Top 90 Cyber Security Influencers on Twitter in 2023

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Looking for Cyber Security influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Cyber Security Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Cyber Security influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Cyber Security space.

Cyber Security Influencers

Here are Top 90 Cyber Security Influencers

1. Steve Morgan

Bio Founder of Cybersecurity Ventures, Editor-in-Chief at Cybercrime Magazine, Executive Producer at Cybercrime Radio. Researcher, Publisher, Journalist, Author.Twitter Handle @cybersecuritysfTwitter Followers 19.9K Get Email Contact

2. Teri Radichel

Bio CEO @2ndSightLab | Cybersecurity Author Pentester Instructor | AWS Security Hero l GSE 240 | IANS Faculty | Security How To: Handle @teriradichelTwitter Followers 10.3K Get Email Contact

3. Troy Hunt

Bio Creator of @haveibeenpwned. Microsoft Regional Director. Pluralsight author. Online security, technology and “The Cloud”. Australian.Twitter Handle @troyhuntTwitter Followers 222.6K Get Email Contact

4. Lesley Carhart

Bio ICS DFIR @dragosinc, martial artist, marksman, humanist, Lvl14 Neutral Good rogue, USAF Ret. Tweet *very serious* things about infosec. Thoughts mine. They/themTwitter Handle @hacks4pancakesTwitter Followers 169.4K Get Email Contact

5. Bruce Schneier

Bio Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author. Described by The Economist as a "security guru"Twitter Handle @schneierblogTwitter Followers 146.1K Get Email Contact

6. Kim Zetter

Bio Journalist - cybersecurity/nat security. Author COUNTDOWN TO ZERO DAY: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon.Substack: Handle @kimzetterTwitter Followers 94.2K Get Email Contact

7. Maddie Stone

Bio Security Researcher - Google's Threat Analysis Group | 0days all day. Love all things bytes, assembly, and glitter. she/her.Twitter Handle @maddiestoneTwitter Followers 61.9K Get Email Contact

8. Katie Moussouris

Bio @LutaSecurity CEO @payequitynow MIT&Harvard visiting scholar, @MasonNatSec fellow, 1/2 Chamoru, hacker Legacy blue checkTwitter Handle @k8em0Twitter Followers 116.2K Get Email Contact

9. Marcus J. Carey

Bio | Hope Dealer. Hacker. Husband, Father, Author, Artist, Mentor, & Inventor. @TribeOfHackers, ex-@usnavy @nsagov @threatcare.Twitter Handle @marcusjcareyTwitter Followers 52.6K Get Email Contact

10. Kevin Mitnick

Bio Chief Hacking Officer @knowbe4, Security Consultant, Public Speaker, & Author Whistling ICBM launch codes since 1988Twitter Handle @kevinmitnickTwitter Followers 289.4K Get Email Contact

11. Shira Rubinoff

Bio #Cybersecurity & #Blockchain #Advisor, #ThoughtLeader #KeynoteSpeaker & #AuthorTop ranked #Influencer globally in cybersecurity #AI🔴 YouTube/ShiraRubinoffTVTwitter Handle @shirastweetTwitter Followers 57.2K Get Email Contact

12. Eva

Bio Director of Cybersecurity @EFF / Co-founder of @stopstalkerware/ My tweets are my own, not my employers’ / I did a TED talk once /Twitter Handle @evacideTwitter Followers 184.7K Get Email Contact

13. Eugene Kaspersky

Bio CEO of @Kaspersky. 30+ years in #cybersecurity. Views are my ownTwitter Handle @e_kasperskyTwitter Followers 188.2K Get Email Contact

14. Alex Stamos

Bio You can find me at: Handle @alexstamosTwitter Followers 99.4K Get Email Contact

15. Jeff Moss

Bio Black Hat & DEF CON. CISA Cyber Security Advisory Council, UK Gov Cyber Advisory Board (He/Him)Twitter Handle @thedarktangentTwitter Followers 110.8K Get Email Contact

16. hackerfantastic.x

Bio Co-Founder @myhackerhouse cyber security assurance & hacker training ~ ISBN9781119561453 ~ a book on professional hacking. Offensive Lua project.Twitter Handle @hackerfantasticTwitter Followers 100.2K Get Email Contact

17. Robert Herjavec

Bio Dad, Husband, Founder & CEO of global cybersecurity firm @Cyderes, Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, Dragon on CBC's Dragon's Den. Best-Selling Author.Twitter Handle @robertherjavecTwitter Followers 808.1K Get Email Contact

