Top 100 Biotech Twitter Influencers in 2024

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Biotech Influencers

Here are Top 100 Biotech Influencers

1. Dr. Amalina Bakri

Bio Specialist Registrar @NHSuk & NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow Radiomics & AI. Image-guided surgery. @imperialcollege- @EdinburghUni ‘13 & @Cambridge_Uni ‘15Twitter Handle @DrAmalinaBakriTwitter Followers 817.9K Get Email Contact

2. Eric Topol

Bio physician-scientist, author, editor Truths: Handle @EricTopolTwitter Followers 687.4K Get Email Contact

3. Peter Hotez

Bio Vaccine Scientist-Author-Combat Antiscience @bcmhouston Professor Pediatrics Molecular Virology, @bcm_tropmed Dean, @TexasChildrens Chair in Tropical PediatricsTwitter Handle @PeterHotezTwitter Followers 453.3K Get Email Contact

4. Helen Branswell

Bio I cover infectious diseases @statnews. 2020 Polk winner. Nieman '11. She/her. #Covid #polio #flu, #RSV.Twitter Handle @HelenBranswellTwitter Followers 220.2K Get Email Contact

5. Adam Feuerstein

Bio Reporter @statnews. The Harry Kane of biotech. Dog ❤️er. Polk Award winner. #COYS. Said one analyst: The likes of Adam Feuerstein attack viciously.Twitter Handle @adamfeuersteinTwitter Followers 113.4K Get Email Contact

6. Jonathan Reiner

Bio Professor of Medicine and Surgery @GWSMHS @GW_MFA, Interventional Cardiologist, @CNN Medical Analyst, @ScribnerBooks authorTwitter Handle @JReinerMDTwitter Followers 80.7K Get Email Contact

7. Andy

Bio #Biotech Investor | Recovering Scientist | May have L/S position in names mentioned | Opinions are strictly my own and not intended as investment adviceTwitter Handle @AndyBiotechTwitter Followers 78.5K Get Email Contact

8. John Carroll

Bio Working journalist for 45 years, created FierceBiotech, founded Endpoints News now ****@FT owned. These are personal opinions.Twitter Handle @JohnCendptsTwitter Followers 70.3K Get Email Contact

9. Mamas A. Mamas

Bio Professor of Cardiology @KeeleUniversity. Research: CV Epidemiology. Associate Editor @CircIntv. @TCTMD. EAPCI board. @BCIS_uk audit lead. Views my own.Twitter Handle @mmamas1973Twitter Followers 69.8K Get Email Contact

10. Brad Loncar

Bio #Biotech, Founder of @BiotechTVHQ, KC native, @univmiami hurricane.🧬🙌Twitter Handle @bradloncarTwitter Followers 67.9K Get Email Contact

11. Peter Kolchinsky

Bio Managing Partner, RA Capital Management. We build & invest in biotech companies. Scientist. Author, The Great American Drug Deal. Handle @PeterKolchinskyTwitter Followers 66.2K Get Email Contact

12. Jonathan Eisen

Bio Bio. Prof. @UCDavis;"All microb(iom)es, all the time";Lab:;Nature pics: @harvard @stanford @JohnsHopkinsTwitter Handle @phylogenomicsTwitter Followers 65.9K + Follow Get Email Contact

13. David R. Liu

Bio Professor at Harvard, Broad Institute, & HHMI. Our lab integrates chemistry & evolution to illuminate biology & enable new therapeutics. IG/Threads: @davidrliu1Twitter Handle @davidrliuTwitter Followers 63K Get Email Contact

14. Dr. Martha Gulati

Bio Cardiologist, ❤️‍🩹Expert in Women & Heart Disease, Prevention, Author 'Saving Women's Hearts’- Heals 💔 President of ASPC #earlyinterventionalist @CedarsSinaiTwitter Handle @DrMarthaGulatiTwitter Followers 58.2K Get Email Contact

15. Bruce Booth

Bio Early stage biotech VC. Recovering scientist.Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of Atlas Venture.Twitter Handle @LifeSciVCTwitter Followers 47.7K + Follow Get Email Contact

16. Paul Sonnier

Bio Catalyzing Digital Health: Author, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur, and Founder of the 100,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedInTwitter Handle @Paul_SonnierTwitter Followers 43.5K Get Email Contact

