Top 90 Career Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Career influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Career Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Career influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Career space.

Career Influencers

Here are Top 90 Career Influencers

1. Rosie

Bio ⚡️Coaching badass goal-getters to find purpose & land THE job⬆️ More clarity, confidence, money & fulfilment Clients in 45 countries FREEBIESInstagram Handle @badasscareersInstagram Followers 147.8K Get Email Contact

2. Daphne

Bio ‍♀️Former teachers + career experts = your team for a new career outside of the classroom. ♥️ Support@teachercareercoach.comour favorite linksInstagram Handle @teachercareercoachInstagram Followers 114.3K Get Email Contact

3. Ashley Stahl

Bio self-discovery• public speaking coaching• fulfillment✨Host @YouTurnPodcast, 2M playsInternational Bestselling Author, Spokesperson @sofiInstagram Handle @ashleystahlInstagram Followers 72.2K Get Email Contact

4. Anna Runyan

Bio Forbes Top Career Website⏳Career Coach Certification applications open for SpringFREE 90 Day Planning GuideInstagram Handle @classycareergirlInstagram Followers 52.2K Get Email Contact

5. Cindy

Bio ➕Co-Founder & COO at➕I help coaches, consultants & agencies scale using outbound marketing➕500+ clients served & counting ✞ | Wife |MiamiInstagram Handle @cindymakitaInstagram Followers 33.7K Get Email Contact

6. Shadé Zahrai Official

Bio 💪Award-winning Peak Performance Educator to Fortune 500s | ⭐️5 Million+ students | PhD Candidate💰 FREE JOB SEARCH BUNDLE👇Instagram Handle @shadezahraiInstagram Followers 1.3M Get Email Contact

7. Christian Love

Bio ✨ I help women land the career of their dreams👩🏽‍💻 Your HR friend | Career Strategist💰Helping you ⬆️ your salaryLand Your Next Job 👇🏽Instagram Handle @careersbychrisInstagram Followers 243.7K Get Email Contact

8. Anna

Bio Dream job clarity + how to land it w/o endless applications✨ft.@insiderbusiness @theskimmFREE Live Dream Job Masterclass Apr 25-26Instagram Handle @thecareerdietInstagram Followers 201.3K Get Email Contact

9. Divya Kataria

Bio 🔥ATS Resume Template Kit is HERE!👑💡Helping you land your DREAM JOB!📑CV & Cover Letter+ Interview Prep+ LinkedIn🌍300 clients in 18 countriesInstagram Handle @kataria_divyaInstagram Followers 136K Get Email Contact

10. Latasha Caruthers

Bio Unlock your potential on paper with a professionally crafted resume ✍🏽📄 #ResumeWriter #CareerSuccess"☎️By Consultation OnlyNO DM’s…visit website👇🏽Instagram Handle @usajobshireInstagram Followers 130.1K Get Email Contact

11. Shivangi Narula

Bio Corporate Professional Skill Development Coach Communication|IELTS|SoftskillsBuilding @skilldify collaboration ⬇️businessnarulashivangi@gmail.comInstagram Handle @her_royal_saladInstagram Followers 122.7K Get Email Contact

12. Tiffany

Bio Become the TOP 1% in your career ft. @bbc, @insiderbusiness | LinkedIn Learning Instructor | Ex-L’ORÉALJoin FREE Workplace Essentials WorkshopInstagram Handle @tiffany.umanInstagram Followers 111.2K Get Email Contact

13. Cassie

Bio HR Lady accelerating your with elite & polished Resume, LinkedIn & Interview services for your . Grab Career ResourcesInstagram Handle @myprofessionalagendaInstagram Followers 110.2K Get Email Contact

14. Adunola

Bio Expert at helping qualified but overlooked high-achievers land new jobs they love w/ less stress✍ Advice in @forbes Coaching, free class and moreInstagram Handle @thenewemployeesInstagram Followers 38.6K Get Email Contact

