Top 100 DeFi Influencers on Twitter in 2023

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Looking for DeFi influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our DeFi Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these DeFi influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the DeFi space.

DeFi Influencers

Here are Top 100 DeFi Influencers

1. DeFi Pulse

Bio The pulse of the grassroots.Twitter Handle @defipulseTwitter Followers 158.7K Get Email Contact

2. DeFi Dad

Bio ⟠ DeFi super-user & educator💫 Invest at @4RCapital👨‍🏫 Advise teams such as @Zapper_fi, @pushprotocol, @defiantnews 🎙️ Host of The @Edge_PodTwitter Handle @defi_dadTwitter Followers 153.7K Get Email Contact

3. DeFi Queen

Bio Crypto currency trading and business expert. #DM for Promotion. $memes token #BSC #BSCgem #ERCgem #MetaVerse #NFT Promoter #DYORTwitter Handle @defiqueen01Twitter Followers 107.8K Get Email Contact

4. DeFi Princess

Bio I help you grow & make money from your DeFi Twitter brand. Owner of a $30k/mo DeFi Business. DM for moreTwitter Handle @defiprincess_Twitter Followers 84.6K Get Email Contact

5. The DeFi Investor

Bio Crypto Analyst. Follow me for DeFi market updates, new narratives and crypto alpha.Twitter Handle @thedefinvestorTwitter Followers 84.3K Get Email Contact

6. Stephen TCG

Bio "The Calculator Guy"Founder of DeFi DojoAirdrop happening now at Handle @phtevenstrongTwitter Followers 81.7K Get Email Contact

7. DeFi Tycoon

Bio DeFi Researcher/Analyst || Writer || Founder of || Marketing for @RoseonExchange ▪︎ @AstarterDeFiHub ▪︎ @Okto_app ▪︎ @DexRaiden || DM for CollabTwitter Handle @defi_tycoonTwitter Followers 76.6K Get Email Contact

8. Cyril

Bio Helping others navigate the world of DeFi. Follow for whale insights in crypto │ Not financial adviceTwitter Handle @cyrilxbtTwitter Followers 76.4K Get Email Contact

9. Ignas

Bio Subscribe to my DeFi blog to get ahead of the curve 👉 of @PinkBrains_io DeFi Creator StudioTwitter Handle @defiignasTwitter Followers 67K Get Email Contact

10. Defi Mochi

Bio Crypto insights. Dune lessons link here 👇Twitter Handle @defi_mochiTwitter Followers 64.6K Get Email Contact

11. Dean

Bio NFT connoisseur | 3x CEO | Swing Trader #Bitcoin | Web3 Marketing | Partner @seedifyfund | Ambassador @lingocoins @bitgertbrise | DM for business inquiries.Twitter Handle @dhrdeanTwitter Followers 63.3K Get Email Contact

12. Defi Queen

Bio I share blueprints that will enable your financial success in the world of DeFiTwitter Handle @vanessadefiTwitter Followers 55.8K Get Email Contact

13. DaxyFalx Defi

Bio • #MarketingAgency • Campaign Manager • Working with Over 150 Top KOLS/ Influencers ready to help Projects Sell Out📈 • #ETH #SOL #BTC #BNB #DefiTwitter Handle @daxyfalx_defiTwitter Followers 55.1K Get Email Contact

14. Xia

Bio From🇨🇳🇺🇲 • Crypto • DeFi • NFTs | Personal & Brand Growth | $BTC $ETH #NFT | DM for Marketing Inquiries & Business | NFATwitter Handle @xiadefiTwitter Followers 52.5K Get Email Contact

15. Medivh

Bio Medivh The Guardian • Knowledge is power📚• Researcher & Analyst ⚡️• Helping projects scale 📈 | $CTC & $BRI ambassadorTwitter Handle @defimedivhTwitter Followers 51.4K Get Email Contact

16. Sherif

Bio Howdy howdy 🐎 • Writing about Crypto & Defi 🧵• OG Punk holder • @PostTechSoFi Ambassador • Cleanest Calls 🧹 #NFATwitter Handle @sherifdefiTwitter Followers 50K Get Email Contact

