Top 50 Climate Change Influencers in 2024

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Looking for Climate Change influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Climate Change Influencers list is what you need.more When ranking these Climate Change influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Climate Change space.

Climate Change Influencers

Here are Top 50 Climate Change Influencers

1. Greta Thunberg

Bio Autistic climate justice activist Born at 375 ppmTwitter Handle @gretathunbergTwitter Followers 5.7M Get Email Contact

2. Katharine Hayhoe

Bio Climate Scientist, Prof @TexasTech, Chief Scientist @nature_org, Climate Ambassador @WEAnews, Mom @joinsciencemoms. Tweets 100% my own 🇨🇦🍁Twitter Handle @khayhoeTwitter Followers 245.2K + Follow Get Email Contact

3. Dr. Marshall Shepherd

Bio Personal page. 3x FSU Alum, Professor, Scientist, Weather Geeks, Tweets mine. RT not supportive of any position.Twitter Handle @drshepherd2013Twitter Followers 64.8K Get Email Contact

4. Ed Hawkins

Bio Climate scientist, NCAS/University of Reading | IPCC AR6 Lead Author | MBE | Warming Stripes: | Views ownTwitter Handle @ed_hawkinsTwitter Followers 102.2K Get Email Contact

5. Astrid Caldas

Bio Climate Scientist @UCSUSA. Thirsty for knowledge and a broader understanding of all things climate change. Opinions and snarkiness are my own.Twitter Handle @climategeekTwitter Followers 2.3K Get Email Contact

6. Daniel Gebregiorgis

Bio Tigrayan | Climate scientist | I write about the monsoon and occasionally other stuff | Stateless since 03-November-2020.Twitter Handle @dgebregiorgisTwitter Followers 2.5K Get Email Contact

7. Prof. Kashwan

Bio Prof @BrandeisU | Environ & Climate Justice | Governance | Political Ecology | Commons | Editor @Env_Pol | Chair @ESS_of_ISA | Web: Handle @pkashwanTwitter Followers 9.2K Get Email Contact

8. Dr. Kim Cobb

Bio 40% Climate Scientist, 40% Mom, and 20% Indiana Jones. Unapologetically obsessed with carbon. Director, She/herTwitter Handle @coralsncavesTwitter Followers 29.1K Get Email Contact

9. Dr. Jacquelyn Gill

Bio Paleoecologist @UMaine trying to be a good ancestor. Climate change, biodiversity, extinction. @MakeAPlanetPod @OurWarmRegards She/her 🏳️‍🌈Twitter Handle @jacquelyngillTwitter Followers 105K Get Email Contact

10. James Edward Hansen

Bio Director of Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions at Columbia University's Earth Institute Director of NASA GISSTwitter Handle @drjamesehansenTwitter Followers 23.1K Get Email Contact

11. Antti Lipponen

Bio Physicist, research scientist at Finnish Meteorological Institute (@IlmaTiede). #Satellites, #aerosols, #climate, #remotesensing, #dataviz + #bike/#fatbike 🚲Twitter Handle @anttilipTwitter Followers 15.6K Get Email Contact

12. Twila Moon

Bio Earth's ice, climate (ACTION), #scicomm. Scientist @NSIDC, CIRES, Univ. Colorado Boulder. Find me now at (she/her)Twitter Handle @twilamoonTwitter Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

13. Geoff Dembicki

Bio Investigative climate reporter. My new book THE PETROLEUM PAPERS was named a Washington Post Best Book of 2022. ****@gmail.comTwitter Handle @geoffdembickiTwitter Followers 4.9K Get Email Contact

14. Peter Kalmus

Bio NASA climate scientist. Arrested for defending Earth. @ClimateAd, @EarthHeroOrg. Opinions mine. #EmergencyModeTwitter Handle @climatehumanTwitter Followers 341.3K Get Email Contact

15. Bill McKibben

Bio Author, Educator, Environmentalist and founder of and Opinions all my own, and expressed at greater length at Handle @billmckibbenTwitter Followers 397.9K Get Email Contact