18. Ed Skoudis

Bio Cyber security. President SANS Technology Institute College. Founder @CounterHackSec. SANS Fellow. Pen Tests & Inc Handling. Board of @manasquanbank and more.Twitter Handle @edskoudisTwitter Followers 61.7K Get Email Contact

19. Dr. Anton Chuvakin

Bio Information security - #SIEM, #DFIR, #EDR formerly at Gartner! Now @GoogleCloud Office of the #CISO; host of @CloudSecPodcast Handle @anton_chuvakinTwitter Followers 39.8K Get Email Contact

20. Eric Geller

Bio Senior Cybersecurity Reporter at @TheMessenger, covering all things digital security. I also co-host @hothtakes. | Send me tips: Handle @ericgellerTwitter Followers 84.3K Get Email Contact

21. Richard Stiennon

Bio Cybersecurity Industry AnalystCurating all the data on 3,420+ cybersecurity vendors.Twitter Handle @stiennonTwitter Followers 45.5K Get Email Contact

22. Katie Nickels

Bio Director of Intel at @redcanary. SANS Certified Instructor for FOR578: CTI. Senior Fellow at @CyberStatecraft. She/her. Mastodon: @likethecoins@infosec.exchangeTwitter Handle @likethecoinsTwitter Followers 51.7K Get Email Contact

23. Kate Brew

Bio #infosec. Editor of corp #cybersecurity blog. #OWASP & @LASCONATX boards #GeorgiaTech alumni. Mastodon: Handle @securitybrewTwitter Followers 29.4K Get Email Contact

24. Nicole Perlroth

Bio cyber sleuth | author "This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends" | prev: digital espionage/sabotage @nytimes | now: putting all those words to workTwitter Handle @nicoleperlrothTwitter Followers 91.4K Get Email Contact

25. Adam Levin

Bio Consumer advocate. “What the Hack with Adam Levin” podcast. Author of Swiped. Co-founder, and founder @CyberScoutTwitter Handle @adam_k_levinTwitter Followers 62.5K Get Email Contact

26. Wendy Nather

Twitter Handle @wendynatherTwitter Followers 34.4K Get Email Contact

27. Jackie Singh

Bio Cybersecurity Professional. Formerly @JoeBiden. Pro-Democracy. Anti-Authoritarian. Anti-Extremist.👇 GET MY IDEAS (FREE) Upsetting Trolls Daily!Twitter Handle @hackingbutlegalTwitter Followers 35K Get Email Contact

28. Eric Vanderburg

Bio Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Tech Leader, Author, Consultant, and Speaker, VP, Cybersecurity @TCDI Opinions are my own.Twitter Handle @evanderburgTwitter Followers 52.1K Get Email Contact

29. Rob Fuller

Bio (he/him) Dad / Husband / Marine / Student / Teacher / Red Team & CTI Director / @Hak5 / @NoVAHackers / @SiliconHBO / @MidatlanticCCDC / @MARFORCYBER AuxiliaryTwitter Handle @mubixTwitter Followers 81.5K Get Email Contact

30. Ray

Bio •He/him • Assoc Producer Emeritus: @DarknetDiaries Cybersecurity Researcher •Twitter Handle @rayredactedTwitter Followers 54.6K Get Email Contact

31. Eleanor Dallaway

Bio Tech journalist & Editor.Published in The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, Infosecurity, Imbibe.Lover of sunsets & the starsWork account:@EleanorDallawayTwitter Handle @infoseceditorTwitter Followers 38 Get Email Contact

32. Robert M. Lee

Bio Co-Founder & CEO @DragosInc | SANS #FOR578 & #ICS515 course author & Faculty Fellow |@_LittleBobby_ writer | NSA & USAF VeteranTwitter Handle @robertmleeTwitter Followers 79.3K Get Email Contact

33. Window Snyder

Bio Founder and CEO of Thistle Technologies @window@infosec.exchangeTwitter Handle @windowTwitter Followers 21.4K Get Email Contact

34. Marc Goodman

Bio Global security adviser and futurist. Focused on the disruptive impact of advancing tech on security, business and intl affairs. NY Times best selling author.Twitter Handle @futurecrimesTwitter Followers 16.9K Get Email Contact