15. Madeline Mann

Bio You don’t need a new resume, you need a better story. Ft. on @abcnews @bloombergbusiness @forbes Tiktok: 430k+YouTube: 275k+LinkedIn: 140k+LinksInstagram Handle @self.made.millennialInstagram Followers 33.5K Get Email Contact

16. Jenna Wilson

Bio I help people communicate more effectively in the workplace Queen of #emailtiptuesday Work with meInstagram Handle @careercivilityInstagram Followers 31K Get Email Contact

17. Austin Belcak

Bio I teach people how to land amazing jobs without applying online. 1.4M+ followers on LinkedIn.————- Join 130k+ job seekers on my newsletter:Instagram Handle @cultivated.cultureInstagram Followers 28.7K Get Email Contact

18. Emily Liou

Bio : I turn jobseekers into job magnets ‍: LinkedIn Top 10 Voices in Careers & Jobs: Training on How to use ChatGPT in Your Job Search!Instagram Handle @cultivitaeInstagram Followers 25.4K Get Email Contact

19. Mandi Woodruff

Bio 💰Career & Negotiation Coach / MandiMoney Makers™️ 👀 NYT • TODAY • CNBC📩 @BrownAmbitionPodcast 👇🏽FREE MASTERCLASS + SCRIPTSInstagram Handle @mandimoneyInstagram Followers 25.3K Get Email Contact

20. Sabrina Woodworth

Bio Accelerate your Career Success Project Manager, P.Eng (15+ years) Fortune 500 1:1 Career Strategy Coaching Resume & interview preparationInstagram Handle @worklessons101Instagram Followers 20.1K Get Email Contact

21. Antonio Neves

Bio ‍‍‍ Husband & twin Dad✉️ Founder @manmorningnewsletter Stop Living On AutopilotThe Antonio Neves ShowInstagram Handle @theantonionevesInstagram Followers 22.3K Get Email Contact

22. Angelina Darrisaw

Bio Life is a special occasion @CSuiteCoach exec coaching, leadership training, #dei program design. Lead Coach @digitalcoachesprogramInstagram Handle @linadarrisawInstagram Followers 18.5K Get Email Contact

23. Charmanique

Bio | Ex-Engineer Leader➡️Executive Coach ♾️ | Owner @4everyoung_flowermound | Follow for tips on leveraging your edge+command career successInstagram Handle @mrs.andrea.martinInstagram Followers 18.2K Get Email Contact

24. Temitope Olukunle

Bio 🔸Convener & Host @borderlesssummit 🔸Official Member of @forbes_councils 🔸Expert-Vetted Top 1% @upwork 🔸Building @outnovatelyafricaInstagram Handle @temiolukunleInstagram Followers 16.6K Get Email Contact

25. Tega Edwin

Bio Coaching women to exit soul-sucking jobs & find a fulfilling career that reignites passion. Your career transformation starts hereInstagram Handle @hercareerdoctorInstagram Followers 16.6K Get Email Contact

26. Andrea Martin

Bio Basically, I help people get what they want out of life.❤️Career + resume writing + interview tips & inspiration. ✨Get Started (NO DMs)Instagram Handle @misswriteontimeInstagram Followers 14.5K Get Email Contact

27. Christy Noel

Bio Wife to @jeremyjohnsonla, mom to LyricNoel Love, Brave Ryder & Arrow Legacy | Pastors of Fearlessla.🚨I WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEYInstagram Handle @christy_noelInstagram Followers 14K Get Email Contact

28. Gabriela Toro

Bio I help you create a healthy remote businesssystems•softwares•organization•boundariesPreventing burnout since 17’‍♀️↓ let’s meet in MiamiInstagram Handle @theblissfulstepInstagram Followers 13.1K Get Email Contact

29. Latesha Byrd

Bio Career & Talent Development Consultant ‍ CEO @go.perfeqta Creator @careerchasers Career Community for WOC ✨Professor @ncatsuaggies ❤️Instagram Handle @latesha_byrdInstagram Followers 12K Get Email Contact