16. Edgar McGregor

Bio @SJSU Climate Science 📈 Climate activist conducting 1,500+ days of #EarthCleanUp🌳 He/Him 🌎 Because the future is worth fighting for. ☀Twitter Handle @edgarrmcgregorTwitter Followers 45.1K Get Email Contact

17. Licypriya Kangujam

Bio 12 years old| Climate Activist| Founder @ChildMovement_|Special Envoy of President of Timor Leste🇹🇱|Hold @GWR for cleaning our 🌏 | Manage by Licy FoundationTwitter Handle @licypriyakTwitter Followers 202.2K Get Email Contact

18. Jerome Foster II

Bio Co-Exec Director at Waic Up | Youngest Member of @WhiteHouse Environmental Justice Advisory Council | ****@gmail.comTwitter Handle @jeromefosteriiTwitter Followers 23.6K Get Email Contact

19. Jamie Sarai Margolin

Bio 🇨🇴🏳️‍🌈✡︎ | director/creator @peleaanimation | @thisiszerohour founder | climate justice organizer | filmmaker | nyu film 2024 | #youthtopower authorTwitter Handle @jamie_margolinTwitter Followers 49.5K Get Email Contact

20. Leah Namugerwa

Bio 17 YO Climate ActivistTwitter Handle @namugerwaleahTwitter Followers 26.4K Get Email Contact

21. Oscar Alateras

Bio Young climate activist and passionate writerTwitter Handle @alaterasoscarTwitter Followers 733 Get Email Contact

22. Haven Coleman

Bio CLIMATE Activist + Resource Redirector • #GiveAIR Fund • @ARIDagency + US Youth Climate Strike Founder • 15 • **** • 🏳️‍🌈 • She/HerTwitter Handle @havenruthieTwitter Followers 12K Get Email Contact

23. Nadia

Bio Artist & Climate Justice Organizer 🦦 she/her Co-Founder of @ThisIsZeroHour 🌞😽Twitter Handle @nadiabaltimoreTwitter Followers 6.9K Get Email Contact

24. Zayne & Panda

Bio 13 yo ADHD/aspie kid & panda #climatestrike (NYCity Hall from 12/7/18) now talking solutions, she/her mgd by mom)Twitter Handle @zaynecowieTwitter Followers 9.1K Get Email Contact

25. Naomi Klein

Bio Doppelganger. This Changes Everything. The Shock Doctrine. No Logo. On Fire. @UBC Professor of Climate Justice, co-director @CCJ_UBCTwitter Handle @naomiakleinTwitter Followers 696.3K Get Email Contact

26. Christiana Figueres

Bio @OutrageOptimism co-host. Global Climate Leader. Mother. Dedicated to the protection and regeneration of our web of life. #StubbornOptimistTwitter Handle @cfigueresTwitter Followers 165K Get Email Contact

27. Andrea Learned

Bio I find, build and amplify #ClimateInfluence . Hosting the Award-winning #LivingChange #podcast is part of that. | Also on Bl#@Sky | Now monitoring: #COP28Twitter Handle @andrealearnedTwitter Followers 16.8K Get Email Contact

28. Rachel Kyte

Bio CMG. Dean Emerita @FletcherSchool. Director @PIDGorg. Co-chair @wearevcmi. @climatepolicy. Advisor #climatefinance, energy, #SDGs. Forever blowing bubbles.Twitter Handle @rkyte365Twitter Followers 25K Get Email Contact

29. Marissa Rosen

Bio 🌎 Founder & Principal Consultant: Climate Social. Past: @SustainBrands @TriplePundit @Wharton. Alum: @Mizzou @Penn. "There are only so many sunrises."Twitter Handle @marissar1Twitter Followers 13.6K Get Email Contact

30. Laurence Tubiana

Bio CEO European Climate Foundation - attachée à l'esprit de l'#AccorddeParis & aux propositions de la #Conventioncitoyenne pour le #climat // Views Are My OwnTwitter Handle @laurencetubianaTwitter Followers 30K Get Email Contact

31. Jennifer Morgan

Bio State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action, Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Views are my own.Twitter Handle @climatemorganTwitter Followers 42.4K Get Email Contact

