Top 45 Dungeons and Dragons Influencers in 2024 (D&D)

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Looking for Dungeons And Dragons influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Dungeons And Dragons Influencers list is what you need.more When ranking these Dungeons And Dragons influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Dungeons And Dragons space.
Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons Influencers

Here are Top 45 Dungeons and Dragons Influencers

1. All Things DnD

Bio 🎲 | We roll the dice 24/7 here🔖 | Use #allthingsdnd to be featured!📽 | Check out our latest video on YouTube!Instagram Handle @allthingsdndInstagram Followers 40.3K + Follow Get Email Contact

2. Kelsey Dionne

Bio 🔮 Run your game effortlessly with bestselling #DnD and #osr material!⚔️ The Shadowdark RPG Kickstarter is now live:Instagram Handle @thearcanelibraryInstagram Followers 11.2K + Follow Get Email Contact

3. Stacey Indy Alana Cory

Bio It’s just three girls (who’ve never played DnD before), a Dungeon Master (who owns all the books but hasn’t read them) and a handful of dice.Instagram Handle @girlswhodontdndInstagram Followers 9.8K + Follow Get Email Contact

4. Mike Bernier

Bio We are D&D fanboys and fangirls that have a wide variety of D&D knowledge.Instagram Handle @the_arcane_eyeInstagram Followers 1.6K + Follow Get Email Contact

5. Matthew Mercer

Bio A simple Voice Actor & Dungeon Master speaking and weaving not-so-simple tales.Instagram Handle @matthewmercervoInstagram Followers 621.3K Get Email Contact

6. Robbie Daymond

Bio VO Bro. Rad Dad. D&D Dude. Actor. Writer. Producer. Owner @stierapparel Co-Owner @sassychapgames Co-Founder @loudannoyingInstagram Handle @robbiedangerousInstagram Followers 156.9K Get Email Contact

7. Lexii Darth

Bio The Dark Lord Check out my cool stuff down below 🖤Instagram Handle @darthlexiiInstagram Followers 129.2K Get Email Contact

8. Dungeons & Dads

Bio D&D, Memes, and Dad Jokes, what's not to love-DM For Collaborations-Credit to @nocturnal_journal for the new logo!Instagram Handle @dnddadsInstagram Followers 117.2K Get Email Contact

9. Cody J King

Bio Business inquiries: ****@gmail.comRep: @sknigge with @highlineliteraryInstagram Handle @dungeonmastersdiaryInstagram Followers 111.3K Get Email Contact

10. Dave Hamrick

Bio can you see them🩸1🩸10🩸24🩸Instagram Handle @dungeonmasterdaveInstagram Followers 94.4K Get Email Contact

11. Jason Russell

Bio D&D Tools To Help You Have More FunGame Hooks & D&D Tips-The DM has the final Say--Obey Wheaton's Law-(art is not mine)member of #dndcoalitionInstagram Handle @criticaldiceInstagram Followers 85.3K Get Email Contact

12. Kevin Parr

Bio 🎲 Professional Game Master📽️ Content Producer @questkeep 📲 170K+ Tiktok 🧚🏻‍♀️ Vancouver B.C ⬇️ Media Kit Link Below!Instagram Handle @dicecreamsandwichInstagram Followers 65.2K Get Email Contact

13. DnD Shorts

Bio FREE D&D Races And More Awesome Stuff Right Here!! ⬇️⬇️Instagram Handle @dnd_shortsInstagram Followers 63.4K Get Email Contact

14. Dungeons & Dragons Memes

Bio The best #dnd / #rpg memes in your feed🛑 follow @critfailmemes 🛑 👇my favorite D&D stream✨Instagram Handle @dndmemesdailyInstagram Followers 61.6K Get Email Contact

15. Anthony

Bio 🐲 DMsguild Bestselling Author🎲 I help Dungeon Masters improve their games👇 Download my DM Tools 📚 Over 60K book downloadsInstagram Handle @dungeoninfluenceInstagram Followers 61.5K Get Email Contact

16. Jay

Bio I teach you ALL things Dungeons & Dragons and bring new inspiration to your feed daily!🐉 D&D + Terrain + GM Tips + Reviews 🧙🏼‍♂️ ✝️📍 Tulsa, OKInstagram Handle @jays_tabletopInstagram Followers 44.1K Get Email Contact

17. Jason Charles Miller

Bio Singer / Songwriter / Voice Actor / Host / D&D Player / Tolkien enthusiast! Twitch partner. 1/2 of @rezodronemusic. Godhead founder.Instagram Handle @jasoncharlesmillerInstagram Followers 25.3K Get Email Contact

18. D&D Terrain Builds

Bio 📖Journaling weekly builds from homebrew 5e Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Currently, The Beggar’s Well Horror.Instagram Handle @dndterrainbuildsInstagram Followers 24.6K Get Email Contact

19. Jake, Kelsey, & Lucy

Bio -Hey there! We play a lot of games.-@rollforitpod (#dnd podcast)- pre-order our game @weirdoswantedgame now!👇🏻Instagram Handle @2nerds1pupInstagram Followers 21.1K Get Email Contact

20. All Father Games

Bio ♟️ Tabletop Roleplaying Humor and Help🐲 Dungeons and Dragons Tips🌍 Homebrew Worldbuilding TutorialsInstagram Handle @allfathergamesInstagram Followers 19K Get Email Contact