30. Danielle H

Bio The Career Change Queen I create powerful resumes to help you land a purpose-filling + higher-paying career‍♀️JOIN THE TRIBE FB GROUPInstagram Handle @ellecareerservicesInstagram Followers 11.3K Get Email Contact

31. Sara Camilo

Bio Certified Career Coach | Resume Writer | Ex-Recruiter ACE the interview & get the job you WANT⭐️Total Interview Program is LIVE! Sign up today ⤵️Instagram Handle @camilocareersInstagram Followers 11.3K Get Email Contact

32. Mo Faul

Bio The Kick Ass Success CoachListen to the Bring Your Soul to Work #podcast on @spotify Watch my FREE MasterclassInstagram Handle @mofaulInstagram Followers 10.4K Get Email Contact

33. Evelina

Bio Helping those in their 20s and 30s GET NOTICED & HIRED FAST ‍since 2013 +Over 100 dream jobs secured⬇️ Become JOB HUNTING CHAMPIONInstagram Handle @careerstylistevelinaInstagram Followers 10.1K Get Email Contact

34. Dagmara

Bio ✨Bringing together people for strategic hires throughout the UK, EMEA and North America⚡️Head of Sustainability Practice FREE Recruitment GuideInstagram Handle @recruitment_freakInstagram Followers 10K Get Email Contact

35. Katherine Gansallo

Bio ‍I teach ambitiously driven millennials how to advance in their careers, step into their full potential and maximise their earnings.Here’s howInstagram Handle @katherine_gansalloInstagram Followers 7.8K Get Email Contact

36. Makenzie

Bio Aspiring Meme Lord, real life career coach. ⬇️ Let's work together ⬇️Instagram Handle @loveyourmondaysInstagram Followers 6.5K Get Email Contact

37. Jackie Mitchell

Bio Supporting high achieving professional women in securing leadership roles & higher salaries.Join us in High Achievers Level Up. Link in bioInstagram Handle @jackiemitchellccInstagram Followers 6.1K Get Email Contact

38. Samia Hasan

Bio Founder @unwindthegrinddxb Transition from a stuck job to a thriving career⚒️Clarity.Brand.Network1000+hrsStrengths coachNetwork like a pro⬇️Instagram Handle @samiahasannInstagram Followers 7.5K Get Email Contact

39. Juliana

Bio Aligning You with Your Career Goals Calling ALL Go-Getters Become a STRESS HackerWith my online course hereInstagram Handle @juliana_fausInstagram Followers 3.3K Get Email Contact

40. Monika

Bio Showing you how to change your mindset and helping you get HIRED and THRIVE ⚖. TC & VS apps review #law ❗⬇️ See my success stories & Book a CallInstagram Handle @monika_coachingInstagram Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

41. Ally Barton

Bio ✨Recruiting Director & Partner @bmrsfoodjobs ⚡️Talking about food all day and interviewing chefs12 years agency & corp Fortune500 expInstagram Handle @allyhiresInstagram Followers 5.8K Get Email Contact

42. Kerri Twigg

Bio I teach you how to use stories to find & express your true awesome at work Bestselling author | LinkedIn Top Voice | TEDx speaker |Instagram Handle @careerstorieskerriInstagram Followers 3.7K Get Email Contact

43. Simone

Bio ‍♀️ Fashion, Lifestyle, and Career Tips✨ Collabs: Shop My Outfits #fabgradfits Los AngelesInstagram Handle @thefabgradInstagram Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

44. Pritpal

Bio Women's Life & Career Coaching (ACCPH, MBA) Live life & work to your potential Leading Certified Coaching | FTSE 250 Free Discovery SessionInstagram Handle @inherpotentialInstagram Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

45. Lakrisha

Instagram Handle @thelakrishadavisInstagram Followers 4.8K Get Email Contact

46. Kanika Tolver

Bio Best Selling Author of Career Rehab @careerrehab | Tech Leader | Global Speaker | Author @entrepreneurInstagram Handle @kanikatolverInstagram Followers 4K Get Email Contact

