Top 100 Diabetes Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Diabetes influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Diabetes Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Diabetes influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Diabetes space.

Diabetes Influencers

Here are Top 100 Diabetes Influencers

1. Bella Bucchiotti

Bio | Small town BC island life⭐️ | Type 1 Diabetic + Celiac⁣ | Nature lover⁣ + Foodie | Dogmom @beau_the_brittany ****@xoxoBella.comInstagram Handle @bellabucchiottiInstagram Followers 166K Get Email Contact

2. Analí Gallardo

Bio 🥗Te ayudo a tener un estilo de vida saludable👇Descubre cómo Controlar o Prevenir la Diabetes ⬇️ Recetas saludables (clic en el enlace)Instagram Handle @cocina.saludable.diabetesInstagram Followers 446.3K Get Email Contact

3. Biz Velatini

Bio Recipe Creator & Pizza Lover Diabetic ⬇️ 33 lbs #WW as of 12.1.21 2X cookbook author**** My Bizzy Kitchen®Instagram Handle @mybizzykitchenInstagram Followers 140.5K Get Email Contact

4. Pooja Ganesh

Bio - Clinical Nutritionist 🧑‍🎓- Awards Winning Nutritionist in ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ🥇- Founder @fitkarnatakamission 🙏- Weight Loss Specialist | Pregnancy 🤰Instagram Handle @nutritionist_inkannadaInstagram Followers 172.4K Get Email Contact

5. Savina

Bio Savina | Dietitian‍♀️ I can help you to ditch #diets & change habits Reframing your mindset to make nutrition easy!For Diabetes @diabetes.savvyInstagram Handle @thesavvydietitianInstagram Followers 134.3K Get Email Contact

6. Cyrus and Robby

Bio NYT Bestseller100% evidence-based Reverse insulin resistance so you can get your best A1c, gain energy All diabetes types Get the book!Instagram Handle @masteringdiabetesInstagram Followers 129.6K Get Email Contact

7. Drew Harrisber

Bio Type 1 Diabetes | Plant based 4+ yrs Exercise PhysiologistDiabetes Ed (GradCertDiabEdM) Business enquiries: **** ChadwickInstagram Handle @drews.daily.doseInstagram Followers 122.7K Get Email Contact

8. Emily Cornelius

Bio 🎯crush cravings 🍲feel full ⬆️increase energy through blood sugar balanceIR▫️PCOS▫️PrediabetesTikTok 600k+Followers👇🏻15 FREE Craving Crusher Meals!!Instagram Handle @emilycorneliusnutritionInstagram Followers 122.2K Get Email Contact

9. Megan Koehn

Bio I help people with Type 2 Diabetes reach diabetes remission without feeling restricted in their life.FREE training to learn how👇🏼Instagram Handle @type2diabetescoachmeganInstagram Followers 116K Get Email Contact

10. Diana & Jose

Bio 🤝Registered Dietitian (Diana) & Exercise Physiologist (Jose)📉 Helping you reverse insulin resistance💻 FREE trainings (click link below)👇🏽Instagram Handle @type2diabetesrevolutionInstagram Followers 112.6K Get Email Contact

11. Mary Ellen

Bio Using fat fiber & protein to balance blood sugar for all types of diabetes Cookbook author x2‍‍ Daily life as a mom living w/ #t1dInstagram Handle @milknhoneynutritionInstagram Followers 108K Get Email Contact

12. Dione Milauskas

Bio ‍♀️Lower your A1c & blood sugarEat carbs without confusion✨For pre & type 2 diabetes Enroll in Blood Sugar Boss BundleInstagram Handle @prediabetes.nutritionInstagram Followers 101.6K Get Email Contact

13. Robby Barbaro

Bio @nytimes bestselling author of Mastering Diabetes Co-founder of @masteringdiabetes & @amlagreenhealth T1D, A1c 5.3% Get your best A1c! ⬇️Instagram Handle @mindfuldiabeticrobbyInstagram Followers 94.8K Get Email Contact

14. Richa Kharb

Bio ⚖️|Lose upto 12kg in 1 month🥘|Tasty Food🚫|No Workout☎️|Daily Call✒️|CEO @indianweightlossdiet🤝|35,000+ Successful Students🪙|₹1999+918595005793Instagram Handle @dieticianrichaInstagram Followers 92.7K Get Email Contact

15. Leslee Flannery

Bio 💗 helping gestational diabetic moms 📉 lower blood sugars in pregnancy🍪 while ENJOYING the food you love!work with me ⤵️Instagram Handle @gestational.diabetes.nutritionInstagram Followers 57.5K Get Email Contact

16. Robert Cywes MD PhD

Bio Treating patients with OBESITY AND DIABETES using a carbohydrate addiction approach. Converting patients from sugar burners to fat (keto) burnersInstagram Handle @carbaddictiondocInstagram Followers 55.9K Get Email Contact

17. Noelly Dantas

Bio Nutricionista e DM1 🥦Ensino sobre nutrição, diabetes e contagem de carboidratos de um jeito simples e descomplicado 👩🏻‍💻 Links úteis 👇🏻Instagram Handle @noellydantasInstagram Followers 55.2K Get Email Contact

18. Kim Rose

Bio 🩸Balance your blood sugars (⚠️drama-free)🩺 Kim Rose,Dietitian + Diabetes Educator ❇️ Need help Start here ⤵️Instagram Handle @the.bloodsugar.nutritionistInstagram Followers 53.1K Get Email Contact

19. Kristie Messerli

Bio 🩸Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes🥑I help you balance blood sugars & eat without confusion📉Lower your blood sugars & A1c 👇🏼Instagram Handle @type2diabetes.nutritionistInstagram Followers 49.9K Get Email Contact