17. Defi Priest

Bio ✝️🥷 not your local priest • PRAY FOR PROFITS #NFA •| Amb: @Aark_Digital @VaultkaOfficialTwitter Handle @0xbispoTwitter Followers 47K Get Email Contact

18. Defi Maestro

Bio Full time degen. DeFi Core Team @0xMantle | Ex @TheSpartanLabsAll views are my own and not financial advice.Twitter Handle @defi_maestroTwitter Followers 46.9K Get Email Contact

19. Dami-Defi

Bio 100x Hunter, How to DYOR, Whale Wallet Tracking & Project Reviews. Follow to get updated. (not financial advice)Twitter Handle @damidefiTwitter Followers 44.8K Get Email Contact

20. Kris Kay

Bio Onboarding the 🌎 to DeFi | 18,000+ students 👨‍🎓 | Investor not trader | 🎥 DeFi | @PoolTogether_ Ambassador 🏆Twitter Handle @thekriskayTwitter Followers 41.7K Get Email Contact

21. Letty

Bio Writing about Crypto & Defi 🧵• WEB3 • Fashion • @PostTechSoFi Ambassador • Dm for promo & collaboration #NFATwitter Handle @lettydefiTwitter Followers 39.1K Get Email Contact

22. Viktor DeFi

Bio Uncovering DeFi Narratives 💎Twitter Handle @viktordefiTwitter Followers 38.6K Get Email Contact

23. DeFI Saint

Bio Asynchronous knowledge on DeFI but synchronos on L2s.Only follow if you're here for the tech.Co-founder @RedactedResTwitter Handle @thedefisaintTwitter Followers 38.8K Get Email Contact

24. The Wolf of Defi

Bio ▪️ Crypto investor ▪️ Marketing & Strategic advisor Personal opinions only, nothing I share should be considered financial advice.Twitter Handle @thewolfofdefiTwitter Followers 36.4K Get Email Contact

25. DeFi Mark

Bio Full Time Solidity + Web3 Developer | CEO @ Dappd | Over 1,900 Contracts Deployed On Mainnet | XUSD Founder | | | mark@dappd .netTwitter Handle @moonmark_Twitter Followers 34.4K Get Email Contact

26. DeFi Made Here

Bio @alphabethcap | Analyst@goodentrylabs @PlenaFinance | AdvisorThe approach is not to limit the choice, but to provide a broader choice.Twitter Handle @defi_made_hereTwitter Followers 33.7K Get Email Contact

27. GAZ

Bio DEFI Mastermind & Marketing 🧠 Sharing knowledge is what keeps me moving. $ARB $ETH $SOL $BTC DM for promo 📥Twitter Handle @gazdefiTwitter Followers 31.5K Get Email Contact

28. DeFi Cheetah

Bio First-Principles Thinker|Web3 & DeFi Degen|ex Crypto VC Researcher & Hedge Funds Trader|Disclaimer: all stuffs are NFA and for academic discussion ONLYTwitter Handle @defi_cheetahTwitter Followers 30K Get Email Contact

29. NEO

Bio The Programmer 👨‍💻 DISCIPLE OF DEFI 🗝️ • Part-Time Degen 🧪 #nfa #dyor 🧪 Research @0xMantle @Aark_DigitalTwitter Handle @defi_neoTwitter Followers 27.9K Get Email Contact

30. Baki

Bio Co-Founder & Head of Product @getclave, DeFi Advocate, #ETH Former @lyteraio, @TOGG2022, @aselsan, Alumni @METU_ODTU BSc & MScTwitter Handle @librarydefiTwitter Followers 27.1K Get Email Contact

31. Zeroth DeFi

Bio Defi educator• Defi kol Manager •Fundamentals 💜 • layer2 maxiii • early investment opportunities 📈 • crypto in scrolls📜 vc researcher. yield farming 🌱Twitter Handle @zerothdefiTwitter Followers 24.9K Get Email Contact

32. Subli

Bio @OptimismFND 🔴AmbassadorAdvisor @Extrafi_io-Founder of @Th3Optimist media-Defi & UX maximalistTwitter Handle @subli_defiTwitter Followers 22.3K Get Email Contact

