Top 60 Skydiving Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Skydiving influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Skydiving Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Skydiving influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Skydiving space.

Skydiving Influencers

Here are Top 60 Skydiving Influencers

1. Augusto Bartelle

Bio Don't worry! Do it with love! The reward is coming!🪂 @gopro @lbaltimeters @uptvector @vertigenfly @cypresaad @rideroficial @ilovecolorfuljerseys👇👇Instagram Handle @augustobartelleInstagram Followers 51K Get Email Contact

2. Chase Reinford

Bio Professional BASE Jumper✊ONE MIL Subscribers on YT ⤵️Merch⤵️Instagram Handle @adrenaline.addictionInstagram Followers 470.8K Get Email Contact

3. Maja Kuczynska

Bio Indoor SkydiverOutdoor Skydiver 🪂@redbullpolska Athlete! 🇵🇱🇪🇺23 y/oPronounced: Maya Koo-chin-skaInstagram Handle @kuczynska.majaInstagram Followers 428.2K Get Email Contact

4. Dani Roman

Bio Professional Skydiver & Base jumper @redbull Athlete 👇Check out the full projects here👇Instagram Handle @daniroman_Instagram Followers 131.8K Get Email Contact

5. Carlos Pedro

Bio Pro BASE jumper and skydiverAthlete: @furiateamvzla @venezuelanattorneysInstagram Handle @carlospedrobaseInstagram Followers 143.1K Get Email Contact

6. Espen Fadnes

Bio ○ Wingsuit World Champion ○ Adventurer and content creator ○ Supported by @gopro○ Need a camera ⬇️ GoProHero11Instagram Handle @espenfadnesInstagram Followers 141.7K Get Email Contact

7. Fred Fugen

Bio Pro Skydiver & BASE jumper @soulflyers @redbullfrance @roger_dubuis @julbo_eyewear @cardo_outdoor Married to @laurencefugen , we live in Chamonix 🏔Instagram Handle @fredfugenInstagram Followers 117.2K Get Email Contact

8. Jeff Provenzano

Bio Artist turned 👉 Pro Skydiver | Red Bull Athlete | SAG Stuntman | Stunt Coordinator | Artist | Entrepreneur | 🌎Traveler | Animal Lover 🐾Instagram Handle @jeffprovenzanoInstagram Followers 117.2K Get Email Contact

9. Miles Daisher

Bio I ❤️ BASE jumping and flying nylon. Liver of Life. Athletic Sports enthusiast. Human Movement Learning and Performance Pro. Air Show Aerial artist.Instagram Handle @miles_daisherInstagram Followers 106.1K Get Email Contact

10. Karine Joly

Bio 🥇SKYDIVING WORLD CHAMPION 🏆6 WORLD RECORDSConferences | Mindset🇫🇷 From FranceInstagram Handle @karinejoly.airwaxInstagram Followers 75.3K Get Email Contact

11. Amber Forte

Bio Professional Wingsuit Pilot📍 Loen, Norway 🇳🇴 🏆Guinness World Record HolderSupported by @gopro Handle @amberforte_Instagram Followers 185.6K Get Email Contact

12. Lane Paquin

Bio Having a human experience. This is my chronicle to SPACE. 💥🔥🚀👨‍🚀🇺🇸Living > ExistingInstagram Handle @lane.paquinInstagram Followers 112.3K Get Email Contact

13. Mohammad AlRefaei

Bio World Citizen with 🇰🇼 Nationality Professional Athlete by Passion Pilot 🧑‍✈️ President of Skydive Kuwait Community Adventurer | Explorer | DreamerInstagram Handle @refaeiInstagram Followers 22.2K Get Email Contact

14. Peter Shankman

Bio Dad. Author/Keynoter/Futurist/Creator. Founder: @fasterthannormal and @helpareporter. #ADHD, #ironman, #skydiver, #NYCNative, BU alum #neurodiverseInstagram Handle @petershankmanInstagram Followers 81.3K Get Email Contact

15. Kyra Poh

Bio Life’s better when i’m off the ground☁️ Indoor Skydiving World Champion 🪂 @redbull Athlete Singapore Represent 🇸🇬Instagram Handle @kyrapohInstagram Followers 80.8K Get Email Contact

16. Manuel Sulzbacher

Bio 🇦🇹AUT | 28PROFESSIONAL SKYDIVERnaturelover | skier | surfer🥇2x Worldchamp@hsvredbullsalzburg @heeressportzentrum @we_are_sungod @blossomskisInstagram Handle @manirustyInstagram Followers 7.1K Get Email Contact

17. Braden Roseborough

Bio Skydive BASE Wingsuit 🪂 @dauntlessskydiving #skydiveeveryday #wingsuitwednesdayInstagram Handle @broseboroughInstagram Followers 165.1K Get Email Contact