20. Bia Scher

Bio Vivo bem com diabetes há 23 anos Comunico sobre diabetes e te inspiro a se cuidar com carinho Fundadora da @lojabiabeticaInstagram Handle @biabeticaInstagram Followers 48K Get Email Contact

21. Jillian Rippolone

Bio MI✨ Lifestyle + Health & Wellness Content Creator ✨ Living beyond Type 1 Diabetes✨ Seen on Thrillist + Pure Michigan ****@gmail.comInstagram Handle @t1dchickInstagram Followers 47.1K Get Email Contact

22. Mila Clarke Buckley

Bio Living well w/ Type 1.5 Diabetes ‍Recipe developer + journalist @hangrywomaneats @lilpoodlenoodle Houston, TX‍♀️ Choosing happinessInstagram Handle @thehangrywomanInstagram Followers 47K Get Email Contact

23. Khalid Keshta

Bio #T1D Advanced Coach/Nutrionist Diabetes Specialist Owns Keshta Academy Pro Classic/Men’s Physique@omnipoduk Amb.Content⬇️Instagram Handle @mrkeshtaInstagram Followers 46.3K Get Email Contact

24. Robyn Compton

Bio 🍓Accredited Practising Dietitian: This page is not substitute for professional dietetic advice. General information only.🥑 ****@bigpond.comInstagram Handle @gestationaldiabetes_dietitianInstagram Followers 44.3K Get Email Contact

25. Carrie Lane

Bio I’m a combination of Jake Peralta & Sally Draper. creative + mama + bossladyLiving with T1D, POTS, MCAS, & Spondyloarthritis ✨Instagram Handle @officialcarrielaneInstagram Followers 43.4K Get Email Contact

26. Amanda Ciprich

Bio 🍕Not your average T1D dietitian🍝 Simple strategies to eat carbs + stay in range👇🏻Now Accepting InsuranceInstagram Handle @t1d.nutritionistInstagram Followers 43K Get Email Contact

27. Lauren Bongiorno

Bio Helping you shift your relationship w/ T1D, numbers & beyond Founder @riselyhealth | Reclaim Your Rise podcastTODAY Show Guest | Start hereInstagram Handle @lauren_bongiornoInstagram Followers 42K Get Email Contact

28. Jason Christo

Bio T1D authorBodyBuilder | Ex semi pro 🏒 Helping diabetics thrive through diabetes. ↘️FREE ResourcesInstagram Handle @jchristofitnessInstagram Followers 40.4K Get Email Contact

29. Casey L Seiden

Bio Helping balance blood sugars before, during, & after pregnancy, without food rules‍‍Fellow mama of two Resources and coachingInstagram Handle @eat.well.togetherInstagram Followers 38K Get Email Contact

30. Amy Hsieh

Bio ✨inspiring diabetes positivity + wellness 👸🏻founder @mydiabuddies app✎ collab: ****@gmail.comLA/OClinks ↓↓Instagram Handle @type1amyInstagram Followers 32.5K Get Email Contact

31. Gretchen

Bio a photo collage of inspiration & making type 1 diabetes cute & adventure & newlywed💍shop @typehappycollective@hobie_winnie_gigi🐶🐰🐻Instagram Handle @gretchen.woodsonInstagram Followers 31K Get Email Contact

32. Lynzee Kiser

Bio 🤍Raising 3 warrior kids w/ Type 1 diabetes⭐️Inspiring & sharing a life of hope, kindness, ☀️& sunshine w/ diabetes ➕Gentle parenting & T1D tipsInstagram Handle @lifeonsweetstreetInstagram Followers 29.1K Get Email Contact

33. Christel Oerum

Bio www.DiabetesStrong.comby Christel, T1D since 97’Fit With Diabetes ebook, cookbook, website, YouTube & more - click hereInstagram Handle @diabetesstrong_igInstagram Followers 28.7K Get Email Contact

34. Eoin Costelloe

Bio The Type 1% ProgrammeBettering Body, Brain & Blood SugarWant to join us DM “TYPE 1%”The insuleoin Podcast + MORE! ⬇️Instagram Handle @insuleoinInstagram Followers 28.6K Get Email Contact

35. Kelsey Bascom

Bio ⭒ writer. actor. director. @quartermovie ⭒ t1d advocate 💙Instagram Handle @kelseybascomInstagram Followers 26.6K Get Email Contact

36. Stacy

Bio • MaRRiEd 💍 • hEaLtHy LiViNg • FiTnEsS lOvEr• LiViNg My BeSt LiFe • MuSiC💜 • MoTiVaTiNg MySeLf • 🍑 aSs In GeAr • tYpE1️⃣dIaBeTiC • WoRkIngOnMe•YeS 47Instagram Handle @healthyhappyfitandproudInstagram Followers 26.3K Get Email Contact

37. Julia Farias

Bio • By @juliavitoriafarias 🙋🏻‍♀️• Tik tok: juliarodriguesfarias✨• Diabetes tipo 1 💙• Dia a dia de uma adolescente dm1• Vivendo uma vida normal 🦋Instagram Handle @diabetescomajuInstagram Followers 26.2K Get Email Contact

38. Bailee Hart

Bio 💃🏻prevent/reverse pre & type 2 diabetes ⬇️insulin & weight loss resistance 🚫w/out keto, counting calories or diets 👇🏼START HERE👇🏼🎬WATCH STORIESInstagram Handle @prediabetes.weightlossInstagram Followers 25.3K Get Email Contact