17. Daniel MacArthur

Bio Genomics, big data, open science. Director, Centre for Population Genomics at @GarvanInstitute + @MCRI_for_kids. Opinions my own. @dgmacarthur.bsky.socialTwitter Handle @dgmacarthurTwitter Followers 41.6K Get Email Contact

18. Vivi

Bio My tweets are my opinions and not a financial advice ✈️🏂🏄 mom, patriot 🇺🇸 from 🇧🇷 in Cali living the dream #chartstraddlers #TraderVerseTwitter Handle @biotech_sdTwitter Followers 38.8K Get Email Contact

19. Jason H. Moore

Bio Chair, Department of Computational Biomedicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. Informatician. Data scientist. AI. Atari enthusiast. FSU & UMich grad.Twitter Handle @moorejhTwitter Followers 35.8K + Follow Get Email Contact

20. Luke Timmerman

Bio Biotech Journalist. Founder @TimmermanReport. Mountaineer. Volunteer. @LS_CaresTwitter Handle @ldtimmermanTwitter Followers 34.1K + Follow Get Email Contact

21. Kevin Folta

Bio Professor, scientist, fruit grower, good trouble, sustainable food /farm tech. Fighting disinformation. Talking Biotech host Handle @kevinfoltaTwitter Followers 29.9K Get Email Contact

22. Antonio Regalado

Bio Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries and new ideas, probably in that order - {Sydney Brenner}. I write about biotech @MIT @techreviewTwitter Handle @antonioregaladoTwitter Followers 27.6K Get Email Contact

23. Jacob Plieth

Bio Journalist @ ApexOnco. The Wolverine Of Biotech / Mr ASH. Once had a blue tick. Interested in: oncology. Not interested in: what stock you bought today.Twitter Handle @JacobPliethTwitter Followers 25K Get Email Contact

24. Robert Nelsen

Bio Company founder and venture capitalist focused on disruptive innovation, esp. biotechnology. Active angel in tech. Fierce Optimist.Twitter Handle @rtnarchTwitter Followers 23.8K Get Email Contact

25. Jason Kelly

Bio Co-founder and CEO at Ginkgo Bioworks ($DNA)🧬 Chair of US National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology 🇺🇸Twitter Handle @jrkellyTwitter Followers 23.5K Get Email Contact

26. Amy Harmon

Bio New York Times reporter covering science, nature, social inequality. @**** | | she/herTwitter Handle @amy_harmonTwitter Followers 22.9K Get Email Contact

27. Sebastian S. Cocioba

Bio Amateur 🌿 Biologist • Aspiring 🌻 DesignerIndependent Researcher at Binomica LabsDegreeless Heathen • e/🦀 • #homelabLab Notebook Handle @ATinyGreenCellTwitter Followers 22.6K Get Email Contact

28. Ming

Bio Author of From cell line to Command line On my way to help 1 million people to learn computational biology. Educator, Biotech, single cell.Twitter Handle @tangming2005Twitter Followers 22.6K + Follow Get Email Contact

29. Tom Ellis

Bio Synthetic Biology & Synthetic Genomics @ Imperial College London and the Sanger Institute. Bilingual in English and DNA. Also at Handle @ProfTomEllisTwitter Followers 22.5K Get Email Contact

30. Erin McCreary

Bio Director of Infectious Diseases Improvement & Clinical Research Innovation @UPMC @PittDeptofMed. Host, Breakpoints @SIDPharm. Passionate about patients.Twitter Handle @ErinMcCrearyTwitter Followers 22.1K Get Email Contact

31. Daphne Zohar

Bio Founder & CEO of Biotherapeutics company @PureTechH. NOT a VC. I share biotech news & comment on other stuff. Co founder/host @BiotechCH. Board of @IamBiotechTwitter Handle @daphnezoharTwitter Followers 22K Get Email Contact

32. Niko McCarty

Bio Shaping a positive future with biotechnology. Founding editor @AsimovPress. Co-founder @ideasfellows. Building a genetic engineering program @MIT.Twitter Handle @nikomccartyTwitter Followers 20.3K Get Email Contact

33. Fay Lin

Bio Senior Editor @GENBiotechJrnl ▪ DM me about all things #biotech 🧬🧪▪Advocate for #MentalHealth ▪she/herTwitter Handle @xiaofei_linTwitter Followers 18.1K Get Email Contact

