice4matthewrushinInstagram Followers 45.9K Get Email Contact

20. Kace Valentine

Bio Alternative Style | Autism Self-Advocacy | Music✮ musician & influencer𖤍 orlando, fl♡ collabs ⤳ kacevalentineofficial@gmail.commore linked below ⇩Instagram Handle @kace.valentineInstagram Followers 45.3K Get Email Contact

21. Brittyn Coleman

Bio 🌈For parents of kids on the spectrum✨Support for picky eating & gut health🌱Helping kids feel their best & thrive📚Creator of @autismnutritionlibraryInstagram Handle @autismdietitianInstagram Followers 42.8K Get Email Contact

22. Thomas Henley

Bio Strong Powerful Autistic 🐺 //Daily Autism Content + Friday Live!🎧 World Top Autism Podcast (Top 2%)💻 1:1 Consultant & SpeakerInstagram Handle @thomashenleyukInstagram Followers 35.5K Get Email Contact

23. Brandy & Matt

Bio ♾Autistic/ADHD Couple 🦓hEDSBrandy📲 Mgr @hikiapp 🔥MCASMatt💻IT Engineering Mgr 🧂POTS🏆WEGO Best IG 2020 📣Podcast⤵️Instagram Handle @the.chronic.coupleInstagram Followers 33.8K Get Email Contact

24. Nadia

Bio 💚 Snr Eng Manager💚 Building @weareinnerapp💚 Autism | Late Dx #ActuallyAutistic🇯🇲 🇬🇧Instagram Handle @autisticblackgirlInstagram Followers 31.2K Get Email Contact

25. Chris Bonnello

Bio Autistic advocate, international trainer/speaker. Former teacher (mainstream and special). Rubik's cube geek. Author of the Underdogs novel series.Instagram Handle @autisticnotweirdInstagram Followers 19K Get Email Contact

26. Ellie Middleton

Bio 🍒 autistic ADHDer in manchester🪩 founder of @weareunmasked 💌📚 @penguinlifebooks authorInstagram Handle @elliemiddsInstagram Followers 26.1K Get Email Contact

27. Corinne Bryan

Bio Instagram and TikTok(18,000) Autism, PDA and Lifestyle creatorsNeurodiverse family 🌈Featured on BBC and followed by @mrshinchhomeInstagram Handle @thefinchfamilylifeInstagram Followers 25.1K Get Email Contact

28. Melissa Finch

Bio 🍎 Former SPED teacher 👩‍👦 and current stay at home mom✏️while busy being a blogger/TPTer💙 it when you tag me in your 📸👩‍💻 www.autismadventures.comInstagram Handle @autismadventures83Instagram Followers 22.7K Get Email Contact

29. Agony Autie

Instagram Handle @agonyautieInstagram Followers 22.2K Get Email Contact

30. Ryse T

Bio 6th grade HistoryParent + Non-binary + Queer + ADHD+ Autism Anti-bias/Anti-racist educator $Venmo: @ ReesieloveONLY teaching page/ NO readingsInstagram Handle @teachingwithmxtInstagram Followers 20.4K Get Email Contact

31. Purple Ella

Bio 🌸Autistic, ADHD & proudly being me🌸Neurodivergent education, lifestyle and self care🌈 Bristol UKWork enq: ⬇️ YT, TikTok etcInstagram Handle @purpleellaandcocoInstagram Followers 17.8K Get Email Contact

32. Amber Collins

Bio Podcast Host of @neurodivergentawakeningpod Download your free adhd morning ebook here 👇🏻Instagram Handle @itsambercollins_Instagram Followers 17K Get Email Contact

33. Joy F. Johnson, M.Ed.,MS, BCBA

Bio Advocate, Behavior Analyst, Clinical Director, Adjunct Professor#actuallyautistic #jewInstagram Handle @joyfjohnsonInstagram Followers 16.9K Get Email Contact

34. Kate

Bio Sharing a glimpse inside the secret world of autism. Minnesota 🏒 ⚾️USA Today Best Selling Author My book, Forever Boy is available👇Instagram Handle @findingcoopersvoiceInstagram Followers 151.2K Get Email Contact

35. Haley Moss

Bio Attorney ⚖️ Autistic 🧠 Advocate ✨ Author 📖 Speaker 🎤 Educator💡Let’s talk #autism and #neurodiversity Lifelong Floridian 🌴☀️Instagram Handle @haley.mossInstagram Followers 14.7K Get Email Contact

36. Ellen Jones

Bio ✍️Writer, campaigner, consultant🏳️‍🌈Lesbian, autistic, purple, icon🏆MTV EMA Gen Change Winner📚 Loud & Queer, pub 2025 by Bluebird Pan MacmillanInstagram Handle @ellen__jonesInstagram Followers 14.6K Get Email Contact