35. Rinki Sethi

Bio VP & CISO @Billcom | Board Member @ForgeRock | Ex Twitter, Rubrik, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Intuit, eBay, Walmart, PG&E | Investor | Mom of 2 | InfoSec geekTwitter Handle @rinkisethiTwitter Followers 14.7K Get Email Contact

36. Brute Logic

Bio #InfoSec R&D | #XSS | #WAF #bypass | #hack2learn | @rodoassis | @KN0X55 | Handle @brutelogicTwitter Followers 57.2K Get Email Contact

37. Tracy Maleeff

Bio #Librarian turned #InfoSec #ThreatIntel analyst. #Ginfosec originator. #Philly jawns. Evertonian #COYB. Your guide up a mountain of information! 🏔️Twitter Handle @infosecsherpaTwitter Followers 50.4K Get Email Contact

38. Rebecca Herold

Bio Infosec/privacy/IT Eng|Entrepreneur|Consulting+Privacy&Security Brainiacs SaaS Svcs|Expert witness|Writer|Hiker|Educator|Radio Host|ONLY TWITTERIDTwitter Handle @privacyprofTwitter Followers 7.9K Get Email Contact

39. Richard Bejtlich

Bio Inactive on Twitter since 1 November 2022. Find me here: Handle @taosecurityTwitter Followers 59.1K Get Email Contact

40. Dan Goodin

Bio Please use this hell site as sparingly as possible. Elmo can't be allowed to succeed. Follow me on Mastodon @dangoodin@infosec.exchangeTwitter Handle @dangoodin001Twitter Followers 42.7K Get Email Contact

41. Chris Vickery

Bio Data breach hunter. InfoSec & Cybersecurity. Personal account.Twitter Handle @vickerysecTwitter Followers 52.1K Get Email Contact

42. Raj Samani

Bio Chief Scientist @Rapid7 (ex @McAfee) | @cloudsa | Co-author of @CyberGridBook & CSA Guide to Cloud | Advisor @EC3Europol@Raj_Samani@ioc.exchangeTwitter Handle @raj_samaniTwitter Followers 14.5K Get Email Contact

43. The Javvad Malik

Bio The unholy alliance between information security and cynicism wrapped up in storytelling and youtube. Handle @j4vv4dTwitter Followers 17K Get Email Contact

44. Dustin Volz

Bio @WSJ reporter covering cyber and intelligence. Priors w/ @Reuters and @nationaljournal. Free Evan.Twitter Handle @dnvolzTwitter Followers 37.1K Get Email Contact

45. Jane Frankland

Bio Multi award-winning leader, speaker, bestselling author, awards judge, women’s activist & mum. Helping leaders avoid mediocre results in cybersecurity👇Twitter Handle @janefranklandTwitter Followers 12.3K Get Email Contact

46. Jake Williams

Bio Breaker of software | GSE #150 | CTI/DFIR | @ians_security faculty | Bookings: jake at malwarejake dot com | He/himTwitter Handle @malwarejakeTwitter Followers 124.5K Get Email Contact

47. Sivan Tehila

Bio Mom 👩‍👧 Cybersecurity witch living in NYC 🗽 Founder & CEO @onyxiacyber🪄 🔮 Program Director of Cybersecurity @YU💫 SUP 🏄‍♀ Execution is power 🎯Twitter Handle @securitywitchTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

48. Lisa Forte

Bio Cyber Security - Partner @redgoatcyber - Climber / Caver. Currently: 🇬🇧 she/herTwitter Handle @lisaforteukTwitter Followers 51.9K Get Email Contact

49. InfoSanta

Bio She/Her. InfoSec Eng. Thoughts are mine. Writer. Keynote Speaker. LinkedIn Learning Author. ADHDer. Good vibes only. Black and proud.Twitter Handle @stephandsecTwitter Followers 17.9K Get Email Contact

50. Whitney Champion

Bio lead solutions architect @limacharlieio / founder @Recon_InfoSec / #HackerTracker | ♥♥♥ == nerdery, crossfit, rainbows, sweatpants | she/her | 🤍🙏🌿Twitter Handle @shortxstackTwitter Followers 30.8K Get Email Contact

51. Keren Elazari

Bio Friendly Hacker | Geek Pride 🌈 | Cyber Punk | Security Researcher | Founder @Bsidestlv & @Ladiescyber | @TEDtalks Speaker | Faculty @icrctauTwitter Handle @k3r3n3Twitter Followers 20.9K Get Email Contact