47. Domonique

Bio Helping high achievers unleash Something Bigger in their lives & careers.Go from living someone else’s dream to realizing your ownLet’s do this!Instagram Handle @coach_domoniqueInstagram Followers 3.8K Get Email Contact

48. Yakentha

Bio ✨|Helping you overcome Career Challenges |Click link for Free Resume AuditInstagram Handle @levelcareerservicesInstagram Followers 4.8K Get Email Contact

49. Sarah

Bio Become a Conscious, Authentic Leader! Lead with confidence & resilience in a changing world. Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach, Women in Leadership.Instagram Handle @sarahjcoachingInstagram Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

50. Kathy Caprino

Bio I help women build rewarding, successful and fulfilling careers and experience greater confidence and self-esteem, making the impact they long to.Instagram Handle @kathycaprinoInstagram Followers 3.2K Get Email Contact

51. Harleny

Bio OOO until 4/10✈️ ️LMSW, First-Gen + SpeakerI help social workers rebrand to market themselves effectively to get hired wLearn moreInstagram Handle @yourevolvedmindInstagram Followers 4.6K
social-work-insider.buzzspro.. Get Email Contact

52. Kelly

Bio Focusing on Small Business Recruitment, Career Prep & Teaching InitiativesThank you allowing me to help write your resumesInstagram Handle @professionalpersonaInstagram Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

53. Oyin Ossi

Bio ️PodcasterGlobal HR Thought Leader Your Career Bestie Helping AFRICANS thrive at work.@careerreadypro @careerconversationpodcast •DubaiInstagram Handle @oyindamolaossiInstagram Followers 4.9K Get Email Contact

54. Freya

Bio Helping university students and graduates get noticed and be successful in their earlyGet your Stress Less CV Guide today!Instagram Handle @letstalkaboutwork_Instagram Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

55. Chris

Bio Empowering high achievers to craft values aligned careers ✨For confidence & purpose ⤵️Instagram Handle @empoweredachieversInstagram Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

56. Ashley Watkins

Bio Want more #interviews and job offers My clients get 6-figure salaries with Fortune 500 brands. Get #resumetips, #careercoaching & more!Instagram Handle @writestepresumesInstagram Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

57. Tristan L.

Bio I help people leverage their value to advance their careers. ‍♂️#CareerCoach Career Strategy SpeakerFeatured in @themuse l @blackenterpriseInstagram Handle @layfieldresumeInstagram Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

58. Caroline

Bio Career Change Coach Works with ladies who want to change career⭐️ Come and join 5k+ in the Career Change Community ⬇️Instagram Handle @carolinewellinghamInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

59. Jill Vanak

Bio PhD MBA MSN BSNco-host @go2girlspodcast career consultant | strategist | clinician | creatorrésumé guru & @linkedinInstagram Handle @jill.vanakInstagram Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

60. Leah Morris

Bio I teach women the missing piece to HAVING IT ALL!Thought Pattern Specialist✨Build a mindset that matches the life you want!WORK WITH MEInstagram Handle @iamleahmorrisInstagram Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

61. Edward Gorbis

Bio Helping immigrant descendants thrive in their careers and life Podcast Host / Keynote Speaker Download the Unbreakable MindsetInstagram Handle @careermeetsworldInstagram Followers 8.8K Get Email Contact

62. Chelsea

Bio helping driven women upgrade job titles + lifestylesformer recruiter turned career coach$2M+ in raises secured⤵️ APPLY FOR CCBInstagram Handle @chelseastokes_Instagram Followers 8.3K Get Email Contact

63. Dana

Bio Founder @tech_recruitment✨Šeit par sapņu darbu, karjeru un līderībuRiga, LatviaInstagram Handle @dana.kocaneInstagram Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

64. Matilda

Bio Let's level up your interviewing game, so you can:- Feel confident + empowered- Ace the interview- Negotiate the offer you deserve- Get paid moreInstagram Handle @brandwisercoInstagram Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

65. Glavis Loh

Bio ✍️ I help young adults kickstart their lives👉 Tips and tools to navigate adulthood + build a career and life you love⬇️ Tap here to get started ⬇️Instagram Handle @glavislohzhInstagram Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

