Top 70 Green Technology Influencers on Twitter in 2024

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Green Technology Influencers

Here are Top 70 Green Technology Influencers

1. Nico Rosberg

Bio Sustainability Entrepreneur 🌿 & 2016 F1 World Champion 🏆 Follow 👉 @rosbergxracingTwitter Handle @nicorosbergTwitter Followers 2.5M + Follow Get Email Contact

2. Prof. Katharine Hayhoe

Bio Climate Scientist, Prof @TexasTech, Chief Scientist @nature_org, Climate Ambassador @WEAnews, Mom @joinsciencemoms. Tweets 100% my own 🇨🇦🍁Twitter Handle @khayhoeTwitter Followers 245.2K + Follow Get Email Contact

3. Ken Caldeira

Bio Senior scientist (@CarnegieScience, Gates Ventures). Handle @kencaldeiraTwitter Followers 29.6K Get Email Contact

4. Katie Fehrenbacher

Bio Climate tech reporter for Axios, former: Fortune, GreenBiz, Gigaom, Red Herring, EngadgetTwitter Handle @katiefehrenTwitter Followers 26.7K Get Email Contact

5. Darin Olien

Bio Host #emmynominated @zacdowntoearth 🌏 | @nytimes Best Selling Author 📚 | Podcast Host🎙 | Green Tech Entrepreneur 🌱 | BA Ex Phys @121tribeTwitter Handle @darinolienTwitter Followers 24.9K Get Email Contact

6. Alf Poor

Bio CEO, @ideanomicshq | Accelerating Commercial Adoption of Electric Vehicles | EV & Greentech | ESG | Disruptive TechnologiesTwitter Handle @alf_poorTwitter Followers 21.3K Get Email Contact

7. Heather Clancy

Bio Storyteller. Believer in #climatetech. Editorial Director, GreenBiz. Co-author, Niche DownTwitter Handle @greentechladyTwitter Followers 14K Get Email Contact

8. Anton Boym

Bio Ukrainian by roots #Sustainability Innovate #SmartCity #ClimateChange tech #climatetech #SDGs #Renewables #ESG #StopWar ☮️ #StayWithUkraine 🇺🇦Twitter Handle @antonboymTwitter Followers 13.9K Get Email Contact

9. Gary Spence

Bio Yotta Labs' Entrepreneur & Green in Future Trust CEO & Founder Let's Break Down Barriers in Autism #autismawareness #inclusion #techforgood #greentech #investTwitter Handle @garyspence_yedTwitter Followers 8.9K Get Email Contact

10. Paul-François Fournier

Bio Executive VP in charge of innovation @Bpifrance • Main #funding #innovation in #France • #Tech #Startups #FrenchTech #Deeptech #GreenTechTwitter Handle @paul_f_fournierTwitter Followers 8.7K Get Email Contact

11. Jesse Morris

Bio CEO of @energywebx energy efficiency / cleantech / digital enthusiast. Views my own.Twitter Handle @ja_morrisTwitter Followers 7.6K Get Email Contact

12. Anmol Singh Jaggi

Bio Entrepreneur. Green Tech. Aspiring Runner. Global Indian.Twitter Handle @anmoljaggiTwitter Followers 7K Get Email Contact

13. Teague Egan

Bio Founder & CEO at @EnergyX | Managing Partner, Innovation Factory VC | Changing the way we power the world 🌎⚡️| #EnergyStorage #CleanTech #EnergyTwitter #EVsTwitter Handle @TeagueEganTwitter Followers 5.9K Get Email Contact

14. larsling

Bio CleanTech Impact Entrepreneur - Financing & Advising CleanTech Companies │ Speaker │ Facilitator | Strategic PR | #cleantech #speaker #investorTwitter Handle @larslingTwitter Followers 5.7K Get Email Contact

