Top 90 Web3 Influencers in 2024

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Looking for Web3 influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Web3 Influencers list is what you need.more When ranking these Web3 influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Web3 space.

Web3 Influencers

Here are Top 90 Web3 Influencers

1. Elon Musk

Twitter Handle @elonmuskTwitter Followers 165.6M + Follow Get Email Contact

2. Changpeng Zhao

Bio CEO @binance, holder of #bnb #btcTwitter Handle @cz_binanceTwitter Followers 8.7M Get Email Contact

3. Jack

Bio #bitcoin and chill.#nostr: npub1sg6plzptd64u62a878hep2kev88swjh3tw00gjsfl8f237lmu63q0uf63mTwitter Handle @jackTwitter Followers 6.5M Get Email Contact

4. Vitaly Dmitrievich Buterin

Bio mi pinxe lo crino tcatiTwitter Handle @vitalikbuterinTwitter Followers 5.2M Get Email Contact

5. Crypto X Messi

Bio Crypto Influencer I Marketing AgencySoftware EngineerPromo | #SpacesHost Analysis on Artificial intelligence #NFT $PEPE $BASE $XRP $SHIB $ETH $TESLA #SPACEXTwitter Handle @cryptoxmessiTwitter Followers 4.4M Get Email Contact

6. MarQuis Trill

Bio Retired #1 Twitter in the worldTwitter Handle @6billionpeopleTwitter Followers 273 Get Email Contact

7. Anthony Pompliano

Bio Entrepreneur, investor, and lifelong learner. I write a daily letter to 250,000+ investors at Handle @apomplianoTwitter Followers 1.6M Get Email Contact

8. Balaji S. Srinivasan

Bio Immutable money, infinite frontier, eternal life. #BitcoinTwitter Handle @balajisTwitter Followers 954.2K Get Email Contact

9. Ivan on Tech

Bio CEO @moralisweb3 @moralismoney degen youtubooor Handle @ivanontechTwitter Followers 411.3K + Follow Get Email Contact

10. Ted Pillows

Bio Investor and entrepreneur $YOURAI. Proud @Binance and @Bybit_Official partnerTwitter Handle @tedpillowsTwitter Followers 103.2K Get Email Contact

11. Liz

Bio I want to get more people into Web3 and becoming freedom maximalists |Twitter Handle @lizbitcoinTwitter Followers 72.8K Get Email Contact

12. Randre

Bio ▄▀ #𝒂𝒎𝒃𝒂𝒔𝒔𝒂𝒅𝒐𝒓 for #web3✊️Help Doxxed Teams🙏64k 𝑺𝒖𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔 #𝒏𝒇𝒕 @DeitersDACC 👉 ▀▄Twitter Handle @influencerandreTwitter Followers 64.8K Get Email Contact

13. Ty Smith

Bio CEO @CoinboundIO 🟧 The world’s most award-winning Web3 marketing agency. Try @CoinscribbleTwitter Handle @tydanielsmithTwitter Followers 34.5K Get Email Contact

14. Johny

Bio 📊Web3 Marketing l Promoting Professional #NFT and #Crypto Giveaways 🎁 | 📩DM for Promos and Collabs 🤝 RT=Ad 🃏Azuki #670Twitter Handle @johnybnftTwitter Followers 32.4K Get Email Contact

15. Paschal Of Web3

Bio Financial Trader || Affiliate & Partnership Manager @CFFunding | Promo code: Web3_Dad || RM @Zurifxglobal || Contact me: **** #Be_LimitlessTwitter Handle @web3_dadTwitter Followers 23.7K Get Email Contact

16. Lollipop the Web3 Cynic

Bio @BanditoDAO El GobernadorPartners with @Wolaffarms @photofinishgameWeb3 War Criminal ref linkTwitter Handle @ltlollipop9Twitter Followers 35.1K Get Email Contact

17. Ozgur Altug

Bio Digi DAOFounder of Digi DAO / Independent Web3 analyst My tweets are just my opinions / No paid promoNFA and you should always DYORTwitter Handle @ozgur_altugTwitter Followers 24.4K Get Email Contact

18. Joseph Jaffe

Bio Founder, | Host, Joseph Jaffe is not Famous" | Web3 | Creator | Virtual Coffee M-F, 8-9am EST | EOS ImplementerTwitter Handle @jaffejuiceTwitter Followers 21.9K Get Email Contact

19. Spliffy

Bio Community Contributer + NFT Lover & Supporter 💚 P/T Shit Posting Human 🙊 F/T Web3 Yeti @z00tClubTwitter Handle @spliffyweb3Twitter Followers 17.3K Get Email Contact

20. Iftikhar Post

Bio WEB3 Market Insight Provide 24/7 coverage of Latest Crypto News,Market Analysis,Technical Charts,DeFi,NFTs & More! *NFA*Twitter Handle @iftikharpostTwitter Followers 16.1K Get Email Contact

21. Hoil in Web3

Bio @Azuki Maxi#NFT degen collector- Promoter & influencer 📈 🚨DM for partnerships and collaborations! 💪Twitter Handle @0xhoilTwitter Followers 12.6K Get Email Contact

22. Brianne Frey

Bio Bri 👸🏼| I share insights into crypto & Web3 | Digital creator | FA & education | Threadoor | Fitness account: @BrianneFreyFit | IG: briannefrey | DMs open 📩Twitter Handle @briannefreyTwitter Followers 12K Get Email Contact

23. Vrun Web3

Bio Content Writer || web 3.0 & $defi expertTwitter Handle @0x_varunTwitter Followers 11.2K Get Email Contact

24. Web3 Lady

Bio Top 10 Women In Web3 - Changemakers @Near | Dev @liquality_io| Founder & Dev Evangelist @web3ladies | Bridging the skills gap in AfricaTwitter Handle @koderholicTwitter Followers 9.4K Get Email Contact

25. Anon Web3

Bio Safeguarding Web3 from scams. $AW3 powers a platform exposing crypto fraud. No affiliations, NOT THE Anonymous! CA: 0xcc09f34accdb36ee3ed98358a3b8a6ae5c29ea07Twitter Handle @youranonweb3Twitter Followers 7.3K Get Email Contact

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