33. Hercules

Bio DeFi Researcher and Analyst | Threadoor 🧵| MarketerBuilding 👨‍🔧: @SteakCapitalTwitter Handle @hercules_defiTwitter Followers 20.8K Get Email Contact

34. Deebs DeFi

Bio Crypto on-chain data insights 📊 and research 🧵 Not Financial Advice.Twitter Handle @deebs_defiTwitter Followers 21.1K Get Email Contact

35. DeFi Dude

Bio Co-founder @builda_official | prev @kybernetwork & @aaveaave | Nothing I post is serious 🦇🔊 dude.ethTwitter Handle @defidudeTwitter Followers 19.1K Get Email Contact

36. Patrimonio Defi

Bio A random DeFi guy who's a Marketer & Content writer. DM for collabs and discussion.Co-founder @CtghubTwitter Handle @i_am_patrimonioTwitter Followers 15.3K Get Email Contact

37. Christiaan

Bio Fulltime Crypto Trader & Investor || Investor and Crypto miner since 2017 || All my tweets are NFA - Always #DYOR! DM for business Enquiries💰Twitter Handle @christiaandefiTwitter Followers 15.7K Get Email Contact

38. The Scope De-Fi

Bio Educating the crypto community on how to be profitable in the Defi & blockchain space // Threador🧵Twitter Handle @scopedefiTwitter Followers 15.5K Get Email Contact

39. Defi Maximalist

Bio crypto degen since 2012. a forever bull looking for low cap gems heading into alt szn. $btc $eth $ftm $unibot $booTwitter Handle @futureisfantomTwitter Followers 15.4K Get Email Contact

40. DeFi Play Girl

Bio A DeFi Researcher . Give me 7 days and I’ll make you more money with alphas than any DeFi alpha account 🙈❤️. | Amb @Stader_Bnb| @0xOlive |Content Writer ✍️Twitter Handle @defiplaygirlTwitter Followers 14.7K Get Email Contact

41. Jeff

Bio Ex @TheSpartanGroup | Chef @SteakCapital | Jeff @SyndicateCore | Advisor @Entanglefi | Ambassador @SenecaUSDSubstack GM Digest ➨ Handle @defi0xjeffTwitter Followers 14.9K Get Email Contact

42. Naly

Bio DeFi Maxi | @balancer and @beethoven_x contributorTwitter Handle @defi_nalyTwitter Followers 12.9K Get Email Contact

43. Brendan from DeFi

Bio Opinions are my own. Previously @OpenSea, Co-Founder @Dharma_HQ, Uber, Microsoft. DeFi maximalist. Etherean. Code is law. FamilyMan. Runner. Thinker. Meditator.Twitter Handle @brendan_defiTwitter Followers 12.1K Get Email Contact

44. DeFi Man

Bio Navigating the crypto markets Special ref link GMX with 10% discount fees…Twitter Handle @defimannTwitter Followers 11.8K Get Email Contact

45. Defi Dog

Bio Studied Financial Economics → Fell in Love with Crypto → Now Creating Crypto Content for the Everyone 🚨 NFA ⭐ SDR → @definedFi → DM me for API Inquiries 🤝Twitter Handle @thedefidogTwitter Followers 11.1K Get Email Contact

46. Diego DeFi

Bio Argentino, convencido que DeFi es el camino- Founder Defi Para Principiantes @Definovato / Layer 2 en español @Layer2es - ANTIGOBERNANZA - 🦉Twitter Handle @diego_defiTwitter Followers 10.7K Get Email Contact

47. DeFi Dave

Bio Curator @flywheeldefi. Core Advocate @fraxfinance. Sakura Enthusiast @drinkarizona. Stablecoin Maximalist. Always Doing Things // Monk Mode.Twitter Handle @defidave22Twitter Followers 10.5K Get Email Contact

48. Rebel Defi

Bio Cosmos Content Creator | @tfm_com contributorTwitter Handle @rebel_defiTwitter Followers 10.5K Get Email Contact