39. Paloma

Bio Unofficial Miss Arizona. Living my glittery, girly, fabulous life and I just happen to have Type 1 Diabetes.****@glitterglucose.comInstagram Handle @glitterglucoseInstagram Followers 24.9K Get Email Contact

40. Gargi Parikh

Bio Gargi | Integrative RDN, CDCESIG break…brb💡Reverse pre/type 2 diabetes naturally 🥑lower A1c w/o restriction! 💡Accepting insuranceEbook👇🏼Instagram Handle @the.diabetes.nutritionistInstagram Followers 22.5K Get Email Contact

41. Neil Greathouse

Bio Explaining Type 1 Diabetes, every single day Board Certified Diabetes Educator Type1 since ‘92⁣ #BikeBeyond Documentary DirectorInstagram Handle @thebetesInstagram Followers 21.4K Get Email Contact

42. Shahzadi Devje

Bio 🥭Science-Backed Actionables 4 Blood Sugar Control, Type 2 Diabetes Management🍴Easy & Healthy Recipes, Homemade Indian Food💖Self-Care Tips📺TV ExpertInstagram Handle @desiliciousrdInstagram Followers 21.1K Get Email Contact

43. Dr. Rocha

Bio 🥇1º Programa de Reversão da Diabetes no Brasil com mais de 70 mil alunos.⤵Mais Informações Importantes:Instagram Handle @dr.rochadiabetescontroladaInstagram Followers 21K Get Email Contact

44. Megan Cornelius

Bio T1 diabetic Ask me about NFTs CA/WA****@pushupsnpumps.comTips, experiences, favorites, discounts:Instagram Handle @pushupsnpumpsInstagram Followers 20.9K Get Email Contact

45. Ben Tzeel

Bio Showing you how to:take TOTAL control of your blood sugars & eat the foods you love ready to begin DM “let’s go”Start here ⬇️⬇️Instagram Handle @manoftzeelInstagram Followers 20.4K Get Email Contact

46. Sarah Johnson

Bio Diabetes can be a prick. YouTube:The Diabetic Cactus Twitch:The Diabetic Cactus Twitter:DiabeticCactusInstagram Handle @thediabeticcactusInstagram Followers 19.8K Get Email Contact

47. Lauren Salko

Bio Professional Skier/Olympic Hopeful ⠀⁣✨Keynote speaker⁣✨Neurodivergent person with type one diabetes ⠀✨****@laurensalko.comInstagram Handle @skiersalkoInstagram Followers 19.5K Get Email Contact

48. Vegan Diabetic️️️

Bio I’m a T1D who run this platform for other t1ds to connect‍Community & Social Media Assistant at @beyondtype1Instagram Handle @mindiabetesvardagInstagram Followers 18K Get Email Contact

49. Kristina Cooke

Bio • pre & type 2 diabetes 🌱• lower your A1c without cutting out the foods you love 🍊• work with me👇🏽Instagram Handle @type2.diabetes.nutritionistInstagram Followers 18K Get Email Contact

50. Ariana Frayer

Bio ▸ just a vegas gal living with type 1 diabetes ✶▸ founder of @cupofojcreative: my glass half full of t1d inspiration▸ blog, shop, & links below ☆Instagram Handle @arianafrayerInstagram Followers 18K Get Email Contact

51. David Mina

Bio - california :: make lemonade out of diabetes+ t1d lifestyle graphic design + illustration + photoInstagram Handle @type1livabeticInstagram Followers 16.9K Get Email Contact

52. Austin

Bio My name is AustinBS in Nutrition- #T1D for 25 years- Advocate for educating, encouraging and helping others persevere T1D- DiabadassInstagram Handle @everyday_t1dInstagram Followers 15.8K Get Email Contact

53. Arti Thangudu

Bio CEO/Founder: Complete MedicineI teach doctors & patients about diabetes/thyroid/hormones/weight/healthcareNot medical advice⬇️FREE DM HX TEMPLATEInstagram Handle @drartithanguduInstagram Followers 15.3K Get Email Contact

54. Emily Mackey

Bio ️‍Type 1 Diabetic#insulin4all Philly, PAInstagram Handle @type1.emilyjoInstagram Followers 15.1K Get Email Contact

55. Hannah Giffin

Bio Hannah Giffin➼ professional patient➼ dog mom to @officially.scout ✶ #aerieREAL ambassador for @aerieSMTXInstagram Handle @giffindorInstagram Followers 14.9K Get Email Contact

56. Kanikka Malhotra

Bio 🍎 I help busy people upgrade their Food Habits📍#Delhi | #Gurgaon🍀Qualified #Dietitian | #Diabetes Coach | #weightlosscoach 👩‍🌾16 years of Work Ex.Instagram Handle @nutri_kanikka_malhotraInstagram Followers 14.8K Get Email Contact

57. Thapelo Semenya

Bio South African Diabetes and NCDs Advocate. 🇿🇦Founder: @zealdailydigitalagency 🌸Co-host: @uncomfortablediachats🎙️Epicurean. ✨@forbesblk_ member.Instagram Handle @thapi.semenyaInstagram Followers 14.6K Get Email Contact

58. Poonam Duneja

Bio 🧘MScNutrition|clinic, DietAcademy🥗🥕🥦🏋️‍♀️Commonwealth athlete 🌮SportsNutritionOUR VISION-ERADICATE DIABETES AND HYPERTENSION FROM INDIA INNEXT 10YrInstagram Handle @nutrifybypoonamInstagram Followers 14.3K Get Email Contact

59. Marina Chaparro

Bio I help Moms raise healthy eaters,NO diets/tricksTransforming nutrition | Balanced & positive mealsMom of✌BilingualDiabetes Expert& AuthorInstagram Handle @nutrichicosInstagram Followers 14.2K Get Email Contact