34. Andrew Kean Gao

Bio @LangChainAI @dropbox; CS @Stanford; Z FellowTwitter Handle @itsandrewgaoTwitter Followers 18K Get Email Contact

35. Lisa Jarvis

Bio Pharma columnist for @opinion. bit 'o science, bit 'o business. drug discovery, rare diseases, R&D, biotech, Covid-19, opinions=mine She/herTwitter Handle @lisamjarvisTwitter Followers 17.7K Get Email Contact

36. Ryan Bethencourt

Bio CEO of @WildEarthPets 🌱🐶🌎 Passionate about Building the Future. Partner @SFV_rollingfund (Food) @LayerOneVC (web3) and @babelventures (biotech)Twitter Handle @RyanBethencourtTwitter Followers 16.6K Get Email Contact

37. Sri Kosuri

Bio Cofounder & CEO, @octantbio - srikosuri on ThreadsTwitter Handle @srikosuriTwitter Followers 14.4K Get Email Contact

38. Emily Leproust

Bio Entrepreneur & CEO @TwistBioscience. Fascinated by #synbio and #geneticsTwitter Handle @EmilyLeproustTwitter Followers 13.8K Get Email Contact

39. Josh Berlin

Bio Focused on cross-border biotech collaborations: US, Europe, Asia (including China, Korea, India, Japan). Retweets are not endorsements.Twitter Handle @BioPharmaJoshTwitter Followers 13.4K Get Email Contact

40. John Cumbers

Bio Join @SynBioBeta - May 6-9, 2024 in San Jose: and read my weekly newsletter: Handle @johncumbersTwitter Followers 13.1K Get Email Contact

41. Andrew G.

Bio Personal account of professional scientific skeptic and biotech enthusiast. Founder of BiotechDueDiligence.Twitter Handle @BioDueDiligenceTwitter Followers 12.7K Get Email Contact

42. Vega Shah

Bio life science software 🧬 product strategy 👩🏻‍💻 techbio advisor 🚀 writer & futurist 💭 previously did research at @JGI, @UW & @UCBerkeley 👩🏻‍🔬 views mine✨Twitter Handle @dr_alphalyraeTwitter Followers 12K Get Email Contact

43. Ron Leuty

Bio #Biotech reporter @SFBusinessTimes; hardcore @Tigers fan; once rolled a 288. Tip me: ****, Signal or 415-722-2678. Also find me on Post.Twitter Handle @rleuty_biotechTwitter Followers 11.3K Get Email Contact

44. Stuart Schreiber

Bio Truth-seeking scientist; equal parts Cajun, Mississippian, Irish, Hungarian.Twitter Handle @SchreiberStuartTwitter Followers 11.3K Get Email Contact

45. Jake Wintermute

Bio Developer evangelist @ginkgo stay humble biodesignersTwitter Handle @SynBio1Twitter Followers 11K Get Email Contact

46. Paras Sharma

Bio In life science venture capitalTwitter Handle @paras_biotechTwitter Followers 10.9K Get Email Contact

47. James E Krause

Bio phd biochem, not ichthyol; prof neurobiol, biotech entrepreneur, neurogeek, inventor, environmentalist focused on sustainability, also ERoEI. #neurosteroidsTwitter Handle @JamesEKrauseTwitter Followers 9.7K Get Email Contact

48. Ruby Gadelrab

Bio CEO and Founder of @M_Disrupt, Healthcare Executive #Genomics #DigitalHealth expert, ex VP Commercial Marketing @23andme, advisor, mentor.Twitter Handle @DivaBiotechTwitter Followers 9.5K Get Email Contact

49. Mark Schoenebaum

Bio Biotech/Pharma analyst since 2000MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 2000BA, Indiana University, 1995Twitter Handle @MarkSchoenebaumTwitter Followers 9.3K Get Email Contact

50. Mágali S. Urquiza

Bio Founder @LeapCodeBio / Biotech Analyst @biospace, former @rftraders / Churchill, Ayn Rand, Agatha Christie // Rotweiller & Goofy Sheep Mix in the BioTw FamilyTwitter Handle @BursatilBiotechTwitter Followers 9.1K Get Email Contact