49. Simplify DeFi

Bio DeFi Threads 🧵 No complicated words 🙅Takes weeks to write ⏳, but they are high-quality 🤌Twitter Handle @simplifydefiTwitter Followers 9.1K Get Email Contact

50. Coen DeFi

Bio Story of a business analyst turned #DeFi Enthusiast prefers not to brag about my #success but live to build others.Twitter Handle @deficoenTwitter Followers 6.4K Get Email Contact

51. Dorothy

Bio Head of Growth @alt_layer | Ex-@synthetix_io and @hashkeygroup | Crypto degen since 2017 | @hotpotdao888 internTwitter Handle @dorothy_defiTwitter Followers 7.7K Get Email Contact

52. Taha

Bio I simplify complex topics in DeFi || Scaled DeFi products to $80m+ MarketcapEarly signup to Newsletter here. 👇Twitter Handle @defi_tahaTwitter Followers 6.7K Get Email Contact

53. Kenny

Bio #Web3 & #DeFi enthusiast 🌐💡 | Unofficial #UFC & #Boxing commentator 🥊 | Digital & fight insights 🔗🗣️Twitter Handle @defirevenantTwitter Followers 6.3K Get Email Contact

54. DeFi Bobby

Bio #DeFi and #Crypto | NoFinancialAdvice | $eth $dot $bsc #Bitcoin #blockchain | Seeking out #BobbysDeFiGems for…Twitter Handle @defibobbyTwitter Followers 6.2K Get Email Contact

55. Defi Grandee

Bio Unraveling the mysteries of #DeFi 🕵️ || Alpha aficionado 📈 || Charting new horizons 💫 || Open for collabsTwitter Handle @defigrandeeTwitter Followers 5.7K Get Email Contact

56. DeFi Granddad

Bio Full-time Web3 searcher | PMO | PM |Granddad at DeFiTwitter Handle @defi_granddadTwitter Followers 5.3K Get Email Contact

57. Fumihiro Arasawa

Bio is a next generation of Crypto Management Platform. Optimize your portfolio. For Crypto Funds, Fund managers and Crypto users. @xwinfinance | JPYCTwitter Handle @fumihiroarasawaTwitter Followers 5.5K Get Email Contact

58. Defi Debauchery

Bio Hamfisting my way through #defi. Spending my time helping to keep @Beefyfinance operational. Occasionally says useful things to help keep you safe!Twitter Handle @defidebaucheryTwitter Followers 5.4K Get Email Contact

59. Frenny

Bio Content Writer || DeFi || AIRDROPS || Marketing Strategist || Community Builder.Twitter Handle @frennydefiTwitter Followers 5.4K Get Email Contact

60. Ash W

Bio Interests: @FlareNetworks protocols and ecosystemCurrently: Researching on-chain data surrounding FLR L1.Twitter Handle @banker_defiTwitter Followers 4.7K Get Email Contact

61. Defi Chad

Bio Investing, advising, and shidposting. Never Financial Advice. Huffing hopium since 2011. Prev. @bitfinex, @rhinofi, & Others. @paragonsDAOTwitter Handle @defichadTwitter Followers 4.5K Get Email Contact

62. Defi Napkin

Bio Follow to Get Ahead of the Curve by discovering new Narratives and ProjectsResearch Analyst | Narrative and Alpha exploroooor 🔍Twitter Handle @definapkinTwitter Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

63. Danny Demi DeFi

Bio Low Value Client...Twitter Handle @danny_demi_defiTwitter Followers 3.7K Get Email Contact

64. DeFi Danny ₿

Bio Community Manager |Moderator | DeFi Trader #Bitcoin 𝕏 corp believer | KOLTwitter Handle @defiufoTwitter Followers 3.7K Get Email Contact

65. DeFi Alchemist

Bio #DeFi activist - changing the status quo from within. #CeFi apologist. I believe in equivalent exchangeTwitter Handle @defi_alchemistTwitter Followers 3.1K Get Email Contact

66. Yannis

Bio Building a Free Weekly Newsletter Focused on the Latest Developments in DeFiTwitter Handle @yannisdefiTwitter Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

