Top 45 Navy Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Navy influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Navy Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Navy influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Navy space.

Navy Influencers

Here are Top 45 Navy Influencers

1. David Goggins

Bio To learn more, visit Handle @davidgogginsInstagram Followers 6.4M Get Email Contact

2. Jack Carr

Bio #1 NYTs Bestselling Author of The Terminal List • Navy SEAL Sniper• Outdoorsman• Connoisseur of Sharp Objects@jackcarrbookclub @dangerclosepodcastInstagram Handle @jackcarrusaInstagram Followers 420.7K Get Email Contact

3. Jason Redman

Bio Retired Navy SEAL 🔱 NYT Best Seller - The Trident 📖 & OvercomePurple Heart 💜Ted❌ & Keynote Speaker 🎤 Peak Performance & Mindset Coach 🏆Instagram Handle @jasonredmanwwInstagram Followers 108.9K Get Email Contact

4. Brandon Webb

Bio NY Times Bestselling Wordsmith Architect of Narratives @sofrep.official X-Navy SEALPilot of Skybound Craft “Who Dares Wins”Instagram Handle @brandontwebbInstagram Followers 1.1M Get Email Contact

5. Shawn Ryan

Bio • Former Navy SEAL/CIA 🔱🇺🇸• Host of🎙@shawnryanshow• 1.8 Million Subs on YouTube• 444 is my favorite number ✝️Instagram Handle @shawnryan762Instagram Followers 590.8K Get Email Contact

6. Ray “Cash” Care

Bio 📍CCO WATCHTOWER🇺🇸 Navy SEAL Vet💪 Peak Performance Consultant 🎤 Motivational Speaker 💎Rebuilding lives, & TEAMSInstagram Handle @raycashcareInstagram Followers 225.5K Get Email Contact

7. Marcus Luttrell

Bio Husband, Dad, Veteran & Advocate for Good People. TeamNeverQuitPodcastJoin Team Never Quit 👇Instagram Handle @marcusluttrellInstagram Followers 739.3K Get Email Contact

8. Chris Cassidy

Bio President and CEO of the @mohmuseum. Former NASA Astronaut. U.S. Navy SEAL. Proud husband and father.Instagram Handle @astro_sealInstagram Followers 207.6K Get Email Contact

9. Robert O'Neill

Bio Former SEAL Team Six. NY Times Best Selling Author. Speaker. Host of @theoperatorpodcast Founder @specopstfInstagram Handle @mchooyahInstagram Followers 387.4K Get Email Contact

10. Remi Adeleke

Bio @8thW_E Founder | @KejoWear Founder | Filmmaker | WGA Writer | Bestselling Author | @UCWV Alumni | Former Navy SEAL | NIGERIAN Born | BRONX RaisedInstagram Handle @remiadelekeInstagram Followers 123.1K Get Email Contact

11. Jonny Kim

Instagram Handle @jonnykimusaInstagram Followers 272.8K Get Email Contact

12. Clint Emerson

Bio Crisis Mgmt Pro, Author, Navy SEALPrepare | Respond | RecoverFor Organizations @EscapetheWolf For Individuals @ViolentNomadShopInstagram Handle @100deadlyskillsInstagram Followers 146.9K Get Email Contact

13. Kaj Larsen

Bio Newsman + Frogman + RenaissanceMan🇺🇸 US Navy SEAL📚 Masters @harvard🎥 Correspondent🏋🏽 Owner @guild_financial & @crossfitsantamonicaInstagram Handle @kajlarsenInstagram Followers 118.7K Get Email Contact

14. Mike Ritland

Bio Former Navy SEAL 🔱🇺🇸 & NY Times Bestselling AuthorOwner @mikeritlandco Founder @warriordogfoundation Host 🎙 @mikedroppodcastInstagram Handle @mritlandInstagram Followers 135.1K Get Email Contact