15. Roxana Nasoi

Bio Tedx on #digital identity & #privacy. Building @ip3studio / @gen4lab / @launchpoolxyz. Funding sustainability founders @cleantech_360 / #AIethics. Chess.Twitter Handle @roxananasoiTwitter Followers 5.4K Get Email Contact

16. Azita Yazdani

Bio Working on the future of the planet. Building solutions and the machinary to help humanity achieve zero-impact.Twitter Handle @CleantechFemmeTwitter Followers 5K Get Email Contact

17. Julie Wright

Bio President and founder at public relations firm @wrightoncomm. #publicrelations #media #cleantech #travelTwitter Handle @juliewrightTwitter Followers 4.8K Get Email Contact

18. Simon Sage

Bio Giant Communications Coordinator at @EnviroCentre. Also green tech at @DigitalTrends. Formerly @FuturePLC, @MobileNations, @IntoMobile, @BlackBerryCool.Twitter Handle @simonsageTwitter Followers 4.5K Get Email Contact

19. Alexis Normand

Bio CEO of @Greenly_fr #GreenTech #carbon #accounting #NetZeroTwitter Handle @slarxeTwitter Followers 4.3K Get Email Contact

20. Eric Burdier

Bio Founding partner at @axeleo_capital w. @mathviallard, early-stage european VC firm, software fanatic, fly-fishing lover, proptech greentechTwitter Handle @eburdierTwitter Followers 3.9K Get Email Contact

21. Erik de Bruijn

Bio Co-founder of companies with a purpose: #3dPrinting @Ultimaker, #Green #EV #Charging: @StekkerApp.Technology tinkerer. Father. Husband.Twitter Handle @ErikDeBruijnTwitter Followers 3.6K Get Email Contact

22. Solar Life

Bio GREEN ECONOMIST#EconomieVerte #GreenTechTwitter Handle @solarlifeTwitter Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

23. Jerome Sutter

Bio Global Marketing & E-commerce Director #puressentiel, Business Angel #GreenTech #SportTech #EdTech, Trail runner, Author, Proud dad².Twitter Handle @jeromesutterTwitter Followers 3.4K Get Email Contact

24. Scott Perry

Bio CMO, Marketing Technology Specialist. Music lover. Green energy advocate. leading the marketing charge at Worldwide GolfTwitter Handle @redlineshifterTwitter Followers 3.3K Get Email Contact

25. Sam Thorogood

Bio tech echosystem influencer 📣former greentech CTO 🔌🔋👔 available for consulting if interesting 🫠Twitter Handle @samthorTwitter Followers 2.9K Get Email Contact

26. Trev Ken

Bio Elon Musk is anti-free speech. Dis-info, economics, science & green-tech. Followed by @jeffbezos for some reason. Handle @trevkenTwitter Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

27. Jane Gentleman

Bio Cleantech, Climate Change, Environment, Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind, Electric Vehicles, Sustainability, Green, Energy, Clean Energy and RecruitmentTwitter Handle @CleantechPeopleTwitter Followers 2.3K Get Email Contact

28. Katie McFall

Bio Economic geologist, geochemist & fluid inclusion enthusiast. Lecturer at @ES_UCL. I research finding sustainable supplies of metals needed for green technology.Twitter Handle @drkatiemcfallTwitter Followers 2.3K Get Email Contact

29. Tom Denton

Bio #FBPE Pro EU. Hate the Tories. Making music. F1. Automotive and #green technology. Paperback writer.Twitter Handle @tomhdentonTwitter Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

30. Wilfried Pimenta

Bio Greentech, Deeptech & Energy Transition Ventures, former IOTA directorTwitter Handle @wilfriedpimentaTwitter Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

31. David Hunt

Bio CEO & Founder @HyperionEsearch @fullychargedrec Talent acquisition in #cleantech Host @Cleantechleader #podcast #LinkedInTopVoice #entrepreneur #Advisor #mentorTwitter Handle @DavidHsearchTwitter Followers 2K Get Email Contact