52. Binni Shah

Bio Linux Evangelist, Malwares , Security Enthusiast , Philanthropist , Meditation & Jain.Mastodon : binitamshah@ioc.exchangebinitamshah at protonmail comTwitter Handle @binitamshahTwitter Followers 125.6K Get Email Contact

53. Jeremiah Grossman

Bio Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Unemployed, no college degree, drives used cars, and holding out for a management position. Founded WhiteHat Security & Bit Discovery.Twitter Handle @jeremiahgTwitter Followers 65.5K Get Email Contact

54. SwiftOnSecurity

Bio computer security person at a place. former helpdeskTwitter Handle @swiftonsecurityTwitter Followers 391.5K Get Email Contact

55. Jason Haddix

Bio CISO/Hacker in Charge @buddobot, 18 years hacking, 10 years leadership. exCitrix, exRedspin, exFortify, exHP, exBugcrowd, exUbisoftTwitter Handle @jhaddixTwitter Followers 137.6K Get Email Contact

56. Alan Woodward

Bio Computer Scientist with particular interest in cyber security & quantum technology.Twitter Handle @profwoodwardTwitter Followers 32.9K Get Email Contact

57. Whitney Merrill

Bio DPO. Privacy/infosec lawyer. Hacker. Fighting for privacy, digital civil liberties & the users. Ex @EA @FTC |views=own| Also at @wbm312@infosec.exchangeTwitter Handle @wbm312Twitter Followers 30.3K Get Email Contact

58. Christophe Veltsos

Bio University prof. | Let's talk cyber risk & systemic risk | Author, speaker, mentor, advisor. He/him. Keeping an eye on #Covid #LC. #COVIDisAirborne #MaskUpTwitter Handle @drinfosecTwitter Followers 12.8K Get Email Contact

59. Rik Ferguson

Bio VP Security Intelligence @Forescout, Co-founder @RespectInSec. Futurist, Researcher, Award-winning writer/producer. He/Him.Twitter Handle @rik_fergusonTwitter Followers 14.8K Get Email Contact

60. Kim Nash

Bio Deputy Editor—The Wall Street Journal, Pro Cybersecurity. Corporate and government cybersecurity issues, offensive and defensiveTwitter Handle @knash99Twitter Followers 8.6K Get Email Contact

61. Heath Maverick Adams

Bio Husband | Vet | Founder @TCMSecurity | YouTuber | Professor | Disrupting the education industry via TCM Academy and #PNPT Handle @thecybermentorTwitter Followers 37.9K Get Email Contact

62. Rafay Baloch

Bio Information Security Researcher, Published Author on Cybersecurity, Public Speaker, featured by @Forbes, @BBC, @WSJ - RT ≠ EndorsementTwitter Handle @rafaybalochTwitter Followers 21.3K Get Email Contact

63. Lady G

Bio security engineer | genetic scientist | NYU alum | @awscloud Cert SME | @MARFORCYBER auxiliarist | NSIN emerging leader 2022Twitter Handle @gabsmashhTwitter Followers 99.6K Get Email Contact

64. Jobert Abma

Bio I tweet about security and my experience as a hacker. Co-founder of HackerOne (@Hacker0x01).Twitter Handle @jobertabmaTwitter Followers 41.3K Get Email Contact

65. Chris Parker

Bio Founder @wimia | Online Privacy, Safety & CyberSecurity | Host of @EasyPreyPodcast Scam and Fraud PreventionTwitter Handle @chrispcrittersTwitter Followers 24.3K Get Email Contact

66. James Arlen

Bio Infosec Geek, Hacker, Social Activist, Author, Speaker, Parent. VA3MYR. Chief Information Security Officer at Handle @myrcurialTwitter Followers 19.3K Get Email Contact

67. Dr. Alissa Abdullah

Bio Fortune 100 #CSO ~Fmr Deputy CIO @WhiteHouse #44 ~all things cyber ~🎙Podcasts: Mastering Cyber & CISO 500 ~My thoughts are my own. ~Will work for shoes~Twitter Handle @dralissajayTwitter Followers 5.2K Get Email Contact

68. Meg West

Bio #CISSP | #CCSP | MSc #Cybersecurity | X-Force Cybersecurity Incident Responder @IBMSecurity | Tweets about #dogs & travel & APTs, oh my! | Opinions are my own.Twitter Handle @cybersecmegTwitter Followers 126.1K Get Email Contact