18. Kamuran Bayrasli

Bio Owner of The Ranch PROshop, since 2002. FAA Master parachute rigger and skydiver with over 7,000 jumps.Instagram Handle @kamuranbayrasliInstagram Followers 1.1K Get Email Contact

19. Mckenna Knipe

Bio Whatever you do, give 100%Unless you're donating blood.Instagram Handle @mckennaknipeInstagram Followers 132.3K Get Email Contact

20. Will Penny

Bio Skydiving World ChampionInstagram Handle @will.penny_Instagram Followers 148.2K Get Email Contact

21. Adrian Daszkowski

Bio •Skydiving/tunnel coach •Camera flyer@uptvector @performancedesigns @cypresaad @flight1sport @lbaltimeters @deemflywear @windobona_madrid @xproarInstagram Handle @adi_fly_Instagram Followers 3.8K Get Email Contact

22. AirWax FreeFly

Bio 🏆 FREEFLY WORLD CHAMPIONS Since 2008@gregcrozier.airwax @karinejoly.airwax @baptistewelsch @ewan_cowie_photographyInstagram Handle @airwaxfreeflyInstagram Followers 14.1K Get Email Contact

23. Jenna Gygi

Bio Wingsuit World ChampionProfessional Wingsuit Pilot & Coaching@airglaciers_beo @airglaciers_official @noshballs @pit_viperInstagram Handle @jennagygiInstagram Followers 10.6K Get Email Contact

24. Chris Patz

Bio Alma. Piano. Skydiving. @gs.gear @boogiemansuits @uptvector @icarusbynzaerosportsInstagram Handle @christopherpatzInstagram Followers 12.3K Get Email Contact

25. Amy Chmelecki

Bio Red Bull Air Force Team Member, Highlight Pro Skydiving Team, Joy Rider, Skydiver, Tunnel Flyer, Lover of all things fun.Instagram Handle @amychmeleckiInstagram Followers 51.9K Get Email Contact

26. Nicholas

Bio Professional Skydiver & BASE jumper@andooteamx - - @tonfly_officialInstagram Handle @nicholasscalabrinoInstagram Followers 14.9K Get Email Contact

27. Maurizio di Palma

Bio I Jump from solid objects using a parachute🪂...that's it! 😉If you want to try checkInstagram Handle @maurizio_di_palmaInstagram Followers 13.4K Get Email Contact

28. Para Gear

Bio For all your #Parachutes & #SkydivingGear needs, let our HUGE IN-STOCK INVENTORY be your one-stop shopping #Skydiving SUPERSTORE! #paragear @paragearInstagram Handle @paragearInstagram Followers 114.1K Get Email Contact

29. Jesse Weyher

Bio @pdfactoryteam 🇺🇸🇱🇻Instagram Handle @jesseweyherInstagram Followers 4.2K Get Email Contact

30. Armando Fattoruso

Instagram Handle @armando_fattorusoInstagram Followers 2.1K Get Email Contact

31. Olga wilhelmine munding

Bio 🎶🎵Songwriter-Singer 💍Reverend 🥂🤙🏻Skydiver 🪂 C-51444Twitter: @olgabluesbabeOlga music platforms: Handle @olgabluesbabeInstagram Followers 2.9K Get Email Contact

32. Jase Hughes

Bio 🇬🇧 Skydive InstructorTeam GB Canopy PilotSponsored by;@performancedesigns@alti2europe@sunpathproducts@cookiehelmets@cypresaad@liquidskysportsInstagram Handle @jase_hughesInstagram Followers 5.7K Get Email Contact

33. Academy of Super Abilities

Bio In search of extreme adventureSports promoter 🔝 #birdmanteam ®️Advertising and collaboration 📩 directExtreme Project, BASE, Skydiving, WingsuitInstagram Handle @birdmanteamInstagram Followers 210.5K Get Email Contact

34. Mairis Laiva

Bio Coach & Instructor @FlyspotpolandSkydiving and Indoorskydiving!interested in coaching - DM or Mairis.Laiva@gmail.comInstagram Handle @mairis_lInstagram Followers 35.2K Get Email Contact

35. Scott Paterson

Bio Human Flight - Film - Photo🇦🇺Wingsuit Instructor | BASE Jumper | SkydiverInstagram Handle @scotty__flyInstagram Followers 10.5K Get Email Contact

36. Christopher Mcdougall

Bio Professional skydiver / BASE jumper / wingsuit pilotKeynote speaker - douggs.comFounder / owner - learntobasejump.comInstagram Handle @douggsbaseInstagram Followers 51.2K Get Email Contact

