Top 70 Board Game Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Board Game influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Board Game Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Board Game influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Board Game space.

Board Game Influencers

Here are Top 70 Board Game Influencers

1. Nick T

Bio Regularly No 1 for ‘Board Game Review’ & ‘Board Game Reviews’ on Google in the UK!Visit our board game website!#igbgcommunity #100postmementoInstagram Handle @boardgamereviewukInstagram Followers 9.5K Get Email Contact

2. Ilya And Tylor

Bio 🏳️‍🌈👬🇨🇦🐶📸He/Him x 2 | Board Games Enthusiasts | Content Creators | Dog and Cat Dads | Community Builders Inquiries: contact@kovray.comInstagram Handle @kovraystudiosInstagram Followers 2.9K Get Email Contact

3. Sarah

Bio 🇵🇸 🇮🇷 Attorney & Board Gamer 🐘💜🐘 One minute videos about board games 🎲 For inquiries, click ➡️Instagram Handle @board_games_in_a_minuteInstagram Followers 5K Get Email Contact

4. Quintin Smith

Bio The Best Board Gaming WebsiteInstagram Handle @shut.up.and.sit.downInstagram Followers 29.2K Get Email Contact

5. Board Game Barrage

Bio Podcast about board games, the latest hotness, and how to have fun with your friends even when you're losing. 🎲Instagram Handle @boardgamebarrageInstagram Followers 18.1K Get Email Contact

6. Tim Chuon

Bio Now booking lifestyle commercials for July 2023 🎉2nd IG @timchuonphotographyInstagram Handle @timchuonInstagram Followers 4.6K Get Email Contact

7. Luke Hector

Bio Sharing my Passion for #BoardGames 💖Luke Hector - Host of #TheBrokenMeeple 😊16k+ subs #YouTube 🎬 | 200+Games 🎲Reviews, Live Streams & Top 10's 🙋‍♂️Instagram Handle @thebrokenmeepleInstagram Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

8. Jenna Rose Beasley

Bio Remember you’re somebody’s reason to smile. 29 // 🇨🇦☕️📷🎲📝🐾🪴 The Board Game Garden📓 Owner of @planningroses Inquiries: jennabeasley04@gmail.comInstagram Handle @jennarosebeasleyInstagram Followers 7K Get Email Contact

9. Raina

Bio ⏳ Bite-sized board game content ⌛️Over 350,000 board gamers on TikTok!📧 for inquiriesInstagram Handle @1minuteboardgamesInstagram Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

10. Family of Board Games

Bio Karolina, Markus, The Older One (7.5) and The Younger One (6).Honest and unbiased.I take pretty photos with my old phone.11 years of gaming.🇵🇱🇩🇪🇬🇧Instagram Handle @familyofboardgamesInstagram Followers 12.2K Get Email Contact

11. Karolina & Markus

Bio Alex Garramone✨69k on TikTok! 🎲love board games and customizing them!💌 Dm To collab, promote, or talk games! Handle @boredboardgamesInstagram Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

12. Dave

Bio Hey there, it's BoardGameDave! I’m just an elementary music teacher who’s obsessed with board games! Check out my YouTube channel below!Instagram Handle @board_game_daveInstagram Followers 2.9K Get Email Contact

13. Mike & Nick

Bio The Brothers Murph are here! we'll post about our podcast and boardgames!Instagram Handle @thebrothersmurphInstagram Followers 3.8K Get Email Contact

14. Christopher & Alyson

Bio ♟The Board Game Couple • 2 Player Games♟️⭐️ 570,000+ on TikTok⭐️📩 Contact Us: 📩Instagram Handle @games.4twoInstagram Followers 232.6K Get Email Contact

15. Jamey Stegmaier

Bio I'm a board game designer and president of Stonemaier Games. Most photos I take are of my cats and games. (he/him)Instagram Handle @jameystegmaierInstagram Followers 45.5K Get Email Contact

16. Jimena G

Bio Jimena & JLPuzzling every day! 🧩🧩Check our blog for tips, events, and many more ⤵️Instagram Handle @cronicaspuzzlerasInstagram Followers 11.6K Get Email Contact

17. Ada

Bio I'm Adeline!#Boardgame enthusiast & photographer. Homeschooling mom. Visit @adaweyland for my other photography.Instagram Handle @peacelovegamesInstagram Followers 10.4K Get Email Contact

18. Lauren Baker

Bio Worlds Okayest GamerMomming in the Moment.Work Hard. Play Harder. My personal:@lauren_lives_each_dayMy creations:@lauren_creates_for_funInstagram Handle @lauren_plays_to_winInstagram Followers 7.9K Get Email Contact