60. Austin James

Bio Father. Recording Artist. T1D. Mental Health Advocate. Disabled.@austinjamesandthenomads @telefunken_mics 💔❤️‍🩹❤️Instagram Handle @austinjamesmusicInstagram Followers 14.2K Get Email Contact

61. Tiana Cooks

Bio Colorado | T1D | Wishing you love & light ♡✞✟ @zealchurchco @tianasfitness@confidentregardless @peacelovejoia 🐾Instagram Handle @tianacooksInstagram Followers 13.8K Get Email Contact

62. Sophia Livolsi

Bio #Type1Diabetes, #PCOS, & Lifestyle Blog by SophiaHumor, honesty, faith, & community are the best medicines (well besides insulin, duh)⬇️BLOG SITEInstagram Handle @what.the.prickInstagram Followers 13.5K Get Email Contact

63. Jessyka Nykolle McCaulley

Bio Hi, I’m Jessyka 👋🏻✖️owner of anti insulin insulin club ✖️living a normal diabetic life✖️check out the website⤵️Instagram Handle @diabetic_jessInstagram Followers 13.5K Get Email Contact

64. Belle Lorraine

Bio Sharing my journey with #typeonediabetes Registered Dietitian and lover of food T1D since 2014 Self love and body positivityInstagram Handle @type1_belleInstagram Followers 13.3K Get Email Contact

65. Ciara

Bio Life with a pinch of #Type1Diabetes (est. ‘02)SF Bay | #RD2BE | UC Berkeley Dietetic Intern ‘23Instagram Handle @balanceandbolusInstagram Followers 12K Get Email Contact

66. Lisa Pool

Bio ➕Sharing our journeyTwo of our 5 kids with Type One Diabetes. Celiac. Hasimotos. •Certified nutritionistInstagram Handle @thepoolgang_Instagram Followers 11.9K Get Email Contact

67. Sofia Larsson-Stern

Bio I’m a chronic conditions patient entrepreneur – and a proud mother to Stella [she/her] Type 1 diabetes & Ulcerative Colitis ****@diabetesia.seInstagram Handle @diabetesia.seInstagram Followers 11.8K Get Email Contact

68. Lissie Poyner

Bio ┊Flexibility-Centered T1D Coach» Founder @ki100official_ & @ethicalcoachingindiabetescare_ |Keeping it 100 RadioPredictability w/o restrictionInstagram Handle @needlesandspoons_Instagram Followers 11.8K Get Email Contact

69. Nalani Haviland

Bio ☀️DM PA-C in SoCal-T1D/Twin mom -Associate Director DM, SSMG -‍⚕️An unbiased PA’s perspective -Medical info not advice.Instagram Handle @diabetes_paInstagram Followers 11.8K Get Email Contact

70. Eric Tozer

Bio Husband, Girl Dad, T1D athlete & co-founder @diabetessportsproject. I use sport to inspire & educate. WMC Finisher: 7 Marathons7 Continents7 DaysInstagram Handle @erictozerInstagram Followers 11.7K Get Email Contact

71. Greta Ehlers

Bio I create letterboards for diabetes awarenessInstagram Handle @gretastypeoneInstagram Followers 11.5K Get Email Contact

72. Leah

Bio mama x2. low carb for normal blood sugars. #insulin4all advocate and creator of the #happydiabeticchallenge. minnesotan in germany.@our.german.hausInstagram Handle @the.insulin.typeInstagram Followers 11.4K Get Email Contact

73. Madalyn

Bio New Jersey Diabetes Dietitian + Insurance Based Practice Empowering people to manage diabetes Culinary • Nutrition • Education• CounselingInstagram Handle @diabetes.rdInstagram Followers 11.3K Get Email Contact

74. Matt Vande Vegte

Bio ‍♂️ Blood Sugar Expert Creator of the 80/20 Blood Sugar Formula T1D, Master Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, RENEGADE WARRIOR.Instagram Handle @ftfwarriorInstagram Followers 10.5K Get Email Contact

75. Whitney Lewis

Instagram Handle @happypancreasInstagram Followers 10.4K Get Email Contact

76. Shawn Wicks

Bio T1D Blood Sugar Control Specialist Muay Thai Kickboxer Dog Lover#diabetes #bloodsugar #diabeticdiet #nutritioncoach #t1dInstagram Handle @thediabeticfighterInstagram Followers 10.1K Get Email Contact

77. Jackie Newgent

Bio ‍#plantbased chef/RDNco-founder @peterrakitchenplant-based diabetes cookbook nutrition coach @mypeakchallengeadvisory board @forbes healthInstagram Handle @jackienewgentInstagram Followers 10.1K Get Email Contact

78. Elin Sandstrom

Bio | | T1D since 2000 | | 26 y/o | | Gbg, Sweden | | 780G | |• Follow my life with diabetes type 1• ****@gmail.comInstagram Handle @mylifewithdiabetesInstagram Followers 9.9K Get Email Contact

79. Sara Mobäck

Bio @creatorsagencyse T1D & celiac - 2003Advocate and motivatorEating disorder and diabetes expert! Collab -> ****@saramoback.comInstagram Handle @saramobackInstagram Followers 9.8K Get Email Contact

80. Rachael Price

Bio Diabetes Advocate.Jesus Disciple. Teacher. T1D 15 years Lupus Warrior CLT =Dia-Be-Tees.comInstagram Handle @dia_be_teesInstagram Followers 9.2K Get Email Contact