69. Kenneth Holley

Bio Founder & Chairman, @silentquadrant • Principal Architect of Digital Resilience • Cybersecurity Innovator • Forbes Technology Council Member • Board MemberTwitter Handle @kennethholleyTwitter Followers 46.7K Get Email Contact

70. Bob Carver

Bio #CyberSecurity #infosec #IoT #privacy #AI #ML #disrupt #blockchain #Industry40 #startups #Cloud #FutureOfWork #tech #KeynoteSpeaker RT != agreeTwitter Handle @cybersecboardrmTwitter Followers 45K Get Email Contact

71. John Hammond

Bio Hacker. Friend. Cybersecurity Researcher @HuntressLabs.Twitter Handle @_johnhammondTwitter Followers 215.7K Get Email Contact

72. Swati Khandelwal

Bio Senior #Cybersecurity, #Privacy Reporter For @TheHackersNews | Got Tips? Contact me: swati@thehackernews.comTwitter Handle @swati_thnTwitter Followers 28.1K Get Email Contact

73. Tim Starks

Bio @washingtonpost, Cybersecurity 202 author. Email: Mastodon: DMs open for Signal.Twitter Handle @timstarksTwitter Followers 8.8K Get Email Contact

74. Ted Demopoulos

Bio Author: Getting Started in #InfosecConsulting (2022), Independent Consultant, Keynote Speaker, #SANS Instructor, Geek, KT1V, I eat & drink, ski, run, etc.Twitter Handle @teddemopTwitter Followers 13.1K Get Email Contact

75. Daphne Keller

Bio Platform Regulation Director, Stanford Cyber Policy Center. Former Google AGC.Twitter Handle @daphnehkTwitter Followers 29.3K Get Email Contact

76. Dave Bittner

Bio Host of the CyberWire, Hacking Humans, and Caveat podcasts. Guest on Grumpy Old Geeks pod. Be kind to one another. Seek contentment. @bittner@hachyderm.ioTwitter Handle @bittnerTwitter Followers 6K Get Email Contact

77. Christina Camilleri

Bio leading trust & safety for @netflix games. prev infosec @riotgames, @bishopfox. part cyborg.Twitter Handle @0xkittyTwitter Followers 6.4K Get Email Contact

78. Mohit Kumar

Bio Founder @TheHackersNews Cybersecurity PublicationTwitter Handle @unix_rootTwitter Followers 32.3K Get Email Contact

79. Kelly Shortridge

Bio Senior Principal @Fastly | software resilience + modern infosec | | Handle @swagitda_Twitter Followers 31.2K Get Email Contact

80. Corelan

Bio Corelan | Infosec Researcher&Trainer, Hacker | Outgoing Introvert (INFJ-A) | Book lover | Fountain pen affictionado | Chess amateur | Foodie | ❤️ for EQ+IQ | 🍐Twitter Handle @corelanc0d3rTwitter Followers 26.3K Get Email Contact

81. Jessica Barker

Bio 🇬🇧 in 🇺🇸. Human cyber security. Co-Founder @CygentaHQ. Author of the Amazon number 1 best-seller Confident Cyber Security.Twitter Handle @drjessicabarkerTwitter Followers 18.5K Get Email Contact

82. Jeff Stone

Bio cyber editor @business tracking scams, hacks + weirdness. Bluesky: Mastodon: Handle @jeffstone500Twitter Followers 6.7K Get Email Contact

83. Rob May

Bio ⭕ CyberSecurity Ambassador 💡#AI Thought Leader ⚙ Founder @ramsac_ltd 🎙️TEDx, Vistage & Keynote Speaker 📚Author | Human Firewall ⚡ #HarnessingAI #InfosecTwitter Handle @robmay70Twitter Followers 19.7K Get Email Contact

84. Adrian Sanabria

Bio 🎙️ Enterprise @secweekly Podcast,🤝 Founder @bsidesknoxville,🗣️ Faculty @IANS_Security,🍳 Cooking, 🏎️ F1, ⛰️ HikingTwitter Handle @sawabaTwitter Followers 9.9K Get Email Contact

85. Ryan Naraine

Bio I write about hackers and the business of cybersecurity. Podcast + newsletter: Columns: @securityweek. Conference: @labscon_ioTwitter Handle @ryanaraineTwitter Followers 27.1K Get Email Contact