19. Josh

Bio Christmas of '90. "There's one last gift," my dad said. I tear into the present and find a NES. Ever since, I've been hooked.Instagram Handle @oldschoolgamecollectorInstagram Followers 47.5K Get Email Contact

20. Board Game Atlas

Bio 🌐 Find the best deals across stores worldwide⭐ Keep up to date with top board game criticsInstagram Handle @boardgameatlasInstagram Followers 10.5K Get Email Contact

21. Elena

Bio I'm Elena, I love board games 💓Here you'll find reviews, pictures of board games and reels 💜 #geekandpinkchallenge 💜Instagram Handle @geekandpinkInstagram Followers 22.8K Get Email Contact

22. Joe, Bek, Fi and Link

Bio UK📝Zatu Guest Blogger.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Our aim is to share our Joy of #boardgames and #tabletopgaming with as many people as possible.#beautifulgameboardsInstagram Handle @movinmeeplesInstagram Followers 8.9K Get Email Contact

23. Jen

Bio 🎲 Board game enthusiast🇬🇧 UKInstagram Handle @boardgamerjenInstagram Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

24. The Tabletopist

Instagram Handle @tabletopistInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

25. Todd Patriquin

Bio Todd PatriquinProfessional Creative 📸 🎥Portland, ORManager at @printplaygamesSometimes funnyInstagram Handle @imagineallthemeepleInstagram Followers 8.4K Get Email Contact

26. Kasey

Bio I’m Kasey (She/Her) a Mexican-American Neuroscientist 🧠 that loves board games! I make TikTok vids and Stream Games on Twitch!Instagram Handle @brain_in_a_jar_Instagram Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

27. Beneeta Kaur

Bio Punjabi-American who loves #boardgames 🎲 💖 ✨ Twitch Streamer ✨👇🏼 M - W - F @ 10pm ET 👇🏼Instagram Handle @beneeta_kInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

28. Danielle Standring

Bio Purveyor of Satire and lover of Games. Come for the coffee stay for the crap parenting advice☕️#tabletop #boardgame #gamingInstagram Handle @dani_standringInstagram Followers 21.8K Get Email Contact

29. WoosunG

Bio ✨Board Game Content Creator & Reviewer🎲 Game previews, recs, overviews, reviews & more!📸 Photography & REELS videos 📩 DM to collab👇🏻Instagram Handle @woosung.boardgamesInstagram Followers 167.7K Get Email Contact

30. Daniel Shi

Bio Official Shelfside Insta for all your cool photo needsInstagram Handle @shelfsideytInstagram Followers 769 Get Email Contact

31. Stella Jahja

Bio 📽️ Board Games Media Creator😍 Work w/ us ➡️🎲 Also on ➡️ Dice TowerCosplay, new games, giveaway!😍Check our nerdy merch shop ⤵️Instagram Handle @meeple_universityInstagram Followers 13.1K Get Email Contact

32. Our Family Plays Games

Bio We're an African-American family on a board game journey!Instagram Handle @ourfamilyplaysgamesInstagram Followers 6.2K Get Email Contact

33. Rodney Smith

Bio We'll teach the rules to table top games and then you can play them with us to determine which ones would be a good fit for you!Instagram Handle @watchitplayedInstagram Followers 19K Get Email Contact

34. Ryan

Bio ⬇️Check out our latest videos ⬇️Instagram Handle @manvsmeepleInstagram Followers 13.6K Get Email Contact

35. BoardGameCo

Bio Board Game reviews, Kickstarter coverage and a board game store to boot!Instagram Handle @bgc_boardgamecoInstagram Followers 5.1K Get Email Contact

36. Edward Uhler

Bio Podcast & YouTube channel focusing on the heavier side of the board game hobby! to join The Herd on HC Slack & support the show 🐘Instagram Handle @heavycardboardInstagram Followers 4K Get Email Contact

37. Game Boy Geek

Bio Breaking down barriers and growing relationships through board gamesInstagram Handle @thegameboygeekInstagram Followers 2.9K Get Email Contact

38. Pair Of Dice Paradise

Bio Making videos about board, card, & tabletop games. Whether old, new, or overlooked - we're discussing games that deserve a second look!Instagram Handle @pairofdiceparadiseInstagram Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

39. Adam Smith

Bio Whether you’re a newcomer or enthusiast, my content aims to show you solo/co-op board games which may interest you! 🎲Instagram Handle @ro11ingsoloInstagram Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

40. Jesse Anderson

Bio Just a duck in a world of games.Instagram Handle @quackalopeInstagram Followers 3.7K Get Email Contact

41. Monique M

Bio * Heavy Euro-gamer* Insta-reviews and YouTube tutorials - #bypgames* Based in SoCal☀️ Twitter: @beforeyouplay_Personal: @moniqueismacInstagram Handle @beforeyouplayInstagram Followers 11.3K Get Email Contact