15. Kellie Hall Sbrocchi

Bio Fearlessly Feminine, Empowering Women to #DoBoth✨Speaker | @missunderstood.podcast | Model @nvmodels My Navy Life, Confidence tips, + Chicago fun↴ ↴Instagram Handle @kellie.sbrocchiInstagram Followers 119.4K Get Email Contact

16. Zachary Bell

Bio Be the change you want to see.⠀⠀@toorknives for your bladed needs! ⠀For shirts & savings hit the linktree:Instagram Handle @veteranwithasignInstagram Followers 191K Get Email Contact

17. Gervy Alota

Bio Director, Missile Warning Center 🇺🇸🇵🇭🙏🏽 God fearing man🐐 Son of a Chief🦄 Husband of an amazing wife 👨‍👧‍👦Father of 2 beautiful kids⚓️ Proud SWOInstagram Handle @captaingervyInstagram Followers 167K Get Email Contact

18. Slade

Bio Medically Retired Navy SEAL 🇺🇸🔱 ⁣⁣Christ Follower | Father | Husband⁣⁣• @therootedmother 💍⁣⁣• @sc.irregulars• @irregulardefenseInstagram Handle @slayderaiderInstagram Followers 90.6K Get Email Contact

19. David Rutherford

Bio Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, Podcast Host, and servant. Positivity is everything #froglogicpodcastInstagram Handle @teamfroglogicInstagram Followers 57.6K Get Email Contact

20. Michael Sauers

Bio Navy SEAL • Actor/AdvisorFounder of Forged® & The @murphchallenge 🇺🇸Instagram Handle @forgedmikeInstagram Followers 57.5K Get Email Contact

21. Lea Gabrielle

Bio 🇺🇸Proud American *Lifestyle/just fun page* Former US Special Envoy, Navy F/A-18C Pilot, Intel OpsO, TV News Correspondent/Anchor. Kitesurfer, skier.Instagram Handle @lea.gabrielle.usaInstagram Followers 56.6K Get Email Contact

22. Thom Shea

Bio Navy SEAL | Warrior Wisdom|Three Simple Things Project | Father| Husband| Author | Ultra runner and mtn biker | 👇🏻sign upInstagram Handle @frogmanoutInstagram Followers 42.2K Get Email Contact

23. Veronica Scott

Bio 🇺🇸On a mission to help you find your purpose in the U.S. Military 🌟| Guiding individuals to their true calling 🛡️| Join me on this empowering journey!Instagram Handle @the_navy_recruiterInstagram Followers 40.9K Get Email Contact

24. Craig Sawyer

Bio Founder of 🪖Producer: ContraLand 🎥 Marine 🇺🇸 Navy SEAL 🐸 Fed Agent 🔷 High Threat Mobile Security for Dept of State & OGAInstagram Handle @real_sawmanInstagram Followers 40.1K Get Email Contact

25. Will Chesney

Bio 📖 Author @noordinarydogbook and Warrior Dog* Veterans Advocate* Public Speaker 🐸 Retired Navy SEAL🐕 Cairo 2005 - 2015Ambassador: @teamdog.petInstagram Handle @willcheeeseInstagram Followers 38.8K Get Email Contact

26. Mike Hayes

Bio Never Enough 📖 A Life of Excellence, Agility, and MeaningFormer Commanding Officer of SEAL Team TWO 🇺🇸Chief Operating Officer, VMwareInstagram Handle @thisis.mikehayesInstagram Followers 38.6K Get Email Contact

27. Chad Williams

Bio Former Navy SEAL 🐸🔱 | Posts About • Faith 🙏🏽 • Fitness 🦾 • Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 •Friends 👽 | Best-selling Author 📖| Matthew 6:33Instagram Handle @sealofgodInstagram Followers 30.2K Get Email Contact

28. Eric Greitens

Bio Proud Dad • Navy SEAL • 56th Governor of MissouriInstagram Handle @ericgreitensInstagram Followers 25K Get Email Contact