81. Carolina S. Cabane

Bio RD2B & healthy lifestyle advocate 💜 Health Coach en prevención de diabetes.Divulgo info sobre combinar alimentos para comer saludable y sin miedos.Instagram Handle @goodbye.prediabetesInstagram Followers 8.5K Get Email Contact

82. Anna Marie

Bio 🪩💜💫 t1d los angeles // be kindInstagram Handle @onetypeofstrengthInstagram Followers 7.9K Get Email Contact

83. Lori Zanini

Bio Dietitian + Diabetes Educator Best-selling author x ✌✨Seen in @latimes @gq @cnn @webmd @popsugar Free 7 day diabetes meal plan w/recipes!Instagram Handle @lorizanininutritionInstagram Followers 7.6K Get Email Contact

84. Myrthe

Bio ⚡ 》 T1D since 2002》 Omnipod AmbassadorInstagram Handle @girl0ninsulinInstagram Followers 7.6K Get Email Contact

85. Deepa Kenny

Bio Living proof of loving God! 🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️I help you take control of your Obesity/ Weight/ Diabetes/ Heart disease in 90 Days💪🏻To Lose Weight, Dm “FIT”Instagram Handle @nutritionistdeepaaInstagram Followers 7.6K Get Email Contact

86. Anar Allidina

Bio 🍞 Enjoy carbs without confusion 📈 Balance blood sugars to ⬆️ energy, ⬇️ cravings & prevent type 2 diabetes 👇🏽Let's work togetherInstagram Handle @anar_dietitianInstagram Followers 7.5K Get Email Contact

87. Brooke Stewart

Bio ☀️Proudly Living with T1D‍♀️Doctor of Physical TherapyChanging the Perception of Diabetes✨Education + Exercise + MindsetDM to CollaborateInstagram Handle @sugarb_and_meInstagram Followers 7.3K Get Email Contact

88. Emily MacMillan

Bio Mama of 2 | T1D 20 yrs | T1D is a PART of us, not all of us I’m really good at helping T1Ds w/ healthy & live a life they | selfpaced courseInstagram Handle @thebeautyintypeoneInstagram Followers 7.1K Get Email Contact

89. Snehil Akanksha Singh

Bio 🙋‍♀️ I help women lose fat & get toned body🙋‍♀️ Sign Up for #30dayschallenge 🙋‍♀️ PCOD & Diabetes Reversal Expertise 🙋‍♀️Online Live WorkoutsInstagram Handle @fitwithsnehilInstagram Followers 6.9K Get Email Contact

90. María Alonso González

Bio 💗Diabetes, enfermedad crónica, dolor y gestión emocional✨Equipo de 4 psicólogas🌎Terapia online 📩****@gmail.comInstagram Handle @mariapsicodiabetesInstagram Followers 6.8K Get Email Contact

91. Hanna

Bio Type 1 Diabetes dx 1985MSc Diabetes➕Speaker➕Patient Leader➕Advocate➕MentorLow carb foodie World travelerInstagram Handle @hannadiabetesexpertInstagram Followers 6.7K Get Email Contact

92. Margarita Del Favero

Bio 🍓 Nutricionista 💚 Sobrepeso y obesidad 💙 Diabetes y resistencia a la insulina🏥👇🏻 Consulta Online/Kuzcomed/ CLC en linkInstagram Handle @diabetes.contigoInstagram Followers 6.7K Get Email Contact

93. Azure Wolfe

Bio #Type1Diabetic + 43 yearsEmpowering the Mind, Body & SpiritLearning + Growing as a CommunityInstagram Handle @theempowereddiabeticInstagram Followers 6.6K Get Email Contact

94. Taja Cato

Bio Live your best life one bolus at a time🩵💉🍭[real life on stories]♥@morethanjustatypepodcast♥ #T1D app, fit plans, pregnancy infoLATEST BLOG POST👇🏽Instagram Handle @tajacatoInstagram Followers 6.1K Get Email Contact

95. Beth

Bio T1 diabetes since ‘05✌🏻#insulin4all BSN, RN ~ School Nurse👩🏻‍⚕️ •LYH, VA• tslim + dex 🤖 pup mom 🐶 bookworm 📚 🔮🪐🦋🌛🧿♋️✨Instagram Handle @bethabetesInstagram Followers 6K Get Email Contact

96. Jesse Lavine

Bio On a mission to stabilize your blood sugar 🩸R&D @levels in Austin, TxInstagram Handle @jesse_lavineInstagram Followers 5.7K Get Email Contact

97. Daniel

Bio T1D - Level 26Award winning @talkingtype1podcast @freestylediabetes Ambassador Diabetic RetinopathyLocation: TAP for podcastInstagram Handle @t1d_danInstagram Followers 5.5K Get Email Contact

98. Emily

Bio Hi I’m EmilyWife, Foster Mama, pet enthusiast Type 1 Diabetic My diabetes name is Carol I’m happy you’re here.Instagram Handle @getyourshttogethercarolInstagram Followers 5.4K Get Email Contact

99. Jackie Topol

Bio ✨Helping you reverse prediabetes without giving up carbs 🍞✨Expert nutrition/lifestyle tips & practical recipes👩🏻‍🍳✨Lower your A1C now👇🏼Instagram Handle @the.prediabetes.dietitianInstagram Followers 5.3K Get Email Contact

100. Tay Romero

Bio t1d of 16 years health&wellness ✨ e.d recovery denverInstagram Handle @t1dtayromeroInstagram Followers 5.2K Get Email Contact

101. Tegan Bissell

Bio 💙Helping you lower blood sugars, manage weight and prevent diabetes without restrictive dieting!🎉Join my Better Blood Sugar Program!✨Start here ⤵️Instagram Handle @resilient.nutrition.dietitianInstagram Followers 5.2K Get Email Contact