51. Michael Retchin

Bio Biotech dreamer.Community @nucleateHQ • Research @MSKcancercenter •Past: Investor @pillar_vc • Co-founded @cellaritybioTwitter Handle @MichaelRetchinTwitter Followers 9K Get Email Contact

52. Brian Skorney

Bio Biotech Sell side analyst at @rwbaird. Probability of a false positive = 1 - (1 - alpha value)^n. De omnibus dubitandum est. Inventor of 𝕊𝕒𝕣𝕔𝕒𝕤𝕞 𝔽𝕠𝕟𝕥Twitter Handle @BrianSkorneyTwitter Followers 8.8K Get Email Contact

53. Reshma Shetty

Bio Co-founder at Ginkgo Bioworks (@Ginkgo, $DNA)Twitter Handle @reshmapshettyTwitter Followers 8.4K Get Email Contact

54. Judy Savitskaya

Bio Climatetech @ Frontier via BioE PhD, @a16z investor, founder. Tweets on 🏔️ climate, 🧬 syn bio, 💊 therapeutics, 👩‍💻 comp bio, 🌱 agriculture, 🚀 startupsTwitter Handle @heyjudkaTwitter Followers 8.1K Get Email Contact

55. Ben Fidler

Bio Biotech Journalist; Senior Editor, BioPharma Dive. Former Deputy Biotech Editor, Xconomy.Twitter Handle @BentheFidlerTwitter Followers 8K Get Email Contact

56. Peter Suzman

Bio Long-time small-cap biotech investor & entrepreneur - currently co-founder of biotech startup. Perennial loser in New Yorker caption contest.Twitter Handle @BiomavenTwitter Followers 7.7K Get Email Contact

57. Dan Sfera

Bio Clinical Research, Business, Life Sciences, AdvisorTwitter Handle @therealdansferaTwitter Followers 8.2K + Follow Get Email Contact

58. Meghana Keshavan

Bio biotech nerd, biotech writer @statnewsTwitter Handle @megkeshTwitter Followers 7.7K Get Email Contact

59. Tony Kulesa

Bio biotech startups @pillar_vc and @petribioPrior: @MIT, @BroadInstituteTwitter Handle @kulesatonyTwitter Followers 7.4K Get Email Contact

60. Chris Morrison

Bio Personal account.ctm212 @ gmail Handle @CT_MorrisonTwitter Followers 6.9K Get Email Contact

61. Luke Scicluna

Bio Immunologist/Neuroscientist who moved to the Biotechnology sector, interested in Life Science developments.#Biotech #Pharma #Covid19 #SARS_CoV_2Twitter Handle @Biotech_UpdatesTwitter Followers 6.6K Get Email Contact

62. Frank S. David

Bio Biotech advisor @Pharmagellan. Professor of the Practice of Biotech @tufts_biology.Twitter Handle @Frank_S_DavidTwitter Followers 6.5K Get Email Contact

63. Paul D. Rennert

Bio Co-founder, President & CSO, Aleta Biotherapeutics, - Founder & Principal, SugarCone Biotech, commentary at Handle @PDRennertTwitter Followers 6.2K Get Email Contact

64. Ohad Hammer

Bio Biotech VCTwitter Handle @ohadhammerTwitter Followers 6.2K Get Email Contact

65. Dr. Nicole Paulk

Bio CEO, Founder, President of @SirenBio. Universal #AAV #GeneTherapy for #Cancer.🦪 Oysters are my weakness.Twitter Handle @Nicole_PaulkTwitter Followers 6K Get Email Contact

66. Brian Gallagher, Jr.

Bio Healthcare VC building biotech companies, organic chemist, fisherman, runner, fan of all things Boston, faithful Michigan alumTwitter Handle @bmgallagherjrTwitter Followers 5.6K Get Email Contact

67. Mandy Jackson

Bio I am Managing Editor, US Commercial News, for the Citeline Commercial publications Scrip and The Pink Sheet. Views expressed here are strictly my own.Twitter Handle @ScripMandyTwitter Followers 5.6K Get Email Contact

68. Alex Philippidis

Bio Senior Business Editor, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, GEN Edge, and Mary Ann Liebert Inc., New Rochelle, NY. Handle @AlexWestchesterTwitter Followers 5.6K Get Email Contact