42. Cardboard Rhino

Bio Greek Geek who loves board games and video makingCertified crazy cat lady Content creator for @czech_games_edition🦏 Cardboard Rhino Channel:Instagram Handle @lenio_papInstagram Followers 5.5K Get Email Contact

43. Chris and Wendy

Bio Meeple Overboard! is a podcast hosted by Chris and Wendy, about board games and our great time playing them. Half hour episodes every Saturday.Instagram Handle @meeple.overboardInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

44. Mark Maia

Bio 🎲☕️ #boardgames. 🎲☕️We are also writing a #comicbook follow @socalledliving #socalledliving Connect with us: Mark@boardgamecoffee.comInstagram Handle @boardgamecoffeeInstagram Followers 11.9K Get Email Contact

45. Playtography

Bio Provocations for PlayI style, shoot & showcase boardgamesInstagram Handle @playtographyInstagram Followers 16.6K Get Email Contact

46. Jonathan Estis

Bio Your #1 resource for board game news, reviews and more! Subscribe to our channel at Handle @rollforcritInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

47. Chai & Games

Bio We are #BoardGame video creators 🎥 on YouTube & have a #BoardGameCafe 🎲 in MumbaiDM for reviews/collaborationEmail: chaiandgames@gmail.comFollow⬇️Instagram Handle @chaiandgamesInstagram Followers 4.2K Get Email Contact

48. Surabaya

Bio 📍Ruko Landmark Delta Blok C(Sebelah Kyo Society)Senin, Rabu - Jumat : 14.00 - 22.00Sabtu - Minggu : 11.00 - 22.00🔻Contact us🔻Instagram Handle @bgacademy.idInstagram Followers 796 Get Email Contact

49. Board Game Explorer

Bio Boardgame enthousiastFrom Paris 🇫🇷 Documenting my games explorations!/profil/boargame-explorer-sarah-56034Instagram Handle @boardgame.explorerInstagram Followers 3.3K Get Email Contact

50. Kelsey + Adam Demers

Bio Helping you find the best board games!Kids + Family + Date Night!Reviews and sources 👇Instagram Handle @tabletopfamilyInstagram Followers 117K Get Email Contact

51. Jessy Lagrange

Bio A random guy who likes to play board games📷 Creating board game content since '14🙋 From 🇧🇪 (speaks 🇳🇱🇺🇲🇫🇷)Organizer of the annual #mytop9boardgamesInstagram Handle @theboardgeekInstagram Followers 22.9K Get Email Contact

52. Scott Alden

Bio Check out our videos here: Handle @boardgamegeekInstagram Followers 112.8K Get Email Contact

53. The Beard Gamer

Bio Posts from a passionate board gamer with a beardInstagram Handle @thebeardgamerInstagram Followers 12.8K Get Email Contact

54. Steph Hodge

Bio I play All the Games! 🎲BGG: punkin312Photographer and reviewer2024 Awesome Gaming Calendars for pre-sale!Most games provided by the publisher.Instagram Handle @boardgamerstephInstagram Followers 14.2K Get Email Contact

55. George Georgeadis

Bio A creative agency for analog games, crafting cinematic & immersive visuals, video, 3D, KS content, GIFs, etc! For inquiries:📩 🎥🎲Instagram Handle @oniro.gamesInstagram Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

56. Ian

Instagram Handle @boardgamesasartInstagram Followers 13.1K Get Email Contact

57. Ashlee Pradella

Bio 🇦🇺Australian board game lover and reviewer ❤️Posts of my adventures with boardgamesInstagram Handle @boardgamergirlInstagram Followers 84K Get Email Contact

58. B7

Bio Hello! I'm B7! 😻📸 Board Game Content CreatorOverviews & Reviews 🖋️🛍️Recommendations🪄Contact/DM for Collabs/Reviews📍Taiwan 🇹🇼Instagram Handle @boardgameswithb7Instagram Followers 8K Get Email Contact

59. B

Bio I'm just a girl, standing in front of a cat, asking it not to mess with my games. 🐈 🎲Instagram Handle @boardgameswithbInstagram Followers 5.4K Get Email Contact

60. Ignacy Trzewiczek

Bio Find me also on Twitter at @trzewik, on TikTok at @portalgamesus, and on FB at #boardgames @trzewikInstagram Handle @trzewikInstagram Followers 10.3K Get Email Contact

61. Roy Cannaday

Bio 🎥 @dicetower Video Editer & Reviewer🚀 Designer of Last Light🛩️ Next Con: Dice Tower Cruise!Instagram Handle @roycannadayInstagram Followers 16.3K Get Email Contact

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