66. Adrienne Tom

Bio Executive Resume Writing & Job Search Strategies ▶️ Level Up▶️ Land Faster▶️ Increase Earning Power!Instagram Handle @career_impressionsInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

67. Hannah Morgan

Bio It's gonna take more than a resume to land your next job. Get #jobsearch tips #MotivationMondayCheck out my #SummarySunday newsletterInstagram Handle @careersherpaInstagram Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

68. Taryell Simmons

Bio Founder & host @riseurbannation #podcast ✊ Helping Pan Africans succeed in careers, business and life!My LinksInstagram Handle @taryellsInstagram Followers 4.4K Get Email Contact

69. Nish

Bio Helping you find ✨confidence✨ in your career Career Consultant @londonschoolofeconomics DM for public speaking/workshop enquiriesInstagram Handle Followers 3.2K Get Email Contact

70. Rosie Guagliardo

Bio ✨Certified #lifecoach & #careercoach✨@Forbes writer✨FREE Guide to Stop Anxiety✨Amazon Best Selling Author 📕✨Let the real you SHINE. Get results!Instagram Handle @innerbrilliancecoachingInstagram Followers 9.5K Get Email Contact

71. Priyank Ahuja

Bio Product Leader | Public Speaker | Mentor👉 580 Speaker Sessions🎯 Mentored 12,000+ Students💫 381K on LinkedInBook your 1:1 Session at 👇Instagram Handle @priyank.ahujaInstagram Followers 4.7K Get Email Contact

72. Angel

Bio ‍♀️I work with women of colour to confidently level up in their careers.2 x Linkedin Top Voice DEI & HR LeaderCoaching applicationInstagram Handle @careerinfocus.coInstagram Followers 3.8K Get Email Contact

73. Stephanie Heath

Bio Founder @soulworkandsixfigures Ft: @foxnews @cnn @forbes @iamwellandgoodAmazon Best Seller “Legacy Speaks”Instagram Handle @careercoachstephInstagram Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

74. Laura Simms

Bio Helping you choose a meaningful career with proven & holistic strategy🥂 12 years of client wins⤵ WATCH THE TRAININGInstagram Handle @yourcareerhomecomingInstagram Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

75. Briannan Watts

Bio Career Advisor & Professional SpeakerService Snapshot✨Résumé Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, Interview Prep, Advising + Mentoring SessionsShopInstagram Handle @briannanwattsInstagram Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

76. Rachel

Bio RESUME SPECIALIST— please read highlightsProfessional | Aesthetic — ORDERS OPENallow up to 72 hours for a reply | 10+ day turnaround timeInstagram Handle @resumeswithrachelInstagram Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

77. Kim Araman

Bio I help Job Seekers find & land their dream job in 60 daysFounder of Nail Your CareerArabic French EnglishInstagram Handle @nailyourinterviewInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

78. Lisa Lewis

Bio Life’s too short to do work that doesn’t light you up!✨Trying to figure out a next move you’ll love Learn how to get career clarity here!Instagram Handle @careerclarityInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

79. Bianca McKay

Bio ✨️Social Work Career Coach😊IRO/ CP Chair/ ISW/ FORM F'S👑 Level up & stand out for all the right reasons!💡Mentoring, Online Programmes & Retreats✨️Instagram Handle @socialworkerscareercoachInstagram Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

80. Anna Morgan

Bio Job Search Strategy Getting YOU Results with over 15+ years Recruiting Experience & LinkedIn Networking to Career OpportunitiesInstagram Handle @annamorgancareerbffInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

81. Maritza

Bio I/O Psychologist helping WOC unravel their strengths growing professionally with strategy & ganas @ritz_floresInstagram Handle @bloomcareercoachInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

82. Julia

Bio Career Coach for ambitious professionals who want to control their career. Check out the career journals, podcast, + coaching options! ⬇️Instagram Handle @ridethetidecollectiveInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

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