32. John Ford

Bio Former IM advisor to Bob The Builder. EV, PV, green technology enthusiast...Nerd! I speak fluent sarcasm.Twitter Handle @for59j54Twitter Followers 2K Get Email Contact

33. Jane Walerud

Bio Deep green tech for the living planetTwitter Handle @janewalerudTwitter Followers 2K Get Email Contact

34. Hannah Smith

Bio 🗣️ Fossil-free internet @greenwebfound • 👩‍💻 #WordPress dev • 🌿 Cofounder @GreenTech_SWest • Founder #LetsGreenTheWeb • 💚s people, nature & my pooch 🐕Twitter Handle @hanopcanTwitter Followers 2K Get Email Contact

35. Fatima, Anila Pakistan

Bio COO @onenetworkpk | Technology Strategist | Innovation | Green/Clean Tech | Mobility Tech | International Trade | Founder @wirectspk @alishverishpk | GM IT FWOTwitter Handle @fatimaanilapkTwitter Followers 1.9K Get Email Contact

36. Karl-Erik Stromsta

Bio Energy transitioneer. Comms at Orsted. Former journalist/editor at Greentech Media & Recharge. Views my own.Twitter Handle @kestromstaTwitter Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

37. Ahmed Guenaoui

Bio Investor & developer | #energytransition #climatetech #greentech |Twitter Handle @ahguenaTwitter Followers 1.6K Get Email Contact

38. Francis B. Jackson

Bio Through renewable energy & greentech in Africa, I aim for investment in sync with our social & environmental context. EMBA. Engineer. Systems thinker. Humanoid.Twitter Handle @francisbjacksonTwitter Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

39. Lubomila Jordonva

Bio Founder @planAearth, business software for decarbonisation and ESG reporting, @greentechearth, community of 3500+ Greentech startups.Twitter Handle @lubomilajTwitter Followers 1.4K Get Email Contact

40. Tracy Stroud

Bio Start-ups, entrepreneurship, innovation, and don't forget green technologies...these are a few of my favorite things!Twitter Handle @tracy_medhatTwitter Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

41. Caroline Paunov

Bio Head of Unit @OECD Working Party #Innovation & #Tech Policy | #IndustrialPolicies #AI #Development #GreenTech #Trade #Research | Personal views only.Twitter Handle @carolinepaunovTwitter Followers 1.3K Get Email Contact

42. Maarten Hermus

Bio Developing horticulture | Business Developer & Entrepreneur Holland Greentech | Account Manager Horticulture & Food @InnoQuarterTwitter Handle @maartenhermusTwitter Followers 1.2K Get Email Contact

43. Basima Abdulrahman

Bio Greentech Entrepreneur | Founder & CEO of @keskco_ | WEF Foundation Board Member | International Speaker | Featured on TIME’s, Inhabitat, Forbes.Twitter Handle @basimaabdTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

44. Ann Gibson

Bio connecting #CRE & #greentech projects past life #multifamily sales & @cleantechopen mentor chair. #energyeffeciency #projectfinance Tweets for @TheClimateAppTwitter Handle @greenmacgalTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

45. Alexei Novitzky

Bio Green Technology, Education, Concept to MarketTwitter Handle @theskatecaseTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

46. Danielle Siembieda

Bio Alter #EcoArtist working in the intersection of #EmergingTech, Art, #GreenTech and Community. Cultural work at @sanjosecultureTwitter Handle @alterecoartistTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

47. Marlina Acedo

Bio Life is best lived as an adventure!Co-Founder GreenTech Capital Partners • Real Estate Investment advisory firm Logistics-Residential-Hotels • Mentee @wires_spTwitter Handle @marlyacedoTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

48. Tadhg O'Donovan

Bio Chief Scientist - Green Technology @HeriotWattUni and Deputy Vice Principal - Academic Leadership @HWUDubaiTwitter Handle @tsodonovanTwitter Followers 982 Get Email Contact