102. Leslie

Bio Pediatric Certified Diabetes EducatorPediatric EndocrinologyType 1/Type 2 Dm| PreDiabetes/PCOSMS RDN LD/N CDCES 💙💙 Boy MamaInstagram Handle @lesliethedietitianInstagram Followers 5.1K Get Email Contact

103. Michelle Nouraei

Bio Helping you use food as medicine to reverse type 2 diabetes Nurse👩🏻‍⚕️, PT💪🇺🇸🇮🇷Join my FREE FB community for daily tips 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻Instagram Handle @michelle_nouraeiInstagram Followers 5.1K Get Email Contact

104. Reneé Rayles

Bio 💙 T1D + Positive Vibes ☀️ 🎤 Host @deardiabetespodcast 💌 Collab ****⬇️ Resources & Podcast ⬇️Instagram Handle @diabettieInstagram Followers 4.6K Get Email Contact

105. Natalia Skuza

Bio ᴀᴅʟ, ᴀᴜꜱᴛʀᴀʟɪᴀ👩🏼‍💻 𝘉.𝘕𝘶𝘵𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘍𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘚𝘤𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦🤍 ᴛ1ᴅ ʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜ ɪꜱ ᴡᴇᴀʟᴛʜ.Instagram Handle @natalia.skuzaInstagram Followers 4.6K Get Email Contact

106. Samira H

Bio I didn't see the representation so I became the representation #t1d 27/12/17🇬🇾 🇸🇽🇺🇸FOUNDER @indulgencesnacksInstagram Handle @bittersweetbetesInstagram Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

107. Martha Belén Ortiz

Bio MSc.Belén OrtizNutrición Clínica🥇Te ayudo a mejorar tu peso,➕músculo, reponer nutrientes y evitar enfermedades✨🥗Hábitos sanos🌱⬇️Comienza HOY⬇️Instagram Handle @mbonutricionInstagram Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

108. Milica Ilić

Bio ~T1d advocate ~I'm f0ive 🐺 Medtronic Minimed + Freestyle LibreTeam @typeonestyleUse code ILICKA23 to get 20% off at Type One StyleInstagram Handle @ilicka23Instagram Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

109. Carly Tino

Bio Health & Wellness Coach | Diabetes Care Services @parkviewhealthInstagram Handle @carly.with.diabetesInstagram Followers 4.2K Get Email Contact

110. Dr. Basheerah Enahora

Bio Dr. Basheerah Enahora, Dietitian helping busy women prioritize & improve health #ibs #prediabetes👩🏾‍💻 1:1 & group sessions🎯 Book a discovery callInstagram Handle @bloomwithbenutritionInstagram Followers 3.9K Get Email Contact

111. Jordana Michelle

Bio just doing my thing + sharing all the realness✧ t1d✧ gluten-free recipes ✧ nutrition student ****@gmail.comInstagram Handle @balancewithjordInstagram Followers 3.7K Get Email Contact

112. Chris Amanda

Bio 👉 Full-Time RV Living with Kids💙 Traveling with Type 1 DiabetesFollow Our Detour By Clicking 👇Chris Amanda & 👧👧🇺🇸24/50Instagram Handle @type1detourInstagram Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

113. Paris Phillips Hicks

Bio •Type 1 Diabetic•Former NC State Gymnast• @parisphillipshicksInstagram Handle @mydiabeteshurtsInstagram Followers 3.4K Get Email Contact

114. Mariel Marquez

Bio Conoce tips, info, y recetas para personas con diabetes semanalmente¿Quieres un eBook con mas de 150 recetas de comida saludable Ve abajoInstagram Handle @nutri.diabetesInstagram Followers 3.3K Get Email Contact

115. Gwendolyn Woody

Bio Women strategize with me to become HEALTHI-HER by preventing Type 2 Diabetes, managing PCOS, and boosting Insulin Sensitivity. Nutrition | HealthInstagram Handle @thenutritionistandnurseInstagram Followers 3.2K Get Email Contact

116. Eritrea

Bio 🇪🇷 🇲🇽 🇸🇦 🇺🇸 Hablo Españolانا اتكلم القليل من العربية💉T1D✨ Co-Host 🎤@diabeticsdoingthings💻 Social Media Manager - @diatribenewsFREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸Instagram Handle @eritreaaaInstagram Followers 3.1K Get Email Contact

117. Amanda Rae

Bio 📍 central nj.biracial thirtysomething. fatshion aficionado. t1d. tech recruiter. incandescent leo sun. ✨curves, curls, clothes & COLOR 🌈Instagram Handle @hayamandaraeInstagram Followers 3.1K Get Email Contact

118. Jessica Vargas

Bio Functional Nutrition Practitioner➳Resolve chronic conditionsFix the root cause of your weight probs, fatigue, bloat, & moreBlood Sugar Quiz⤵︎Instagram Handle @bebodyempoweredInstagram Followers 3K Get Email Contact

119. Ghalia

Bio 🙋🏻‍♀️Helping T1Ds improve their A1c & time in range w/o compromising on lifestyle! ⬇️FREE TRAINING to master diabetes below!Instagram Handle @type101withghaliaInstagram Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

120. Bella Molina

Bio today will be a great day, simply because it came.type 1 diabetic 💉✨(diabética tipo 1)currently: dexcom g6 & omnipod 🤖Instagram Handle @bellamolinaInstagram Followers 2.4K Get Email Contact