67. Mason DeFi

Bio #DEFI #AI #Privacy . #FuturesTrading is my afterlife. #Web3 Dev . DM for business inquiry. #ZkSync . $TAO $ROSETwitter Handle @masondefiTwitter Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

68. Liam

Bio Daily DeFi content | Advisor: @fwb_network_ | Ambassador: @SenecaUSD | Threader and Ghost-Writer | DM for advisory/writing work 🤝Twitter Handle @defi_antcryptoTwitter Followers 2.9K Get Email Contact

69. Wilson

Bio A Man, A Dad crazy trader on #defi projects. Alpha #Memecoin in Vietnam Community $BTC $ETH $Doge $Pepe Founder of SGN Capital.Twitter Handle @wilsondefiTwitter Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

70. DeFi Explained

Bio @vrbsdao | Founder @KodamasolYouTube: DeFi_ExplainedTwitter Handle @defiexplainedTwitter Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

71. Yurii DeFi

Bio #DeFi Researcher | Community Manager/Mod | Project manager | Virtual assistant | Content creator | Dm to collab or for content creation🤝Dm for marketingTwitter Handle @yurii_cryptofanTwitter Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

72. DeFi Vas

Bio Founder @Velvet_Capital - DeFi Operating System backed by @BinanceLabs | BCG, INSEAD, Wharton & LongHash alum | Lived in 14 countries, traveled 40+Twitter Handle @defivasTwitter Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

73. PG

Bio CEO & Founder @Polytrade_fin | DEFI ➡️ RWA ➡️ Sustainable Yields | # Bringing Web3 to institutions | Witnessed ERC 6960 | Youtube: @PG_inDefiTwitter Handle @pg_indefiTwitter Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

74. Joy DeFi Boy

Bio #Bitcoin #Ethereum 🦇🔊 #DeFi #NFT #P2E #OnePiece fanFounder : The SATOSHI KOALAS @KoalasSatoshiLa DeFi .fr 🦇🔊 @ladefifDegen for lifeTwitter Handle @joydefiboyTwitter Followers 1.8K Get Email Contact

75. The DeFi Guy

Bio Tweets documenting my high frequency trading journey, firing on smart contracts daily. Most profitable DeFi analyst on Polkadot.Chaos Dao contributor, IrishTwitter Handle @onlydefiguyTwitter Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

76. Inspector Defi

Bio 📈 Analyzing blockchain, DeFi, crypto and economics | 🤝 DM open for collaborations | 🖥️ Cloud & Software EngineerTwitter Handle @inspectordefiTwitter Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

77. Mego

Bio Head of Marketing & Threadoor @Vybe_Network - Analytics platform for the Solana community. 👉Follow me for DeFi Alpha on SolanaTwitter Handle @megodefiTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

78. Ran Haitani

Bio 3 years Research AnalystI can help protocol logic, ghostwriting, tokenomics designSharing knowledge, alpha, insight, .... Master's in EconomicsTwitter Handle @defihaitaniTwitter Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

79. DeFi Rebel Matt

Bio President of Defi Solutions and co-creator of @True_Defi, CTO at @VFX_worldwide co-founder @rebel_tradersTwitter Handle @defi_rebel_mattTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

80. Defi Jacky

Bio ur one and only local liquidity provider Founder - @0xchadbotTwitter Handle @defijackyTwitter Followers 861 Get Email Contact

81. Alii Defi

Bio dead degenTwitter Handle @aliidefiTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

82. DeFi Voyager

Bio 🔍 DeFi Researcher & Investor 💎 Hunting for solid, future-focused investments in DeFi 💡 Sharing my investment strategies, knowledge, and hands-on expertiseTwitter Handle @defivoyager_xTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

83. DeFi Denbar

Bio #Crypto #NFT Collector | BOS | #DeFi | #SHIB | Marketing Manager @GoatinaboxNFT🐐🎁| #SpacesHost for Degens n’ NewbiesTwitter Handle @defidenbarTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

84. DeFi Maven

Bio Crypto analyst. Follow for market insights that give you an edge.Twitter Handle @0xdefimavenTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