49. Kevin D Brown

Bio Track greentech, building efficiency, energy developments impacting our world + political barriers to action. Timeline, retweets not indicating my full views.Twitter Handle @nicoldesign2012Twitter Followers 847 Get Email Contact

50. Ryme

Bio Green Technologies and Sustainability Expert | Consultant @rise_2030 @sustainworldorg | Fellow @irena @mozilla @trf @techwomen @sweinstituteTwitter Handle @rymeassaadTwitter Followers 821 Get Email Contact

51. Iván Beltrán

Bio Research scientist @GreenPraxis / wildlife ecology / #ecosystemservices / #greentech / PhD Ecology and Evolution 🇦🇺 / 🇨🇴🇲🇫🇪🇺Twitter Handle @ivanbeltran31Twitter Followers 717 Get Email Contact

52. Mark Le Dain

Bio CEO & Founder Emissions Decisions. Forbes & FP contributor. Neo, Validere, IB prior. Enjoy cleantech, energy, fintech, fatherhood. Never enough time. Be kind.Twitter Handle @mark_ledainTwitter Followers 702 Get Email Contact

53. Enlik Tjioe

Bio A lifelong learner, traveler, and software developer. Big interests in the field of climate and green technology. Love spirituality and mindfulness activitiesTwitter Handle @enlikTwitter Followers 694 + Follow Get Email Contact

54. Nate Felton

Bio Client Platform Engineer (MacAdmin) for @Flywire, Father, casual gamer, nature and green advocate, and technology enthusiast. Handle @n8feltonTwitter Followers 557 Get Email Contact

55. Peter Denton

Bio Thinking and doing. Author of The End of Technology; Live Close to Home; Technology & Sustainability; Gift Ecology: Reimagining a Sustainable World. (he/him)Twitter Handle @green_ethicsTwitter Followers 509 Get Email Contact

56. Sarah Diouri

Bio Innovation Director @IRESEN / International consultant @worldbank @ebrd / former Director @Bidaya_io / @bym_sa 2017/#sustainability #impactfinance #greentechTwitter Handle @sarah_diouriTwitter Followers 509 Get Email Contact

57. Jonathan Rasmusson

Bio Official Twitter account for the Renewable Energy Club on Instagram (156K), LinkedIn (24K) and Clubhouse (14K). We cover news & info about greentech & climate!Twitter Handle @renewables_chTwitter Followers 427 Get Email Contact

58. Edward Chinn

Bio Advocate and supporter of #Sustainability #Innovation #CircularEconomy #Greentech #CleanTech and increased #BiodiversityTwitter Handle @ed_chinnTwitter Followers 354 Get Email Contact

59. Balasaheb

Bio Entepreneur I Managing Director, New Era Cleantech | Government I Policy I Senior Executive Fellow, Harvard Kennedy SchoolTwitter Handle @balasahebTwitter Followers 3.5K Get Email Contact

60. Ashutosh Magus

Bio CEO @Symboticware. Stanford GSB. Solving Cleantech problems with Satellite Tech, IoT, and AI. Certified B2B seller. Posts on IoT/AI, Startup, Finance, and VCTwitter Handle @ashutoshmagusTwitter Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

61. Arik Ring

Bio Arik Ring MSc, Expert Consultant. #Solar & #Cleantech Innovation, #Energy Efficiency, Heat & Power, HVAC, Turbomachinery.Energy Solutions for the 21st CenturyTwitter Handle @arikringTwitter Followers 87.1K Get Email Contact

62. Pascal Hiel

Bio Enjoying life. Owner of @BalefireHQ , #DigiD #InformationSecurity #ENSIA #SmartCity #Cleantech #opendata #Solarnrg, @Tesla #discoverandmeettheworldTwitter Handle @pascalhielTwitter Followers 962 Get Email Contact

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