69. Tae Seok Moon

Bio YouTuber, Chief Editor, Editor of 8 journals & God believer@MIT, Prather & @Geneticdesigner, Voigt#SynBYSS Handle @Moon_Synth_BioTwitter Followers 5.2K Get Email Contact

70. Chris Garabedian

Bio CEO of life sciences accelerator @Xontogeny; Venture Fund Manager w/ Perceptive Advisors; Biopharma career w/ Sarepta, Celgene and GileadTwitter Handle @cngarabedianTwitter Followers 5.2K Get Email Contact

71. Sy Mukherjee

Bio Founder & Author, Phase 5. Freelance biopharma/digital health journo. @FastCompany, formerly @FortuneMagazine @BioPharmaDive, stint in life sci strategic commsTwitter Handle @the_sy_guyTwitter Followers 5.1K Get Email Contact

72. Michael Torres

Bio PhD in Cancer Bio @utswnews. Entrepreneur. CEO @CrossBridgeBio. @ReCodeTX Co-founder & Former VP R&D. EIR @TMCInnovation. @NIH_OITE UGSP scholar.Twitter Handle @Mykalt45Twitter Followers 4.9K Get Email Contact

73. David Steinberg

Bio General Partner, Longwood Fund. Serial biotech founder. Biotech, venture capital, pharma, science.Twitter Handle @DavidASteinbergTwitter Followers 4.8K Get Email Contact

74. Dr. April Pawluk

Bio scientific publications @arcinstitute / scientific editing @LSE_editors. former Cell editor, Harvard microbiome center manager, & CRISPR scientist. she/her 🇨🇦Twitter Handle @AprilPawlukTwitter Followers 4.8K Get Email Contact

75. Brian Orelli

Bio Writer/analyst for @themotleyfool, @bioworld, @naturebiotech, and anyone else that will let me write at the intersection of drugs and business.Twitter Handle @BiologyFoolTwitter Followers 4.6K Get Email Contact

76. Matthew Gamber

Bio New writing out on January 1, 2024. Sign up at link at bio.Twitter Handle @MattBiotechTwitter Followers 4.1K Get Email Contact

77. Caesar

Bio Biotech passionate | Tweets are not recommendation & advice but strictly my opinionsTwitter Handle @CaesarBiotechTwitter Followers 4K Get Email Contact

78. Gwendolyn Wu

Bio Reporting on drug discovery/VC @BioPharmaDive. Prev. @sfchronicle @houstonchron. Always @tblucsb @aaja @cspaworkshop, Chrome tab hoarder. 📸: @hannahlchinnTwitter Handle @gwendolynawuTwitter Followers 3.9K Get Email Contact

79. Chris Frew

Bio CEO / Founder @workforcegx & @BioBuzzMaryland | #Recruiting & unlocking real #TalentSolutions with #Blockchain #Community #TalentMarketplace #BiotechTwitter Handle @BiotechMdTwitter Followers 3.8K Get Email Contact

80. Amy Brown

Bio Freelance writer on the business of drug development, and all things pharma and biotech. DM or email at **** Handle @ByAmyBrownTwitter Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

81. Brian R. Dorn

Bio #Patent Attorney @Arthrex; on B of D @BioFlorida; Trustee & adjunct prof @UFLaw; alum of @UFLaw, @UFMedicine, & @UMich. Opinions are mine & mine alone.Twitter Handle @BiotechPatentTwitter Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

82. Simone Fishburn

Bio Editor in Chief @BioCentury. Dr, the Ph.D-type. Biotech innovation & breaking barriers, one woman at a time. Views are mine, hope to make them yours too.Twitter Handle @FishburnSimoneTwitter Followers 3.3K Get Email Contact

83. Alex Telford

Bio Tweets about the biotech industry, science, progress, and innovation | building better software for biopharma commercial teams @Convokebio, ex-LS consultantTwitter Handle @AtelfoTwitter Followers 3.2K Get Email Contact

84. Amee Kapadia

Bio investing in bio and the near frontier @cantos🧬🛰🌎 | 📝 | @stanfordgsb @JHUbmeTwitter Handle @ameekapadiaTwitter Followers 3.2K Get Email Contact