121. Nicola Harvey Wood

Bio I help diabetics improve blood sugar & longterm health by eating MORE carbs for LESS insulinRecipes and Carb Freedom Program ⬇️Instagram Handle @thefruitfulcoachInstagram Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

122. Fleur Williamson

Bio ❗️Cert.Personal Trainer ❗️Cert. Life Coach ❗️ Diabetes EducatorInstagram Handle @diabetes_coaching_kenyaInstagram Followers 2.2K Get Email Contact

123. Ebony Zamora

Bio I help women with type 2 Diabetes create a healthy eating plan they can turn into a lifestyle.⬇️ Free Perfect Plate Formula Guide!Instagram Handle @healthyebonylifeInstagram Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

124. Mariana

Bio 🎯Te ajudo a reverter a Pré-Diabetes e não se tornar um futuro Diabético 🍓Alimentação e práticas saudáveis💡Trocas inteligentesInstagram Handle @pre.diabetesInstagram Followers 2K Get Email Contact

125. Dom

Bio Making the best of T1D. CEO of Diabetic Telepathy™️. Follow along on my journey to a better A1C with some laughs along the way.Tiktok: @avgdiabeticInstagram Handle @avgdiabeticInstagram Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

126. Carolyn Louise

Bio Holistic Chronic Conditions CoachingMind 🧠 Body🧘‍♀️Spirit ✨Certified integrative life & health coachT1D 25 yearsBook a free intro call👇Instagram Handle @carolynltoddInstagram Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

127. Naina

Bio Helping busy professional to take charge of Diabetes•PCOS•Cholesterol•FatLoss🌟HappyClients 1200+ ⤵️FREE Beat Diabetes webinar link-29 Oct at 4pmInstagram Handle @nainasinghanianutritionistInstagram Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

128. T’ara Smith

Bio 🥬 Food is my life 🙌🏾🍎 Nutrition Educator 💙 Person w/ Diabetes👩🏾‍🍳 Healthy Cooking is My Jam🦀 BMore 💁🏾‍♀️ in LA ☀️Instagram Handle @taratalksfoodInstagram Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

129. Mehak Shah

Bio ✨Certified dieticianDM for weight loss|PCOS|diabetes diet plansWorking globally 🌍DM for free consultation ✨📞Instagram Handle @nutritionistmehakshahInstagram Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

130. Erica Watson

Bio 🍒🥦Lower your blood sugar using a plant-based, anti-inflammatory, gut balancing & low toxin approach 🤍T1, T2 & Prediabetes 💫 90 Day Nutrition Reset👇🏼🔗Instagram Handle @diabetesnurse_ericaInstagram Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

131. Kim Pierce

Bio ⛽️Fueling your life and sport🌄Hiker, skier, snowboarder, cyclist, ice hockey player, lover of the outdoors!✴️1:1, courses, membershipRescue 🐾 mom 🐺Instagram Handle @outdoorsdietitianInstagram Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

132. Miriam Santori

Bio 🥑🧘🏻‍♀️😃 Health Coach dip.CNM💉 Diabetes Expert👩🏻‍🏫 Modern Educator📈 Type 1 Diabetic👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Book Your Free SessionInstagram Handle @diabeteshealthcoachukInstagram Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

133. Danielle Collins

Bio 💉 Type One Diabetic since 2000Instagram Handle @diabetic_daniiInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

134. Sherline

Bio Nutrition program⫸For Caribbean women 35+ ⫸Eat your cultural food, lower your A1CInstagram Handle @black.prediabetes.nutritionInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

135. Sarah Speicher

Bio 🥑Permanently reverse insulin resistance🔥Resolve symptoms: fatigue, wt gain, infertility, high A1c & blood sugar ↘️ Enroll in course & get started!Instagram Handle @sarahspeicher.nutritionistInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

136. Wil Keyser

Bio •Trainer / Strength Coach – Nashville, TN•T1Diabetic•Train with me ⬇️Instagram Handle @wilkeyserInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

137. Frederike Ritsema van Eck

Bio Type One MovementLittle Dutch girl in a hoodie 💙T1 dx 1979#changingt1livesInstagram Handle @type1_fredInstagram Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

138. Michael Henderson

Bio 👍 Strategies for Reversing Diabetes ❤️ Less Meds, More Joy👨‍⚕️ Board Certified MD (Not Medical Advice)👇Check out link to start reversing today!Instagram Handle @michaelhendersonmdInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

139. Kim Bozick

Bio ▫️just a gal out here thriving with type one diabetes▫️bookworm▫️lover of travel, wine and wellnessInstagram Handle @kimberlybozickInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

140. Jemma Irvine

Bio ☀️ Helping women 40+ stop weight creep, low energy, fatigue & brain fog to start feeling like their old self again☀️ DM to get startedInstagram Handle @bettermetabolichealthInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

141. Charlotte Maul

Bio 🔥 Jeg hjælper kvinder med type 1 diabetes med at slippe dårlig samvittighed og blodsukkerstress, så de kan leve et helt normalt liv med diabetes 🔥Instagram Handle @diabetesuniverset.dkInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

142. Abby Rowe

Bio 💃🏻 Reverse Prediabetes without Diets🥞 Lower Blood Sugar while Enjoying Carbs👒 Especially For Women who Love Food💁🏻‍♀️ Learn How! 👇🦋Program video!🦋👇Instagram Handle @prediabetes_rdInstagram Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

143. Dr. Germesia “Gigi” Kwam

Bio I help busy women👩🏽‍💼 with diabetes HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT❤️‍🩹 to ⇩ meds💊 & LOSE WEIGHT!𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 𝙗𝙚𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙨 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣. 👇🏾𝙇𝙚𝙩’𝙨 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙨 𝙩𝙤𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧!Instagram Handle @drgigikwameInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