29. Mikal A. Vega

Bio 🇺🇸 Navy SEAL / EOD Veteran🎥 Director / Game Developer @Treyarch🙏🏼 Founder Vital Warrior 501(c)(3)✨Link to Latest Work👇🏼Instagram Handle @mikalvegaInstagram Followers 23.7K Get Email Contact

30. Chris Kyle

Bio Paying Tribute to Former Navy SEAL Chris KyleGod. Country. Family. 🙏🏻🇺🇸Instagram Handle @chiefchriskyleInstagram Followers 23.1K Get Email Contact

31. James Honea

Bio Official Instagram account of the 16th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy James Honea.Official DoD email account: Handle @navymcponInstagram Followers 22.4K Get Email Contact

32. Rorke Denver

Bio Navy SEAL Commander. New York Times Bestselling Author. Leader. Husband. Father.Founder, Ever Onward.Instagram Handle @rorketdenverInstagram Followers 21.5K Get Email Contact

33. Jeff Gum

Bio 🧜🏼‍♂️Founder 🇺🇸Co-Founder Train Club @pewuniversity🔱Former Navy SEAL🐻UCLA Anderson MBA 🎤Speaker🦅All About Freedom & the #SungaLifeInstagram Handle @jeffgumInstagram Followers 18.5K Get Email Contact

34. Justin Hughes

Bio Messenger | Husband | Father | Former Navy SEAL 🔱Instagram Handle @justin_hughes_artInstagram Followers 17.9K Get Email Contact

35. Eric Davis

Bio X Navy SEAL, Sniper InstructorBest Selling Author: "Raising Men" Father - Athlete - Surfer - Diver - Climber - Kingdom Builder CEO Average FrogInstagram Handle @eric_davis215Instagram Followers 17.8K Get Email Contact

36. Navy SEAL Officer

Bio 🔱 Retired Navy SEAL Officer, former USAF PJ/CRO• Instructor/Mentor @socomathlete • @ussocom Warrior Games AthleteInstagram Handle @navyseal_officerInstagram Followers 17.7K Get Email Contact

37. Drago Dzieran

Bio Ret Navy SEAL Drago Dzieran-From growing up in Communist-controlled Poland to time as a political prisoner to 20yrs as a U.S. Navy SEAL-Proud AmericanInstagram Handle @dragodzieranInstagram Followers 15.3K Get Email Contact

38. William Brent Gleeson

Bio CEO | @takingpointleadership @Forbes Leadership Columnist #1 Bestselling Author: ‘Embrace the Suck’ Foreword by @davidgogginsInstagram Handle @brent_gleesonInstagram Followers 14.8K Get Email Contact

39. Scott Taylor

Bio • Father • President, US-Qatar Business Council. Navy Seal combat vet 🐸•US Congressman 2017-19. VA State Rep 2013-17. Harvard Bachelor’s/Master’sInstagram Handle @scotttaylorvaInstagram Followers 10.7K Get Email Contact

40. Kelsey De Santis

Bio Rising Champ ⚔️ USMC VeteranProud Brand Ambassador 4@leitnerdesigns 🏕️ & @wedefyfoundation🥋Instagram Handle @kelseydesantisInstagram Followers 7.4K Get Email Contact

41. JT

Bio K⚓️Money💔 LorRell💔 Lafayette & Port 📍 Baltimore🖤Instagram Handle @navysealjonwickInstagram Followers 4.7K Get Email Contact

42. Andrew Paul

Bio Patriot, Pilot, life long learner, Former Navy SEALVA Loan Expert, Benchmark MortgageLeadership Instructor @echelonfrontInstagram Handle @theandrewmpaulInstagram Followers 2.6K Get Email Contact

43. Jesus Beck

Bio @jesusbeck24Instagram Handle @jesusbeck24Instagram Followers 1.7K Get Email Contact

44. Mitchell Myers

Bio Navy SEALHusbandFatherHunter🐸#Frogman#NavySEALInstagram Handle @hydrofrogInstagram Followers 1.5K Get Email Contact

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