85. Angelos Georgakis

Bio Executive Coach to Biotech Leaders • Harvard iLab & @NucleateHQ mentor • Tweets on: biotech, CEO excellence, high-performing teams, cultureTwitter Handle @angelosgeoTwitter Followers 2.9K + Follow Get Email Contact

86. Dr. Götz Hensel

Bio Head of Centre for Plant Genome Engineering (CPGE) @HHU_de🧬dedicated to innovative Plant Biotechnology, Board of Plant Biotechnology Society e.V.,CI @ceplas_1Twitter Handle @GoeHenselTwitter Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

87. Subaita Rahman

Bio ug + women’s health @uoft | past: biotech vc @pillar_vc, @ochrebio, co-founded @nucleatedojo @thedojohouseTwitter Handle @subaita_rahmanTwitter Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

88. BioPharm_the_Magnificent

Bio BioPharma 10x Engineer. Full Time Trader/Investor. $ARDX #1 Position. Not Investment Advice. Do your own Due DiligenceTwitter Handle @crypto_biotechTwitter Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

89. Moira Gunn

Bio Host of BioTech Nation, the biotech segments from Tech Nation on NPR Talk. Subscribe thru any podcast outlet at Handle @biotechnationTwitter Followers 2.7K + Follow Get Email Contact

90. Alex Harding

Bio An internist in biotech | CRISPR Therapeutics | MGH MedicineTwitter Handle @AlexHarding7Twitter Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

91. Monaco

Bio #biotech investor since 1998. Also tech investor. I trade longterm, swing, day. My tweets are not investment advice.Twitter Handle @monaco_biotechTwitter Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

92. Rebecca Lim

Bio Bridging gaps between academia & industry. Counting all my macros | Lifting all the weights | INTJ | she/herTwitter Handle @BiotechBecTwitter Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

93. Bob Kuhn

Bio Public school biotechnology teacher. I proudly support the holobiont agenda. Reinvented nightly. Personal account.Twitter Handle @KuhnboBioTwitter Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

94. Ron Renaud

Bio Biotech. Husband, father of two and fan of all things Boston and USC! Tweets are my own!Twitter Handle @biotech1969Twitter Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

95. Michael Koeris

Bio #biotech guy & Dx nerd #RADx @NIBIBgov. Founder @corvium, Sample6 (acq.), BOD @addgene. Prof @KeckGrad! Husband of @daliejimenez & rookie dad 🇩🇪🇭🇺🇺🇸Twitter Handle @mkoerisTwitter Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

96. Matthew Lepoire

Bio Biotech investor/trader - Host of Breaking Biotech (Biweekly podcast)****@gmail.comTwitter Handle @MatthewLepoireTwitter Followers 2.2K + Follow Get Email Contact

97. Jenna E Gallegos

Bio Devoted fan of food, beer, & all things scienceDirector of Scientific Marketing @sambasci - Postdoc in #SynBio -PhD in plant #biotechTwitter Handle @FoodBeerScienceTwitter Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

98. Shahaf Peleg

Bio Tenured PI at FBN. Co-founder of Luminova Biotech. Working on Light and energy replacement. Into anti-aging. My opinions are opinions. Amateur ♟LoLTwitter Handle @DocLarusTwitter Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

99. Natsai Audrey Chieza

Bio Founder & Director @faberfutures Londoner living in Oslo 📍Twitter Handle @NatsaiAudreyTwitter Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

100. Kate Hertweck

Bio Bioinformatics, genomics, open science, data and computational training, fiber artist/sci-fi/queer. Perceived pronouns (any acceptable). Views my own.Twitter Handle @k8hertTwitter Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

101. Cormac Sheridan

Bio Freelance science journalist. I write about what works in biotech - & what doesn't.Twitter Handle @Cormac_SheridanTwitter Followers 2K Get Email Contact

102. Ian Hallett

Bio Bus Dev Manager working with the most innovative translational drug development technologies and scientists. Tweets are my own!Twitter Handle @BiotechTweetTwitter Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

103. That Biotech Guy

Bio Biotechnologist || Food Safety || Event Ticketing || RT, does not imply endorsement.Twitter Handle @thatbiotechguy_Twitter Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

104. Max Bayer

Bio staff writer @FierceBiotech covering new drug development | 📩 **** or DM for Signal | past: @CBSNews | he/himTwitter Handle @maxonwifiTwitter Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