37. Alex Aimard

Bio Today is gonna be a great day 🌈🔥💫Flying | Adventure | FilmmakingClick for more infos and latest video ⬇️Instagram Handle @satori_factoryInstagram Followers 156.2K Get Email Contact

38. Gabe

Bio I’m that crazy guy your friends told you about.—I’ll fly anything once, twice if it doesn’t work, three times to make sure.Instagram Handle @partytillimpactInstagram Followers 50K Get Email Contact

39. Emma Jaber

Bio 🇦🇺 Aussie📚 Educator / Teacher ✨ Skydiving Freefly Coach / LO🌈 @lbaltimeters @uptvector @deemflywear @performancedesigns 🤍 @teamhorizonskydivingInstagram Handle @_emmajaber_Instagram Followers 108.4K Get Email Contact

40. roberta mancino

Bio Skydiver,base jumper, wingsuit pilot, stuntwoman,scubadiver. My page is a mix of adventures.Instagram Handle @mancinorobertaInstagram Followers 150K Get Email Contact

41. Josef Braun

Bio Josef | 24 | Switzerland Click this link to buy the camera that i use and get a free selfie stick:Instagram Handle @josef._.braunInstagram Followers 177K Get Email Contact

42. Carl Weiseth

Bio Founder of @thirdeyepinecones And👇Instagram Handle @carlweisethInstagram Followers 67.7K Get Email Contact

43. Marco Milanese

Bio 🦅 Wingsuit pilot ⛰ Mountain guide, highliner 🗻 #thenorthface summit ambassador 📚 my book on the website⤵️Instagram Handle @marco.milanese.adventuresInstagram Followers 8.2K Get Email Contact

44. Kevin Philipp

Bio 🗻 CrossCountry & Aerobatic Paragliding 🇨🇭• Survivor 🦥 Animal lover • Swiss Acro Champion 2022 🥇• National record holder 🏆• Incomplete Paraplegic🏃🏻Instagram Handle @kevin.philippInstagram Followers 116.9K Get Email Contact

45. Axel Coste

Bio Acro pilot 🪂 22/yo🥈Vice World Cup Champion 2022🥇Winner of the Worldacrocup 20223️⃣x🥉French Championships ARMADAInstagram Handle @axel_cstInstagram Followers 37.1K Get Email Contact

46. FreeflyCouple

Bio We❤️ to fly Nat & Edu 🪂🦄🧚🏼✨ 🌎✈️“Happiness is only real when shared"🍪 Cookie sponsored athletes #freeflycouple 🇧🇷Instagram Handle @freeflycoupleInstagram Followers 118.7K Get Email Contact

47. Maciek Kozerski

Bio Extreme 🚀🤘🔥🇵🇱 polish BASE jumper 🪂✈️skydiver🪁🏄🏻‍♂️Ex pro kiteboarder🏆1st wake 2010👥 @extremesouls 🖥 owner of @woodesign_maps #pooporzeInstagram Handle @maciek_kozerskiInstagram Followers 30.5K Get Email Contact

48. Théo de Blic

Bio • Professional Paragliding athlete 🌪• Co-Founder @riseparagliding 📈• 🏆 4 x Acro World Tour Champion• 🏆 3 x Acro Game ChampionInstagram Handle @theo_deblicInstagram Followers 141.9K Get Email Contact

49. Vilde Fagerli

Bio Speedflying pilot ↟ Skier ↟ Adventurer You’ll find me in the air.. or anywhere outdoorsy @speculanorge @vaagalInstagram Handle @vildefagerliInstagram Followers 4.8K Get Email Contact

50. Peter Salzmann

Bio Professional Wingsuit Pilot 🇦🇹Adventure and Flying Enthusiast 🪂@bmw Brand Ambassador 🏆 Guinness World Record HolderInfo, Website and Projects 👉🏼Instagram Handle @petersalzmann.atInstagram Followers 190.5K Get Email Contact

51. Marco Waltenspiel

Bio Salzburg 📍Professional Skydiver @redbullskydiveteam @redbullaustria #skydive #austria #wingsuitInstagram Handle @marcowaltenspielInstagram Followers 31.6K Get Email Contact

52. David Andreev

Bio 🪂 ”Speedflying kid"🎥 Content creator🏆 GoPro MDC 2023🇦🇹 Living in Innsbruck @bluebananabrand @cbdpero @revolutionrace @pit_viperInstagram Handle @david.andreev_Instagram Followers 25K Get Email Contact

53. Alexandre Mulle

Bio Speedflying Team Pilot @ozoneparaglidersFrenchie between 🇨🇵 & 🇨🇭The Crack - 1 Million 🙏⬇️Instagram Handle @mulle_alexandreInstagram Followers 15.4K Get Email Contact

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