144. Prarthana Goyal

Bio This is an Online & Offline Diet Clinic in Delhi. Dt Prarthana is a dietitian specialising in weight loss with best service and affordable diet plans.Instagram Handle @dearhealthbyprarthanaInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

145. Brooklyn Seal

Bio ✨ I help women (just like you) conquer their chronic disease while living a diet-free life!🤍 Download your FREE emotional eating guide today ↙Instagram Handle @brooklynseal.rdInstagram Followers 1K Get Email Contact

146. Teri Dale

Bio 💖 Nutritionist 💁 Diabetes & Weight Loss Coach🚴‍♀️Cycle With👍 Best Selling Amazon Author👏 Founder thedlca.comTeridale.comteritv.comInstagram Handle @teridale_authorInstagram Followers 1K Get Email Contact

147. Brianna

Bio ✨My content reflects my personal opinion & does not reflect views of Healthier Tomorrows or any other entity 💙 Type 1 for over 11 yearsInstagram Handle @type1_dietitian_briInstagram Followers 987 Get Email Contact

148. Libby Wideman

Bio ✞🌿 #T1DInstagram Handle @libaloo13Instagram Followers 982 Get Email Contact

149. Victoria Hüttich

Bio 🩸Viviendo con #diabetestipo1 🧠Psicóloga🎓Maestria en Terapia Sistémica👩🏻‍⚕️Educadora en Diabetes📍CDMX📩Agenda tu citaInstagram Handle @diabetesconvictoriaInstagram Followers 982 Get Email Contact

150. Lauren Matthews

Bio T1D • Celiac • Service Dog HandlerInstagram Handle @lauren.of.all.tradesInstagram Followers 966 Get Email Contact

151. Barbara Samuels

Bio 🥗I help women CURE Type 2 Diabetes w/o giving up the foods they love🪴Personal coaching & empowermentLife Above Type 2 DiabetesInstagram Handle @livingallaliveInstagram Followers 960 Get Email Contact

152. Anna Floreen Sabino

Bio MSW. CDCES. T1D 34 yrs. Private Practice from home. Parents, Newly Diagnosed, Teens, & Families.Mental health & diabetes education. #t1d 💙💬Instagram Handle @findingsmilescoachingInstagram Followers 940 Get Email Contact

153. Alexa Jackson

Bio 🤟Release the chaos of emotional eating & find ease with food!🍎Diabetes, PCOS, Menapause, & more!🗓 Virtual & In-person appts @bayside.wellness.grey13Instagram Handle @balancedlifebossInstagram Followers 878 Get Email Contact

154. Dr Ruchita Mehta

Bio 💉 T1D since 2012📚 Creating awareness for Diabetes🩺 Helping people to achieve health goal, weight goal through life style changes, diet, homeopathyInstagram Handle @kaizenhealthclinicInstagram Followers 827 Get Email Contact

155. Ashley Morgan

Bio Helping you ↓lower A1c ↑increase energy🔥💪🏼Start reversing diabetes & insulin resistance👇🏼CLICK HERE—Let’s Rebel Together.Instagram Handle @therebelfork.nutritionInstagram Followers 825 Get Email Contact

156. Katie

Bio 💙T1D 📚🤓MPH, MCHES, EMT🧠 Mental Health First Aid Instructor#leagueofgarminInstagram Handle @trialsonthetrail_Instagram Followers 797 Get Email Contact

157. Connie Henderson

Bio Amateur runner/crossfitter & professional dia-badass trying to navigate being a human while managing T1D!Instagram Handle @type_r1_diabetesInstagram Followers 783 Get Email Contact

158. Heather

Bio I help those diagnosed with prediabetes/Type 2 diabetes lower A1C & get off medsCertified health coach/nurseLearn how you can Ditch Diabetes ⤵️Instagram Handle @healthywithheather.rnInstagram Followers 747 Get Email Contact

159. Melissa

Bio Here to empower Latinas to reverse insulin resistance and prediabetes SIN dietas 🧡. Send me a DM to chat about working with me.Instagram Handle @latina.prediabetes.dietitianInstagram Followers 688 Get Email Contact

160. Karin Yehling

Bio ❤️Funct. Med Health Coach 💪🏼Specialty: Reversing T2 diabetes; work @masteringdiabetes 🌱🫐🍒WFPBNOInstagram Handle @karinyehlingInstagram Followers 680 Get Email Contact

161. Analie

Bio Daily Dose with AnalieDiagnosed 11/28/2021 Sharing the lows and highs of my #T1D journeyInstagram Handle @analie.dailydose_t1dInstagram Followers 601 Get Email Contact

162. Rachael Knowles

Bio 👩🏼🧔🏾‍♂️👦🏽👧🏽 💍 @jobex.m🌅 Sunset seeker > 🌍 32 countries🇬🇧 Northerner in #Dubai💉 On a #T1D toddler journey | Dx May 2022💻 Comms GuruInstagram Handle @rachhelenaInstagram Followers 576 Get Email Contact

163. Hanin

Bio 👩‍🎓Masters Nutrition & Dietetics 💜Helping people like you with Diabetes ✨Say goodbye to mealtime confusion📬 DM to work with meInstagram Handle @t2diabetes.nutritionistInstagram Followers 535 Get Email Contact

164. Caroline

Bio Caroline, T1D 2022 & pregnant📍Stockholm, Sweden💙 Reflect, discuss and share the experiences of living with type 1 diabetes together with me✉️ DMInstagram Handle @diabetes_togethernessInstagram Followers 456 Get Email Contact

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