105. Andrew Casey

Bio President & CEO, BIOTECanada-the national voice for Canada's biotech industryTwitter Handle @BiotechCaseyTwitter Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

106. Tony Jones

Bio CEO of One Nucleus with a strong belief in the people factor of doing business. expressed views are my own. retweets indicate interest rather than agreementTwitter Handle @tony_biotechTwitter Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

107. Michael M. Hopkins

Bio Academic studying biotech and medical innovation @ the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex. Views are my own.Twitter Handle @BiotechPolicyUKTwitter Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

108. Kevin

Bio not investment advice - write about / invest in growth / biotech businesses. Also dabble in tech. Find me at Handle @Kevin_M_BiotechTwitter Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

109. Susan Schaeffer

Bio President & CEO @AcadForPatients, former Editor @BioCentury. Preparing patients to contribute their expertise to drug development, regulation, access. She/her.Twitter Handle @BiotechSusanTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

110. Biotech Beast

Bio Pharmacologist and biotech trader. Focus on trading around biotech catalysts. Tweets are not investment advice. May have a position in names I tweet about.Twitter Handle @Biotech_BeastTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

111. Debarka Sengupta

Bio Institute Chair Prof @IIITDelhi; #compbio 🧬 #ai | Head @iiitdcai I Adj Prof @qut |Twitter Handle @lab_senguptaTwitter Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

112. Jon Rees

Bio CEO, MitoRx Therapeutics. Pioneering therapeutics in mitochondrial-driven disease.Twitter Handle @BiotechJonTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

113. Leon Tang

Bio A #biotechie passionate about cross-border BD, investment, and collaboration. #InScienceWeTrust #InDataWeTrust #CancerHasNoBorder #ToTravelFarTravelTOGETHERTwitter Handle @LeonTangBiotechTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

114. Dana Stanley

Bio Professor Dana Stanley @CQuni on microbiome, nutrition, transcriptomics and bioinformatics. Leader of Microbial Genomics cluster @ IFFS. Own views.Twitter Handle @GutsyBiotechTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

115. Mark Tepper, PhD

Bio Serial entrepreneur & founder of multiple biotechs: $RXii, NKTRx, Primatope, JBTRx, $CRBP, EumentisTx. Tweets are my ownTwitter Handle @marktepperTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

116. Manoj Kumar Singh

Bio #Lifecoach#Author#Podcaster#PublisherTwitter Handle @man_biotechTwitter Followers 1K + Follow Get Email Contact

117. Stephen Hubbard

Bio BioManufacturing & BioMechanics Lifting & LongevityMinds.Microbes.Molecules.Machines. Join the Biotech Barbell Club: Handle @StephenGHubbardTwitter Followers 928 Get Email Contact

118. Chris Ghadban

Bio biotech startups, VC @AlixVentures @BIOS_community | #FirstGen 🇺🇲 & 👨‍🎓 | MS/MBA @Wharton @Tufts | Boston/Philly/NY/SF - opinions my own & subject to changeTwitter Handle @ceghadbanTwitter Followers 900 Get Email Contact

119. Laurent Fischer

Bio Swiss MD, Biotech Drug developer. CEO Adverum. - Foodie into Architecture & Design. Tweets represent my own views!Twitter Handle @BiotechFischerTwitter Followers 828 Get Email Contact

120. Rob Shaffer

Bio Biotech entrepreneur and consultant. Biochem PhD. Devout incrementalist. Opinions strictly my own.Twitter Handle @ShafferBiotechTwitter Followers 695 Get Email Contact

121. Sachin Rawat

Bio Freelance science writer & journalist. Bylines in @bigthink, @asianscientist, @SynBioBeta, etc.Twitter Handle @sachinxrTwitter Followers 599 Get Email Contact

122. Erum Azeez Khan

Bio Biotech + Healthcare Executive. Co-Host of the Grow Everything Biotech Podcast.Twitter Handle @erumazeezTwitter Followers 385 Get Email Contact

123. Deborah Moorad

Bio Views = Mine. 🧬 CEO. Previous CEO Nature Technology (acq by Aldevron/Danaher). VC Advisor. Founder Malibu Okie. Multiple investing interest. Runner; 💚992.Twitter Handle @DeborahMooradTwitter Followers 116 Get Email Contact

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