85. DeFi Astronaut

Bio Full Stack JS Developer 💎 Web3 Enthusiast 💎 DeFi Gem Hunter#BNB #ETH #BTC #DeFi #NFT #Web3NFA. Always DYORTwitter Handle @defi_astronautTwitter Followers 1K Get Email Contact

86. Derek

Bio Banker turned DeFi Degen | @Bytetradelab Buidler, @KTX_finance ambasadoor | ex-@evercoreISI, @DNBmarkets | Thoughts & insights are my own🎍 | 12% fees disc👇Twitter Handle @defi_pandaaTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

87. Paul Thomson

Bio Defi enthusiast and #PulseChain maxi #pDrip paying 1% a day buddy address👍🏼 0x44D08DE68ac3450Db816b2EC8127DDCF7ff08a59 Handle @defi_nft_tommoTwitter Followers 1K Get Email Contact

88. Octopus

Bio Defi Big Head 🐙| Follow For Insightful Defi Alphas & On-chain Analysis | Wizard 🧙‍♀️ Building On-Chain Dashboards Handle @defi_octopusTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

89. Dimitri Roumeliotis

Bio TradFi to DeFi | Previously @DeutscheBank @Anchorage | Stay hungry, stay humble | Stoic Philosophy 🏀🎾 ⛵️Twitter Handle @defidimitriTwitter Followers 915 Get Email Contact

90. DeFi WordSmith

Bio DeFi Wordsmith. i help web3 brands and project with actionable contents ➟tweets on DeFi. Writing. Brand. From ➟@The_ArkincTwitter Handle @comfort252Twitter Followers 998 Get Email Contact

91. Argos

Bio Web3 | Alpha | Airdrops | DeFi | Mentoring | Ghostwriting | Copywriting | StorytellingTwitter Handle @argos_defiTwitter Followers 868 Get Email Contact

92. Defi Fish

Bio full time Crypto || CORN || KOL || DEFI || ETH || NFTs || 100x sendooor since 2017Twitter Handle @oxdefifishTwitter Followers 854 Get Email Contact

93. Shuriken

Bio ✍️ I write about Web3 • 💎 Latest News, Alpha & Insights on Blockchain & DeFi • 💻 SMM @web3academy_ • (de/gen).Twitter Handle @cryptoshurikenTwitter Followers 861 Get Email Contact

94. Marvin

Bio CEO - @GoMaestroOrg |CSO - @GeniusyieldO |DeFi | ML/AI | BiotechTwitter Handle @marvindefiTwitter Followers 861 Get Email Contact

95. Alex Lumley

Bio I test shit. Product developer @SavvyDeFi. This account is a test environment while I figure out how the hell to use CT & what it means to me. @alexanderlumleyTwitter Handle @savvyalexlumleyTwitter Followers 846 Get Email Contact

96. DeFi Dave

Bio Bourbon | Music | Travel | Crypto 💎 ...Degen responsibly...Twitter Handle @defi4daveTwitter Followers 799 Get Email Contact

97. The Defi Addict (Koen)

Bio Belgian DeFi lover, # co-founder of The DeFi addicts co-owner of @druggedhuskies, DC ambassador and ModeratorTwitter Handle @koegobTwitter Followers 748 Get Email Contact

98. XuYong

Bio Buidling @DeBankDeFiTwitter Handle @xuyong_defiTwitter Followers 640 Get Email Contact

99. Gaspard

Bio DeFi Marketer | I breakdown DeFi so you understand it | Daily growth is the wayWork silently, let success handle the noiseTwitter Handle @gaspardcsnTwitter Followers 563 Get Email Contact

100. James

Bio @RadixWiki Co-FounderFounder @MoonshotEB - The web3 & FinTech Employer Branding & Marketing agency 🌔🚀DM for #RadixWiki & #Moonshoot enquiries 🤙 $XRD 🌕Twitter Handle @jam3sstartuprecTwitter Followers 515 Get Email Contact

101. Mohawk Bubba

Bio @FunApes_NFT @Official_BCBC @BMANFTs @puffpandas🦊🤝🐼🤝👽🤝🐻🤝🐵Memes + NFTS + Some storytellingAlso on Twitch: Handle @lukedefiTwitter Followers 919 Get Email Contact