Top 45 SEO Influencers in 2023

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Looking for SEO influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our SEO Influencers list is what you need.more When ranking these SEO influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the SEO space.

SEO Influencers

Here are Top 45 SEO Influencers

1. Neil Patel

Bio Founder of @NPDigital. New York Times bestselling author, Forbes top 10 marketer, and creator of 1 of the 100 most brilliant companies by Entrepreneur Magazine.Twitter Handle @neilpatelTwitter Followers 452.2K Get Email Contact

2. Aleyda Solis

Bio SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author. @Orainti Founder @Remotersnet Co-Founder @CrawlingMondays Host #SEOFOMO + #MarketingFOMO + Maker @mujeresEnSEOTwitter Handle @aleydaTwitter Followers 152.5K Get Email Contact

3. Glenn Gabe

Bio SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive focused on Google algorithm update recovery, technical SEO audits, and SEO training. Columnist at Search Engine Land.Twitter Handle @glenngabeTwitter Followers 65.8K Get Email Contact

4. Lukasz Zelezny

Bio Keynote Speaker, SEO Consultant and Author.Helping to increase organic traffic, conversion rate & return on investment.SEO PPC Social MediaTwitter Handle @lukaszzeleznyTwitter Followers 43K Get Email Contact

5. Shane Barker

Bio Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant | UCLA Instructor | Intl Speaker | FREE Influencer ebook → Handle @shane_barkerTwitter Followers 29K Get Email Contact

6. Danny Sullivan

Bio Fun: #StarTrek #StarWars #TV Work: @searchliaisonAlso on: Handle @dannysullivanTwitter Followers 526.8K Get Email Contact

7. Barry Schwartz

Bio Search GeekTwitter Handle @rustybrickTwitter Followers 217.7K Get Email Contact

8. John Mu

Bio Make the web you want to find.He/Him/Cis ᐧ Google Search Advocate ᐧ Posts my own ᐧ Official: @GoogleSearchC & Handle @johnmuTwitter Followers 164.1K Get Email Contact

9. Brian Dean

Bio Founder of Backlinko (acq by $SEMR). Co-founder @explodingtopicsTwitter Handle @brianedeanTwitter Followers 127.4K Get Email Contact

10. AJ Ghergich

Bio SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, and Conversational AI Expert. I share guides, case studies, and AI-generated kittens.Twitter Handle @seoTwitter Followers 123.2K Get Email Contact

11. Cyrus Shepard

Bio Founder @ZyppySEO Ξ Helping businesses grow Google traffic to their siteFollow for tips about SEO, Digital Marketing, Ranking Signals + 10x ContentTwitter Handle @cyrusshepardTwitter Followers 109.6K Get Email Contact

12. Marie Haynes

Bio Excited about AI & use Bard & ChatGPT a lot. Is Bard the future of Search?🤔 Brainstorming with website owners on Google's Search Systems since Panda.Twitter Handle @marie_haynesTwitter Followers 74.4K Get Email Contact

13. Ann Smarty

Bio Co-founder of @smartyMktg | Founder | eternal ninja @NinjasMarketingTwitter Handle @seosmartyTwitter Followers 64.8K Get Email Contact

14. Bill Slawski

Bio #Seobythesea @Gofishdigital, Director of SEO Research (SEO - 1996) Carlsbad Jurisdoctor him/his/he - Pacific time patents/papers/information retrieval/entitiesTwitter Handle @bill_slawskiTwitter Followers 61.2K Get Email Contact

15. Wil Reynolds

Bio I start things.I help people find stuff on the internetSerial Underdog @seerinteractiveI am whatever you say I am❤️ #bigdata #positivity #gratitude #hiphopTwitter Handle @wilreynoldsTwitter Followers 54.3K Get Email Contact

16. Tim Soulo

Bio Tweeting what I learn as a CMO of @Ahrefs (can't be that you're doing SEO and haven't heard of us 🙃).Twitter Handle @timsouloTwitter Followers 45.7K Get Email Contact

17. Brodie Clark

Bio Independent SEO consultant. I share SEO news, tips, studies & generative AI updates. @SERPalerts is also me. Contact: Handle @brodieseoTwitter Followers 43.1K Get Email Contact

18. Eric Enge

Bio Digital Marketing Excellence Practitioner. Author: Handle @stonetempleTwitter Followers 38.2K Get Email Contact

19. Kevin Indig

Bio Organic Growth | ex-@shopify, @g2dotcom, @atlassian | Join +9,800 @thegrowthmemo readersTwitter Handle @kevin_indigTwitter Followers 34.4K Get Email Contact

20. Matt Diggity

Bio SEO, Founder, Angel | for angel investment for your digital startup? ****@diggitymarketing.comTwitter Handle @mattdiggityseoTwitter Followers 25.6K Get Email Contact

21. Mark Traphagen

Bio VP of Product Marketing & Training @seoClarity. #seo #contentmarketing - #mandolin #blm #lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 they/them Threads: @marktraphagenTwitter Handle @marktraphagenTwitter Followers 25.3K Get Email Contact

22. Gael Breton

Bio Online marketing nerd & SEO. Co-founder at @authorityhacker. Built and sold several online businesses. Taught 12,000+ students.Twitter Handle @gaelbretonTwitter Followers 19.4K Get Email Contact