37. Emma

Bio 🌸 Autistic⭐️ ADHD💙 M.E.Instagram Handle @undercoverautieInstagram Followers 12.9K Get Email Contact

38. Janne

Bio 🌿 my autistic experience & info🍓 safe space for autistic people!!🦋 autism research resources in linktree19 • autistic • adhd • lgbtq+ • veggieInstagram Handle @that.autistic.joyInstagram Followers 12.5K Get Email Contact

39. Jeremiah Josey

Bio An autistic, 24 year old Pastry chef, Model, Book Author, Motivational speaker, and Autism AdvocateThe Culinary Institute of America Alum '23🎂🥧🧁🍩🍪Instagram Handle @jercookingadventureInstagram Followers 4.9K Get Email Contact

40. James Ward-Sinclair

Bio 💡Finding the Positive in Every Diagnosis💡An #ActuallyAutistic BloggerTwitter: @AutismRevisedFB: Autistic & UnapologeticInstagram Handle @autisticandunapologeticInstagram Followers 4.1K Get Email Contact

41. Drewy Curious

Bio Deaf•ASD2•EDS•POTS•+Zebedee Model.Actor.Dancer♿AdvocateItalian/Mexican/CherokeeMultilingual:ASL🤟,🇬🇧,🇫🇷,🇪🇸,🇳🇴,🇮🇹NB💛🤍💜🖤Instagram Handle @drewynovaclaraInstagram Followers 8.3K Get Email Contact

42. Autistic Thrifter

Bio Late-diagnosed autistic woman Avid thrifter I post autism and thrifting related contentInstagram Handle @autisticthrifterInstagram Followers 6.8K Get Email Contact

43. Rob Gorski

Bio Autism Dad x3 + Blogger + Advocate + Host of The Autism Dad and Special Needs Ohio Podcasts🎧🎤🚨 👇👇Listen at the link below 👇👇🚨Instagram Handle @theautismdadInstagram Followers 6.7K Get Email Contact

44. Camila Lara

Bio Ψ Psicoterapia especializada em TEA, TDAH e ABA 🧠 Neuropsicóloga e Neuropsicopedagoga 🧩Desenvolvimento, Aprendizagem e ComportamentoInstagram Handle @camilalara.neuropsiInstagram Followers 4.5K Get Email Contact

45. Lisa Wright

Bio I help parents of autistic kids 3-14 feel confident at the IEP table and create neurodiversity affirming goals for autistic students.♥️Free Consult⬇️Instagram Handle @lisabaskinwrightInstagram Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

46. PJ Âu

Bio 🔵Award-winning, semimute autistic model/actress/singer ♾🌈 ft. on @king5seattle, @lgbt and more🔵Married (and asexual 🖤🩶🤍💜)🔵PNW born + raised🌧️ 🔵✝️Instagram Handle @pj_au_Instagram Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

47. Taylor Linloff

Bio 📆 25🌟 #ActuallyAutistic💪 Advocate/Speaker📍 #NovaScotia📲 Interviews/Business Collabs: aspirationalautistic@gmail.comInstagram Handle @aspirationalautisticInstagram Followers 3K Get Email Contact

48. Amythest

Bio Writer, bookworm, ttrpg enthusiast 🐈📚🌿Instagram Handle @neurowonderfulInstagram Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

49. Raven Derose

Bio ✨22 | @Confidencewithrae on Tiktok (59k!) | I talk about ASD, depression, social anxiety, and ED recovery ❤️‍🩹 | Click the link! ⬇️Instagram Handle @confidencewithraeInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

50. Anthony

Bio Mum Blogger of 3 autistic and neurotypical kids - activities, ideas and mostly storiesInstagram Handle @rainbowsaretoobeautifulInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

51. Stephanie Bethany

Bio -28, married.-Autistic.-Christian.-Believes in freedom of speech, thought, faith, belief, & perspective.Instagram Handle @stephanie_bethanyInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

52. KRYS

Bio ♾Neurodiverse Family♾| AAC 📱| Homeschooling 🎨 | Sensory play 🪸Runs on caffeine with a dash of sarcasm 😉📍Orlando, FLInstagram Handle @motherhoodphasingInstagram Followers 9.7K Get Email Contact

53. Jessie Lipscomb

Bio I like good people, bad tv, cool art & lots of plantsArtist | Mom | Autism ✊🏾♾🏳️‍🌈@mommalipsdrawsInstagram Handle @momma_lipsInstagram Followers 20.4K Get Email Contact

54. Lauren Melissa Ellzey

Bio ♾Autistic self-advocate & YA fiction author🌻Self-acceptance & self-compassion🌿Striving toward true inclusion📚Pre-Order👇🏽Gimmicks & GlamourInstagram Handle @autienelleInstagram Followers 95.6K Get Email Contact

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