21. Socal D&D

Bio We’re a community of Dungeons & Dragons players and fans in Southern California. Signup for our next D&D event here:Instagram Handle @socaldndInstagram Followers 18K Get Email Contact

22. Cameron

Bio 🤝 • Dungeons & Dragons Community🎲 • Creative Space for the Wayward🏰 • Adventurer, Story Teller, Dungeon Master#CoalitionCollaborationInstagram Handle @thedndcoalitionInstagram Followers 15.9K Get Email Contact

23. Dumbest DnD

Bio Non-serious encounters, items, NPCs, & side quests for busy DMs to drop directly into your DnD 5e campaigns. Videos: Sun-FriInstagram Handle @dumbestdndInstagram Followers 14.3K Get Email Contact

24. Dungeon Master

Bio Adventure awaits.Begin your next great story 🪄Message me to get started.Instagram Handle @meethedungeonmasterInstagram Followers 13.5K Get Email Contact

25. Dungeons And Dragons Dude

Bio D&D content creator and the host of @GameDesignHour🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈DMs, always openHe/Him/HisInstagram Handle @dungeons_and_dragons_dudeInstagram Followers 13.5K Get Email Contact

26. The D&D Dispatch

Bio For all things Dungeons & Dragons, from the latest D&D news to the hottest takes. #dnd #dungeonsanddragonsFeatured articles 👇Instagram Handle @dnddispatchInstagram Followers 9.1K Get Email Contact

27. LeRoyal Tutt

Bio Dad of 2 GremlinsSAG actor/stuntmantv/film @dreamteamtalentla commercial @commercialtalentagencyDnd @rollforitpod S3Instagram Handle @royaltnoyInstagram Followers 7.8K Get Email Contact

28. L.A. Dungeons&Dragons Society

Bio The L.A.D.D.S. — a Los Angeles based, global gaming society dedicated to the world’s greatest game, Dungeons & Dragons & its amazing fandom.Instagram Handle @ladndsocietyInstagram Followers 6.4K Get Email Contact

29. Timm Woods

Bio Professional Gamemaster Services. Game Designer for A24. Writer, teacher, bard, storyteller, PhD. I construct and maintain imaginary worlds.Instagram Handle @timm.woodsInstagram Followers 5.9K Get Email Contact

30. Dungeon Master

Bio The casual life of a Dungeon Master.Dice, D&D, Campaign Stuff, Mapmaking, Memes, and Tormenting Players.Instagram Handle @dungeon_master_lifeInstagram Followers 4.9K Get Email Contact

31. Your D&D Stories

Bio Send your story (a few sentences or less) to **** Handle @yourdndstoriesInstagram Followers 4.5K Get Email Contact

32. Mike Shea

Bio Building the better D&D dungeon master. Author of Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master. #lazydm #dnd #dmtips #dndtipsInstagram Handle @slyflourishInstagram Followers 3.8K Get Email Contact

33. Thor Knai

Bio Actor. Veteran. Gamer. Rebel Moon, DC Legends of Tomorrow, The Outpost, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Reign.D&D Trials of TempusInstagram Handle @thorknaiInstagram Followers 3.1K Get Email Contact

34. D&D Archivist

Bio D&D is less of a game, and more cooperative storytelling with rules.Use Pillars of DMing to improve your games!3 Easy Player-Engagement Strategies:Instagram Handle @dnd.archivistsInstagram Followers 2.8K Get Email Contact

35. Devin Jeff Kris Rob

Bio We give you a comical, yet serious escape from reality through the power of storytelling in our Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Be ridiculous with us! ⬇️Instagram Handle @almostdndInstagram Followers 2.7K Get Email Contact

36. Dungeon Master

Bio Dungeon Master who makes encounters and maps for both modules and various encounters so you don't have too! 🧙‍♀️Instagram Handle @dungeonmastertavernInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

37. Scott Holli

Bio Sharing my passion for dungeon mastering and facilitating tabletop roleplaying games. Producer of DMDeep Dive eMagazine. Disabled Air Force veteran.Instagram Handle @dmdeepdiveInstagram Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

38. The Blue Collar Dungeon Master

Bio Pro Dungeon Master | I help Dungeon Masters and Players navigate the world of Dungeons & Dragons & TTRPGs. Contact: ****@bluecollardm.comInstagram Handle @thebluecollardmInstagram Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

39. D&D Valiant Odyssey:

Bio Your newest DnD addiction!🔥High Quality Dungeons and Dragons Podcast! ❄️Regular Gaming and D&D uploads to YouTube🌳 Patreon Live: Bonus D&D content!Instagram Handle @dndvaliantodysseyInstagram Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

40. Raisedon DnD

Bio Raised on DND podcast brings you inspirational interviews with tips to enrich your family's gaming experience! New episodes on the 4th & 18thInstagram Handle @raisedondndInstagram Followers 1K Get Email Contact

41. Eugenio Vargas

Bio Performer | Gamer | Streamer | Game Designer | Reluctant GrammerDM of @dndlastrefugeInstagram Handle @eugramioInstagram Followers 973 Get Email Contact

42. Alcuin Gersh

Bio Dungeon Master and Social Justice WarlockInstagram Handle @different_elvesInstagram Followers 882 Get Email Contact

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