23. Angie Schottmuller

Bio Growth Marketing Advisor & Keynote Speaker ★ Forbes Top-Rated Online Marketer ★ Organic #LandingPage Expert 💥 Conversion Optimist 🎯 #CRO #SEO #CONTENT #UXTwitter Handle @aschottmullerTwitter Followers 18.8K Get Email Contact

24. Andy Drinkwater

Bio UK based Freelance #SEO consultant, Online #Reputation Management expert. 21 year SEO vet Handle @iqseoTwitter Followers 17.8K Get Email Contact

25. Dejan

Bio Australian SEO for medium to large brands and e-commerce websites.Twitter Handle @dejanseoTwitter Followers 15.1K Get Email Contact

26. Andrew Shotland

Bio Check out our amazing new FREE SEO tool for Slack users at GSC URL Inspector API, GBP API, and more.Twitter Handle @localseoguideTwitter Followers 15K Get Email Contact

27. Alex Moss

Bio Principal SEO @yoast // Director @FireCask // Co-Founder @millieandhenry // Online Marketer and #SEO, #WordPress developer, product designer.Twitter Handle @alexmossTwitter Followers 11.2K Get Email Contact

28. Jason Barnard

Bio CEO of Kalicube (and entrepreneur).No longer Tweeting much.For news and help with Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels…Twitter Handle @jasonmbarnardTwitter Followers 9.1K Get Email Contact

29. Shaun Anderson

Bio SEO at - 20+ years in SEO. I only tweet about SEO. Author of Premium SEO Checklist: at @shaun_andersonTwitter Handle @hobo_webTwitter Followers 7.9K Get Email Contact

30. Julie Joyce

Bio Owner of the link building company Link Fish Media, Inc. On my second spoon rack. Censored by NextDoor. Dance the ghost with me. She/her.Twitter Handle @juliejoyceTwitter Followers 22.6K Get Email Contact

31. Lily Ray

Bio SEO by day | DJ by night | related to @artistmanrayTwitter Handle @lilyraynycTwitter Followers 84.9K Get Email Contact

32. Lidia Infante

Bio SEO speaker | @SEJournal contributor | Senior SEO Manager @Sanity_io | MSc in Digital Business & BSc in Psychology | Made in Barcelona 🌴 | ♀️Twitter Handle @lidiainfantemTwitter Followers 15.8K Get Email Contact

33. Kristina Azarenko

Bio I help SEOs become confident in their technical SEO skills so they can be fully prepared for any job interview or technical SEO project 👉 Handle @azarchickTwitter Followers 29.9K Get Email Contact

34. Kristine

Bio Digital Strategist & SEO Consultant, Speaker @SMX @Pubcon @Ungagged @SXSW Writer @SEngineLand @SEJournal. ABD on a PhD. Reports fake accounts/bots.Twitter Handle @schachinTwitter Followers 18.9K Get Email Contact

35. Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR

Bio CEO of Holistic #SEO & Digital. SEO Innovator. #Digital #Marketer Change SEO Culture.Obsessed with #Google #Algorithm Updates @seo_holisticTwitter Handle @korayguburTwitter Followers 26.4K Get Email Contact

36. Areej Abuali

Bio SEO, Community & Events. Founder of @CrawlinaHQ & @TechSEOWomen (she/her)Twitter Handle @areej_abualiTwitter Followers 38.2K Get Email Contact

37. Adam Crookes

Bio New case study: 0 to 189,000 monthly organic website visitors. I help businesses rank on Google with SEO blog articles and outlines. #SearchEngineOptimizationTwitter Handle @adcrookesTwitter Followers 12.5K Get Email Contact

38. Patrick Stox

Bio I've been called Mr. Technical SEO & the technical SEOs' technical SEO. Product Advisor & technical SEO @ahrefs. /r/TechSEO moderator. Run a technical SEO slackTwitter Handle @patrickstoxTwitter Followers 22.8K Get Email Contact

39. Roxana Stingu

Bio Head of Search & SEO @Alamy. Adept of constructive laziness. Loves Scrabble and Minecraft. All views and opinions are my own.Twitter Handle @roxanastinguTwitter Followers 5.3K Get Email Contact

40. Ian Lurie

Bio Digital marketer. Speaker. I tweet marketing & random nerdiness. Consultant at Dungeons & Dragons player in my spare time. he/himTwitter Handle @ianlurieTwitter Followers 33.4K Get Email Contact

41. Ahmed

Bio Growing a niche site from $0 to $10K per month and sharing what I learn here. Going off-the-grid in 24 months.Twitter Handle @ahmed_seo_Twitter Followers 8.8K Get Email Contact

42. Tristam Jarman

Bio Co-Founder @purplesmudged Digital Marketing Agency 🧔 Webinar host/presenter @semrush & @buildwithdud Next webinar 👈 Van Life & Hip HopTwitter Handle @tristamjarmanTwitter Followers 825 Get Email Contact

43. Orit Mutznik

Bio SEO Director @Forbes @ForbesAdvisor | ex eToro, SilkFred, 888. Mum👧🏻👦🏻🐶😼 #SEO author, speaker, judge. SEO expert to follow by @sejournal 🐍🔥🇦🇷🇮🇱🇬🇧Twitter Handle @oritsimuTwitter Followers 10.9K Get Email Contact