32. Megan Darby

Bio Editor of award-winning @ClimateHome. Not using this platform much any more. Find me in the pleasant weather app - same handleTwitter Handle @climatemeganTwitter Followers 13.4K Get Email Contact

33. Megan Rowling

Bio Journalist with Thomson Reuters Foundation. Feminist who cares about climate change, sustainable development and inequity in all its many forms.Twitter Handle @meganrowlingTwitter Followers 12.7K Get Email Contact

34. Camilla Born

Bio Climate diplomat obsessed with delivering on climate commitments, transforming business & shifting finance. Ex @cabinetofficeUK @E3G + chair of @ClimateOutreachTwitter Handle @camillabornTwitter Followers 11.1K Get Email Contact

35. Kate Marvel

Bio Climate scientist @NASAGISS, soon @projectdrawdown. Writing HUMAN NATURE @eccobooks. Chapter lead, #NCA5. Let's fix stuff.Twitter Handle @drkatemarvelTwitter Followers 54.6K Get Email Contact

36. Claire Poole

Bio Founder @sportpossummit @sportposleagues @clrbrightcomms | #Sport and #climatechange, sustainability | Trustee @ukharvest | #sportpositiveTwitter Handle @claireypooleTwitter Followers 4K Get Email Contact

37. Emma Pinchbeck

Bio CEO @EnergyUKcomms & Board @UK100_ @Eurelectric. Fellow of the Energy Institute. Expert in climate & energy; novice mum of 2. Times & Politico Green InfluencerTwitter Handle @elpinchbeckTwitter Followers 23.2K Get Email Contact

38. Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner

Bio Poet. Climate Envoy for the Marshall Islands. Director of nonprofit Jo-Jikum: PhD student at Australia National University. She/HerTwitter Handle @kathykijinerTwitter Followers 8.6K Get Email Contact

39. Roz Pidcock

Bio Freelance consultant. Climate change writing, editing and strategic engagement. Previously @ClimateOutreach, @IPCC_ch WGI & @CarbonBriefTwitter Handle @rozpidcockTwitter Followers 4.2K Get Email Contact

40. Gill Hickman

Bio Environment. Climate Change. Biologist. Sustainability. Campaigner. Educator. Writer.Twitter Handle @lussasTwitter Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

41. Amy Mount

Bio Environment policy/politics 🦋 @TNLComFund climate decision panel🤞 @WildLondon board 🦡 ECF UK programme manager 🌍 Own views, she/herTwitter Handle @asmallamountTwitter Followers 4.1K Get Email Contact

42. Sandrine Dixson

Bio Change agent for #Sustainability #Climate #Innovation #Gender - Co President @ClubOfRome - Co Founder @EUWeCanTwitter Handle @sddecleveTwitter Followers 7K Get Email Contact

43. Emily Farnworth

Bio Director, Centre for Climate Engagement @ClimateHughes. Trustee @Hughes_Hall. Chair of @theRE100 Advisory Committee. Previously @wef @ClimateGroup.Twitter Handle @emilyfarnworthTwitter Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

44. Paula Owen

Bio Eco-campaigner, judge, writer, Climate Sci PhD, CEO: @greengumptionuk & @ecoactiongames Author of historical fiction @L1ttleBrownDog ✍️ Tw alter ego @PaulaSOwenTwitter Handle @drpaulaowenTwitter Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

45. Michelle Yonetani

Bio #Displacement #climatechange #disaster #fragility #resilience #DRR #protection #solutions. With UNHCR on #climateaction. Own tweets.Twitter Handle @m_yonetaniTwitter Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

46. Janani Vivekananda

Bio Head of Prog: Climate Diplo & Security @adelphi_berlin • UNU Non-Resident Fellow • Ex-Head Climate & Security @intalert • Brexile in Berlin • all views my ownTwitter Handle @janvivekanandaTwitter Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

47. Nicolette Bartlett

Bio Chief Impact Officer @cdp Views here are my own. Retweets not.Twitter Handle @nikkibartlettTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

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